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I wanna tempt you.(Freebie).

The dress is a freebie from Alma Miranda and it’s pretty nice but I want to tempt you to spend.

I always wanted to be a ballet dancer but big bones, big boobs and the grace of a dead swan meant that it was destined to remain a dream but if I’d only known about belly dancing, because if you’ve got it you may as well jiggle it.  Anyhow, I was over at the Alma Miranda shop and spotted that they have some bloody good Belly Dancer outfits and just like my Ballerina outfit I was/am tempted to add it to my invent and make my AV jiggle like “no one is watching”.  So I’m using this freebie to get you over to check out the non-freebies but if you just want freeness then there is plenty of them and some lucky chairs.

The reason for the 2 LMs is that I couldn’t find the Belly Dancing outfits in the shop which had this dress as one of the GG’s and in the shop with the Belly Dancing outfit I couldn’t see this freebie.

PS.  There are some really nice full outfits for sale ie shoes, dress, hat for not unreasonable prices and if you are tempted to spend you will see that there are 2 prices obviously the lower price is for group members and since the group is free to join it’s worth it.

Alma Miranda (GG’s and Belly Dancer Outfit)

Alma Miranda (For the dress I’m wearing)