All glammed up for an affair

Glam Affair Janess top,Inverness pants 10L each

Girls & guys come out to play, get your butts over to Glam Affair today! (ooo that rythmes) Yesss indeedy they have heaps of newness, and most everything is not only top-notch but also just 10L ! I’m a pink freak so the above cobbled together outfit was right up my alley..the pants come with optional prim cuffs or wear plain (I edited mine to sit inside my boots) Isn the bustier top devine? Its come in an array of colours , as do the pants,each only 10l.

Glam Affair A&A Mine dress 10L

I couldn’t resist the acid green of this outfit, comes complete with gloves,tights & belt, other shades also available, 10L

Glam Affair Aventura dress 10L

YES! more pinkness..how could I pass this by? Delicate colouring..fantastic details…

Glam Affair Bayonne dress 10L

Just adored this little number, other colours available..just perfect for the milder weather 10L

Theres squoooodles of gear to see, when you land head over to the main building and go upstairs. One side is for guys (all 10L also) and the other side for girls. Theres plenty there from evening wear, to casual, hairs AND skins..took a look at a few while I was wandering..look verrrry pretty !

Go getooodles: Glam Affair

For the curious: bag & jewelery all by chuculet (very inexpensive 1-10L) Hair by Curio,poses by Marukin & olive juice