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“It’s time to say Hello to 25Ld Tue”. (Cheapie & Freebie(s))

I just love hats, never wear them but I still can’t resist them so when I saw this one which is one of the 25Lds offers out in the shop. The other 25Ld offer is a dress but not the one I’m wearing.

I was so happy that I didn’t need to faff on with trying to get a hair to fit under it so the only difficulty was chosing which colour to buy.

I will put the link to the Seraphim blog so you can see everything thats on offer as it can be much quicker looking on their blog as you can see all the offers on the one page and also use the links to TP direct to the shop.

Now for one of the freebies.

A most interesting style with that macrame effect and bamboo heels. The other freeie is a dress with a very good hud. Both of these are Group Gifts from the Hilly Haalan shop.


Belle Epoque

Hilly Haalan

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Lady of the Manor. (Belle Epoque gift & Dollarbie).

I swear it’s been that long since I last wore make-up because of wearing masks that when I can go maskless I’m going to look/feel like Pennywise!

The outfit consists of skirt, top, stole and a lovely floral headdress artfully splattered with THE BLOOD OF MINE ENEMIES!!!!

As you can see from my “muffin tops” this isn’t an SLink fit and of course, we all know that Belle Epoque only does Maitreya.  Still pretty good and wearing the stole covers up any breakthroughs.

It also gives me a good excuse to finally wear one of Mina’s bloody hair from Mina’s.  I’m glad I checked as this hair is now NOT a Group Gift but never fear as she’s now got 2 bloody hairs out in the Group Gift area.  I have the unbloodied version of Arwen which is just such a cute shorter hair.  I think the other is called “Alison” and she has a very retro 80ties vibe.  There are other Group Gifts which are not bloodied and of course some men’s hair which is basically unisex so if you do pay the 200Lds to join the Mina group there are some very seasonal hair as well as plenty of others and a brand new one so you get a heck of a lot for your Lindens.

The make-up is a Dollarbie that I’d picked up from the Marketplace.  I do know that there is an inworld shop for “Pout” so it may be free inworld.  I will have to check that out for you later and will do an update or you can check out the “Pout” shop either in the MP or you may already have the LM.

UPDATE: As promised I’ve found the Marketplace shop where you can pick the Pennywise make up from however you will see that there are a LOT of Dollarbies

Belle Epoque

Mina’s Main shop.

Pout. (Marketplace).

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Yes it is!!! (30Ld Sat).

A sweet and charming dress very “Jane Eyre” in style.

Although you can see a bit of gapping at the shoulder in this second picture it’s both the angle and the fact that Belle Epoque only does Maitreya fits.  Which is why I always try on the demo and I think this will be fittable(sic) for most bodies.

I naturally assumed that the hats above the dresses, which was not included in the demo of the dress, were just out to tempt us to spend more Lindens so I was really happy when I bought my dress to see that YES the hat is included!

So freaking gorgeous. I’m tempted on my return visit to buy another colour option of this dress just to get the matching hat as I’ve been drooling over these hats for a long time.

I’ve just started working my way through the 30Ld list and I’ve already spotted my next purchase which is a fern pack.

Belle Epoque.

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Hard to resist.(25Ld Tue Belle Epoque).

There are two 25Ld offers at Belle Epoque obviously this dress/costume is the one I went for as it was the one which I knew I’d get a decent fit.

I chose the ivory coloured one but looking at it now I wish I’d gone for another shade as even though they’re all very light you could probably see the lovely pattern and texture more in another colour.

As this is a 25Ld Tue I’m not 100% sure if it will be out for sale at this price after today so check it out now.

Belle Epoque.

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Collabor88 – what did I buy? & free things

Squeezed myself into the latest round of Collabor88 – just this skirt from Belle Epoque took my fancy, although I almost caved in and bought the Hucci boots ! This is Alexa, comes in a great range of colours for $88L a pop – a top that matches is also available  for $88L per piece. I am wearing a group gift top from Sweet Thing called “Rosie”, group is free and there are quite a few gifts. The Rosie top comes in black, pink & red – nice!

I think Zan already blogged this super skirt & top from Belle Epoque – but its deffo worth doing again. Maitreya fit only – super cool for the summer. Group is $10L to join.


Collabor88 Cam Sim 1

Collabor88 Cam Sim 2

Sweet Thing

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Its 25L Tuesday !

There’s no stopping my spendy ways this week – champagne taste on beer money ! This week was just too tempting @25L Tuesday – but I managed to buy only one item. The skirt is from Belle Epoque “Koba” I thought it would be pretty useful, lot of colour choices and a matching top on offer also (but I already the promo top from ArisAris, so I didn’t get it). Maitreya fit only , dead chuffed with it. I also nabbed the fabbo sandals from Ohemo in this weeks round of  “Hello Tuesday”, just perfect for summer and a great big Hud of colours for the upper and lower straps, plus two textures for the sole – $50L !

25L Tuesday

Hello Tuesday 



***ArisArisB&W -Superb Top-Maitreya – Instore PROMO $99L
*AvaWay* EMILY Necklaces Set Meitreya
IKON Triumph Eyes (left) – Apex
IKON Triumph Eyes (right) – Apex
Belle Epoque { Koba } Skirt White
*PKC* Kitty Cat Bento Rings – Maitreya
*AvaWay* EMILY Bracelets & Rings Set Maitreya
Ohemo – Arizona sandals (Maitreya – L) – FATPACK
Ohemo – Arizona sandals (Maitreya – R) – FATPACK
TRUTH / Valentina / Dual

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Almost but not quite.(New 10Ld Belle Epoque Group Gift).

I’ve just deleted all the info on the 30Ld Sat offer and the Saturday Sales offer because if you go over to Belle Epoque to pick these New Group Gifts up you’re going to see them for yourself.

These boots are not on the wall to your left where all the other gifts are, these are on the wall to your right where the offers are and that’s because these boots will match one of the offers….it will be clear once you go there.

Only one fit so I’m assuming that’s a Maitreya. I’ve deliberately left the breakthrough showing as I don’t think I’ll be able to get a pair of mesh jeans, I’m wearing Blueberry ones, to fit under the boots and this means you can see the fit on me and make your mind up.  Of course these could just as easily be worn with shorts, skirt or Omega layered pair of leggings.

PS.  You could, of course, check out the Belle shop as chances are these boots are available in different colours at full price but that way you can try a demo on for yourself AND remember there is a SALE going on and at 50% off even I treated myself to something.

PPS. If you’ve been sending me messages inworld, I thank you, but SL caps everything nowadays lol.  So if you have sent me a message and I’ve not responded pop it in a note.

Belle Epoque