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Bench it – The Creative Spark

New round of The Creative Spark – the theme is “Pastels” – The bench above is from HJM designs and during the event is priced at just $125L – usually $249L – great saving but only during the event. So so so onto the bench:

The Freya Reading Bench uses 8 prims of your land impact and is made from mesh and is copy/modify.

It has 25 single and 20 couple animations and you can find the texture change for the blanket down the menu. All the blanket fabrics are SO pretty and pastel!

HJM Designs

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Garden delight – The Challenge Stone round

This round of The Challenge is really inspiring – I wanted to share the pieces from Cleo Design today – they are simply dreamy ! The fountain has the following:9 single sit anims..2 couple chat anims. It comes with the bamboo plant & stones, which are SO lovely. Please note because Iam dopey, I rezzed this and neglected to use the teeny little birdy that sits on the bowl – but I’m sure you wont forget it!

Love this bench – handy-dandy for courtyards,gardens, patios etc. Such lovely poses for singles and couples ( male,female anims..and 3 couple  chat anms.) Bench is just 3Li, plus you get the greenery with it. Don’t forget the prices are just for this current round of The Challenge. (Bench & bamboo $75L – Fountain & bamboo $100L)

Cleo Design

The Challenge Blog

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Switching off. (Freebie).

I’ve got a whole load of Judge Judy’s lined up to watch and an invent which is groaning under the strain of being stuff so I’m going to sit down in SL and RL and bin, bin, bin, and of course sort out stuff that can be passed on to our followers.


However before I start and since it’s feels like ages since I last showed you a lovely item of decor I thought I’d do a quickie.

A very simple lightweight 3 wheeler seat/coffee table which does comes with a small menu of cuddle poses.  Comes from Bee Design and I actually have quite a few things from this shop and if my memory is correct they were either GG’s or Gacha wins.  This is a GG (Group Gift) which is free to join.

So have a great day and wish me luck in my invent cleaning.

Bee Design

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Oh Tres Chic !

Chez Moi - Tres Chic

A new round of Tres Chic has begun and there are soooo many lush things to buy ! Chez Moi are there with this glorious Beachfront Bench. It would totally work in most location but lends itself really well to a sandy spot in the sun. Its got scrummy prints on the cushions and towels, watermelons abound ! Heres the low down:

♥ Room for 1-4 avatars
♥ 40 single poses – 10 animations each spot
♥ props: guitar, juice, magazine, book, bubble cup, grapes, sunblock lotion and more

♥ 20 animations for couple in love

♥ Texture-change options: 6 colours to choose by menu controlled.

♥ 19 LI | 27 Prims | Mesh – Low Land Impact.

Chez Moi NEW! Beachfront Benches

Youre really spoilt for choice with the poses – something for everyone – singles & couples plus props etc. There is a demo area for furniture at this event which I’ve helpfully listed below. Makes it easier to try out without getting caught up in the hurly burly of the actual event – and wow its busy there! Thanks Nanda ❤

Tres Chic main event

Tres Chic demo area

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percent drinking foutain

I’ve never owned a drinking fountain in Secondlife, so this was a nice surprise from % percent for the Home Show. Low Li, made in marvellous mesh and super sweet poses to boot ! Percent has a booth at the Home Show 2015, if you’re into building you can get this fountain as part of a DIY kit, or just buy it premade for your own use.

percent bench

This bench has it all, again you can get it in a builders kit, or buy it separately. Apparently the ready-made has less animations than the one in the kit but its the same build, same gorgeous design. Its part of a larger set called “Olmstead”, there are curved benches, straight ones, rubbish bins and recycling dumpsters, actually anything you could possibly need to make a park space look real. I really enjoyed the “performer” section of the menu, instruments rez , you can dance – FUN !

percent bench NEW

Plenty to keep you busy, singles & couples,eating, drinking,reading and much more! Go take a look at the Home Show.

Home Show 2015


I got it all boxed up

BananaN - FREE group gifts !

Whilst I was snooping about BananaN the other day, I noticed a big pile of group gifts. The group is free join so I hopped aboard and snapped them up! I’m sat on one of the three Industrial style benches that’s on offer, all come in a range of colours so you can be sure to find a match for your home. I’m surrounded by boxes ! These are soooo low prim that you can really splash out and make an impact ! There are actually a few more gifts there for you but I thought Id leave something as a surprise awwww…Dont forget to take a gander at the store while youre there, its chocka-block with pretties that will win your heart! Thanks BananaN ❤


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With Love

POST With Love Hunt

The With Love Hunt has begun..and as soon as I noticed POST were in it..I trundled over to see if I could find the prize…and I did hazzzzzzzzuh ! Each prize is only 10L…and I was sooper chuffed with the POST gift..its the “Skov Capel”..hmm I think that means chapel? Not sure but..its really well made …it has quaint stained glass windows…and lots of details..

POST With Love Hunt Interior

You even get a 1 prim bench to use inside, that has some pretty sit poses included in it…now if I can find this…Im pretttty sure you can…clean up those hunting goggles and get going !


With Love Hunt Blog (info, hints etc)