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“Old Wood Things”(Freebies).

RL was a bit busy today (bloddy dentist OW) so I thought I’d just pop inworld and check my notes but as soon as I saw this one I thought “ooo easy quick post” and here it is.


They all come from Aisling and are inc in the same box and you don’t even have to join a group to grab.


A close up of the chests, they have that very Olde Worlde look to them which of course isn’t surprising when you see that Druunah Esharham’s shop is aimed towards the those whole enjoy RPing or even just prefer a more rustic look to their home.  Please do not let this put you off visiting, there is a whole range of furniture, RPing and clothing here and the quality is excellent which means no matter how modern your home is I’m pretty sure you will find a statement piece here.

lightsThese 1 prims lamps come in the same box as the trunks and you get 3 of them, copyable.

So of course I go back to LM grab and find even more Freebies so check this out, 5 prims crystal chandelier.  It’s simple and yet intricate and yes FREE.  Actually I also did a quick Apple Bob as I was there but RL was demanding attention so I have no idea of what I won.


I’ve blogged this shop quite recently as I picked up some great freebies from here and even treated myself to some candlesticks, I’ll put the link at the bottom, please check them out because the rug with the cheeky mouse is a keeper for my home and she has some amazingly detailed plants out for only a single prim but you will be able to see them if you check out the Aisling Old Post link.

Aisling Mainshop

Aisling Old Post

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I wanted to win this…


…but I won the stooopid bunny instead (actually the bunnies are soooo cute in their little onesies but I already have my IONIC bunnies and didn’t need more).


I would have been more than happy to have won this but had to settle for that lit wall decoration instead AND THEN I WON THIS!!!


OMG I was soooo happy.  I’ve seen this bed used on sims and drooled so to actually have won one from the IONIC Gacha was a “rare” treat.


Look at the details on this, the ladder at the foot of the bed the texturing of the fabric the cords that suspends the bed it’s all CLASS.  There is plenty of poses in the bed, if I remember a few singles, couples and friends but none in the ladder.  I haven’t really had time to try out the poses properly but I did write this post sitting on one of her many chairs in her shop and the AO in the chir is natural and smooth so I have high hopes that the ones in the bed are the same.

The items above all come from lakua Arriaga’s shop ICONIC which specialises in mainly Gacha items or so I thought till I went upstairs and found that she does also have items for sale as individual pieces and this is where I found this.


Thats me curled up in my foetal position because I so want this compact mini kitchen.  It’s actually for a full-sized AV not child or petite and even though it’s small it has everything.  Stove, sink, pots, pans, cutting board and on and on and only 300Lds!!!  I’m curled up because I really can’t or shouldn’t buy it for the simple reason that it won’t match my home and since I’m so happy with my SL house I’m not in a rush to change it, but the thought did cross my mind to literally buy this kitchen and then buy a house to fit it  HOW CRAZY IS THAT!!! So I curled up and waited till the urge to click and buy passed.



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Tout de suite (French for be quick).

Just as I was about to log out and go grab myself some lunch (homemade bread and gammon) I decided to pop over to Genre which looks as though this latest round will be over pretty soon but I did not expect to find such great find I would have kicked myself if I had missed them.  Since this latest event maybe over in the next couple of days don’t hesitate and get yourself over there right now.  You may not need the 2 amazing beds I’ve picked up but there are costumes, wigs, shoes, poses, decor items all in the Baroque theme.


This is such a statement bed with the tall drapes and gold gilding it’s perfect for Royalty.


This other bed s much more suitable for most normal sized homes and comes in 2 separate pieces (the drapes and bed aren’t linked).  I picked the dark wood but there is a lighter version and a gold one as well.  Gothicy without the undo heaviness.  This one from Kalopsia comes with poses the top one doesn’t. I’m doing this post so quickly I just rezzed a room and snapped away and I didn’t take good notes so I can’t remember who made the top bed but the stands are set out in orderly fashion so it won’t be hard to find these 2 beds and so much more.

Blimey I’m rushing this post so much I’ve forgotten to mention that NOTHING including these 2 beds is over a 100Lds so so affordable.


