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Malty Goodness

I love it when I come across a new style of mesh clothing (even if it’s only new to me)  and this top is frilly, sweet and so wearable.  Lovely little beaded tie detail.  I’m wearing it more as a summer look teamed with some Candymetal shorts but I’ve worn it over a dress and a skirt and a jumper and it’s just equally as lovely.  At 299Lds each I stuck to the safe but pretty sandy colour which was hard because you have a total of 18 colour choices.  This comes with an Alpha Layer and since I can only wear one Alpha at a time I was pleased that you can also wear this without the Alpha because you get a glitch layer which is very forgiving if you don’t want to use up your Alpha layer.  Also comes with a Mod version as well which is very handy but this fitted me like a glove so I didn’t have to try that out.

Malt is not over run with Mesh so for those non mesh lovers this is a great shop as their non mesh clothes are high fashion and wearable,  even hardened Mesh Heads will find a lot of tempting “maltiness”.


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Sewing Mania

So much sewing so little time.  One of my FAVOURITE shops in SL is MMGraffiti’s.  Reasonable priced for some damned fine stuff in fact my latest home is from them and so is this sewing machine.  OK it’s not really supposed to be this big but since it’s editable I thought I’d have a bit of fun.  All of this is actually 5 Prims!!! all of it including the measuring tape, ribbon, thread snipper and even buttons in the drawer.

And there it is next to me  at it’s more normal size.  Priced at 110Lds how reasonable and you can pick up equally as reasonably prices and low primmed detailed accessories. Sorry for all the photos but I had to pop back to the shop and I couldn’t resist showing the excellent low primmed reasonably priced accessories you can get to make a whole sewing room.  That bobbin holder is only 5 prims and 88Lds and the bobbins come as 2 and are only 1 prim and mean this shop is primtastic.  Furniture, garden stuff, fun stuff, low prim and on and on.

Sadly this amazingly detailed sewing, crafting backpack and belt will not be at the sooo CHEAP price of 30Lds anymore.  This comes from …… and it’s a must to Sub to so in future when they put out notices for their great offers you won’t miss it.  A lovely big shopping area, with everything from “bang on trend” mesh clothes to Gor type clothes and mesh templates.  A great place to stroll around and just relax and maybe even treat  yourself..  Big LBs you can’t miss and even bigger gift boxes dotted around and I’ve snagged the lot and they have some really great gifties.  Had to come back to get the LM and I’ve noticed the Medieval Lawnmower which is a pushable sheep in a wheelbarrow that eats the grass…SOOO CUTE.


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