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Time Wasting (Freebies).

rapture hoodie

I decided to take the piccies in Liquet Selona shop, Bella’s Lullaby, because I was determined to win one of the prizes on the LBs.   I did win the top one shown in this picture but I’m still waiting for the white shirt I really wanted to come back up and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it has my initials on it when it does.bowMy initial still hadn’t come up so I popped up to the little sitting area on the roof and took another picture because all is not lost. Liquet Selona has 2 free to join Group Gifts to be snagged.  The top picture is of a “Hipster” top with mesh shorts and glasses this bottom picture is of the same shorts as the top but a lovely mesh top and that red hair bow.  So even though my initial on the LBs hasn’t come up yet I’m so pleased with these lovely GGS.

Sorry boys no GG’s for you but check out the upper levels for some mens mesh wear.

Take a walk outside of the shop as well because he has a lovely landscaped platform for people to enjoy and also a small Gacha Yardsale going on so you might find something you’ve missed.

Bella’s Lullaby

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My turn (freebies).

When not scouring SL or ML (marketplace) for freebie we search out lovely sims and of course I’ve got both.


The Derailed sim again which as I always say that even though Faith and I have our own sim to play on this one keeps on calling me back.  However it’s the free to join Group Gifts I’m showing off today.  The coat and jacket I’m showing come from Bella there is also a lovely pretty pink bow tie on offer but check out this lovely green mesh long coat.  As good as it gets when you pay for it but especially so when it’s free.

Urb2This is the short jacket on offer.  OK not a lot to say just excellent quality free gifts which are always a pleasure to find.  As it happens Bella also has a row of LBs (Lucky Boards) which change often so I’ve even managed to grab more mesh goodies.  Her shop has a little bit of everything and quite a few tops with slogans.  All mesh all with demos no group gift for men (aw sorry) but some lovely Pea Coats.

As I was writing this I won this on the LBs and thought it was so nice I had to TP out of there and take a quick snap.


You can’t beat a simple pretty mesh pinafore, this one comes in all sizes and inc a shirt layer but although the grey shirt matched the pinafore I wore one of my own shirts to show off that very muted blue tone in the outfit.

OK RL is calling me back so shop and enjoy.

Bella’s Lullaby

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Two for June

The june gifts are coming thick and fast…CandyMetal have this darling romper in turquoise , covered in teeny little spots…but theres more…you also get the skin I’m wearing…brilliant blue eyeshadow…cool lips (that I added a slick of lip gloss too) My bag is from magi can buy single colours for just 10L, they come with a hand held pose..and a more casual flipped-over the shoulder look..I treated myself to a whopping fat pack of seven colours for only 40L !

I headed over to Bella’s Lullaby to see if there was any newness…and I found another group gift hurrrah! Also a romper..but with a more country-girl feel..checked top..beautiful beige shorts and a neat belt ! The group is free join..and there are plenty of group gifts to collect while you’re there, plusss luckyboards!


Bella’s Lullaby

magi take