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It’s a Belter

Yes indeed, the weekend has gone by so fast and Monday has found us yet again. Monday Mania however, makes it easier to face the long week stretching out ahead of us. Specifically I’m talking about SF Design’s Monday Mania item, the super cool colour change belt you can see I’m wearing above. I think I’ve mentioned before how much I like swaffette’s belts, the texturing, design and the size (especially the size) are all just brilliant and this belt is no different. With the inclusion of a colour change HUD, this belt is better in fact! There are twenty different colours to choose from for the belt and twelve for the buckle, all chosen from the HUD which also controls the resizing of the belt. Definitely a handy little gadget to go with a wicked little belt. There are three sizes of the belt included: small, normal and the awesome ‘less hips’ size that I always wear.

I think you guys should definitely grab this one while you can, one can never have too many accessories right? As always, it will cost you a mere L$25 and you can only get it at this price from the Monday Mania board, located just inside the SF Design casual men’s section.

Get the gear here: SF Design

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I was meandering through the market place yesterday and came across this freebie from BUKKA…Id never heard of the store before so wasnt sure what to expect…I’m sooo glad I nabbed it ! The box contains this sooper pair of worn denim shorts , they have terrific turn ups and a deeelicious belt…you also get the tee…it does have a prim body which is pretty nifty but I wanted to show you the belt so left it off. Was so chuffed with my find I decided to explore the inworld store…

Shockingly one of the lucky chairs was on ? , I’m rarely moved to run in SL but this time I did ! Scored with this brilliant Tshirt I’m wearing above…slapped the subscribo on the way around and was given a gift of this fantabulous leather belt bag…yay!  Lotsa lucky chairs to prowl, long wait time but totally worth it for the goodies they contain. The store took an age to rez but I was patient and wandered about to view the rest of the items…great collection of girls & guys wear..seperates, casual…the ponchos really caught my eye…go look!

Market place for shorts & tee : BUKKA gift

Mainstore: BUKKA

Poses: hate me eat me

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My Sharona

M..m…m..myyy Sharona…ohyeahhh Zebra stripes,big ole belt and high shine leggins are making my eyes W I D E awake this mawnin ! New release from CandyMetal that caught my attention…”Sharona”…just 120L will bag you this natty complete outfit. Found the hat avec hair at CriCri for free ! Terrific hat with colour change hair – check out the store ,there are other freebs dotted around also…Platform Pumps  from HOC,  texture change for only 175l

Absolutely adore the big double buckled belt…resize scripts make it a dream to fit…120L and its all yours..dont forget to snap up the dollarbies while you’re there!

Go get stripey: CandyMetal      CriCri       HOC


Military babe

It’s a sand storm ! I picked this Military dress up at Mimi’s choice yesterday and I havent taken it off yet..its from Gabriels. I’ve often bought Player items from here but hadn’t looked at the girls section “doh”!! How did I miss that ? ! Its packed with details, the belt is to-die-for…as are the pockets front and on your derriere…such a treat to wear , youre instantly stylish…I also nabbed the deelicious boots whilst I was at Mimi’s , these are from MEB and oh-mai..I love simple to wear & fit…no demo means I usually wont buy but mimi showed me them on herself and I was sold! Can you believe these were just 290L?? (other colours available)

This colour of the dress is called stone pink, subtle and summery…there are other tones to choose from, almost got swayed by the olive green..dont forget there is a fat pack which is a real steal deal. The skin Im wearing is the previously shown new release from Gaall called Anna, Im showing the natural look with no make up…peachy huh?

Go get stylish: Mimi’s choice   Skin: Gaall


Rage Rage against the day…

mmmm yummmy…Poison has some fantisque shorts out (both for guys & girls yay!) Uber sharp,baggy,pockets to stash stuff in…and a fabulous leather belt with chain…comes in 4 colours black,green,brown & blue…

Check out those details…amazing…seriously…you neeeeed these ! 200L a pop and worth every cent…I SO wanna hug Mister Torok for making these cause I’m gonna live in them for agessss ..thanks Corocota :ppp   (Oh psssst don’t forget to slap theMM boards and snag those free gifts on the floor!)

Go get raged: Poison


Grey..the new black

Last blog of the day then I SWEAR I’m going to tackle the mountain of laundry I have to do ~le-sigh~. A fahhhbulous group gift from Chandelle.(group costs just 5L to join)…soft dove grey skirt and shirt, with sweet puffed shoulder caps and theee most gorgeous prim vest to slip over ..also comes with that rather lovely belt..behind me you can see bits-n-bobs of a scavenger hunt prize I scooted over to grab at the Home & Garden expo from Designer Prims…more about that later !

Go get grey: Chandelle


Military Man

I was looking through my old group notices the other day and discovered one that I’d missed from Gabriel. It would have been an awful shame if I’d missed it completely because they have new releases and a new group gift to grab.

The group is the awesome ‘loose belt’ which comes in two colours: brown and black (click picture for a closer look). This is such a cool belt with a great casual look. The leather looks fantastic as does the metal buckle. Perhaps best of all is that this belt is both unisex and transferable so you can keep one and give one away – I’m keeping both though!

While I was there I got a good look at Gabriel’s new release ‘Military Shirt’ and I was hooked, I couldn’t leave without it. It looks equally good as a shirt on its own and as a jacket over the top of something else and comes with tremendous looking attachments like the large cuffs, shoulder straps and the body part of the shirt itself which is script resizeable. The creases on this shirt give it comfortable look, I just love it. The Military Shirt will cost you L$420 but I think that’s well worth it because I’ll be wearing this a lot.

Get the gear here: Gabriel

Credits: Skin by Sacred | Hair by Argrace | Tattoo by Aitui | Jeans and Pose by Muism