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Dig This (worse title ever).

I’m so happy not just with this excellent sub gift and the Great Outdoors Hunt item but the whole shop which is called Dig hence the rubbish title for this blogg.  This shop is going to cost me a pretty penny so much so I’ve left and I’m going to have a careful think about what to buy otherwise I will end up buying the whole shop and not have anywhere to place it.


So this is the Sub gift and it’s called the Bali Sunlounger but in all honesty  this could be used as a bed, day bed, lounger or a sun lounger as intended.  Although there is some AOs in it  which are for putting on sun screen etc most are simple relaxing poses (boys, girls and unisexed) but the colours are so rich and deep I think this wouldn’t look out of place inside the home.  No couples poses in this one but a nice choice and a nice slow ao.  I was so happy with the sub gift I forgot about the  hunt item so had to TP back to grab it and I’m so glad I did.

Log pile

What you are looking for is a tree stump  and so far they have been so easily found I’m shocked.  You do have to pay for the stumps 45Lds but so far I’ve been more than happy with what I’ve recieved back and check out Iris Maskelyne (Digs) offer.  A log hutch, stool, rug and the lamp.  If you look closesly you will be able to see the lamp is a minature copy of the actual stump your looking for.  Such a nice touch but then thats what makes her furniture extra special.  It’s solid, well proportioned, beautifully textured with excellent poses for not an unreasonable price.  Everything you need from rugs to a whole prefurnished home and all mesh.

They do have a Marketplace shop but you really need to be able to see this stuff inworld to be able to enjoy the quality.