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Good Start Good Monday

Decided to be a good and cheap girl this week and find lots of bargains, freebies, hunt items etc and boom straight away I scored.

TabHave to confess and say that I wasn’t going to pick up this hunt item because basically I just thought it was going to be pretty standard, slap on the wrist here because it turned out to be pretty damned good.  A low Turkish table with  low cushions to sit on, bottle and glasses all come to a measly 4 prims but what makes it a more than worthy hunt item is the really decent pose AOs in the cushions.  Women and men poses, smooth simple and flattering.  This item is from The Silk Road Hunt and it’s what looks like to me a small pyramid.

PotsThis is what I was hunting for.  Great texturing just look at the rust patches on the pots.  I would love to have this in my RL garden.  20 Prims maybe a bit of a push but this is a statement piece and would look great on it’s own on a patio area.  For those of you who like to snuggle this even comes with a cuddle menu.  Not tried it out and because I’m a singleton I didn’t want the floating text which show you were to sit showing but inc in the note is a very simple instuctions on how to remove this.  All I can say is if the cuddle menu is as good as the sitting menu in the table it’s worth it. This is The Cookie Jar’s Home & Garden Anniversary Hunt and it’s a bottle of bubbly you’re looking for.

Both items are to be found in Pestique.  3 floors of really good quality textured, designed furniture.  Make sure to check out outside as well.  Lots of menus in items you wouldn’t expect them to have such as the meditaion pool outside but I have to say that on the ground floor in the back (near to the 60Lds weekend offer) is a kitchen island which I’m at this very moment having fun trying out. Male and female poses.  Quick rezzing items and excellent AOs.  Cuddles and cooking menus. She has a Marketplace shop but I would highly reccomend checking out the  inworld shop as sometimes it’s the poses that makes the item good or in this case even better.


Pestique Marketplace

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I didn’t need it, I shouldn’t have bought it, I don’t have anywhere to put it and yet….I couldn’t resist it!

CorneredOver the years I have lived in many homes but all have been along the lines of retro, old, shabby chic etc and over the years I have amassed a lot of old Victoriana style items including ovens but when I saw this full sized great detailed old Victorian Range from Storax Tree and I just had to have it.  It’s 24 prims, comes without the accessories.  200Lds and worth both the prims and the price.  This is a great room filler.  For those of you into RPing this is amazing and for those who aren’t but love the old style a great look can be created.

Cornered1Quickly digs out my sexy lola tango maids outfit so I can pose next to it just so you can see the size of the range which is the exact size an old range would be.  Even if your not into the look still check out StoraxTree which I know well because it usually has a hunt or in this case 2 hunts going on and best of all check out the range because sitting on it is the Menu Mania Heaven Hud (MMHH letters) for 5Lds you get a cool AFK prop pose but splash out a bit more and the 49Lds for the Birds and the Bee’s hunt (a big bird) and you get an amazing over sized shoe for you to  pose on.

And then I spotted the “clippie mats” which made me squeal.  I come from the North East of the UK and we call them clippie mats but most people call them rag rugs.  The texturing is so realistic of fabric strips woven into bright garden patternsand only 50Lds.

The Sexy Maid outfit comes from Gathering which is a shop for the bustiest of the busty.  It has a range of clothing not just for Lolas but all the boobs out there.  Yes it has the tarty and trashy but also the elegant and unusual.  Costumes such as the maids one or full lenth ball gowns.

Storax Tree


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SwayLand and Zacca Freebies

SwayLand is a dangerous place to visit because this sim is packed with amazing stuff for you garden, home, houses, housewares, landscaping, clothes, toys, props, gifts and on and on and all the shops and displays set out in a lovely well-developed and relaxing sim.  This LM should take you to the front door of Zacca (which has the smallest door sign I’ve ever seen) and inside you will be tempted, there is some wall lights and a metal cake stand which I so want but will have to wait till payday but untill then I grabbed this handy-dandy table set.

Do NOT come to Swayland if your rushed or have somewhere else you should be.  Wander around, check out the Gatcha’s that are in the main area you might be lucky to find one of the gift boxes with your initial on or in this case I found these sweet freebies tucked under a sign.

Zacca (Swayland)