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Glamour never cost so little

Glam Affair..one of my most favourite places to go and cheer myself up when I’m broke – has new items!! I always dash straight over there to take a gawp…this time I avoided the elbowing going down by the skin dept. and scooted over to the clothes…snapped up this ensemble called Bologna. Great satin shine flared skirt & double layered tee…naturally, just 10L (everrrrything is 10L)

Then I spied this outfit called Oslo…fantastic denim one piece (it also has a purple sort of shrug thing with it, but I didn’t much like it) You get two types of pants,one wearable with prim cuffs,the other just straight with no cuffs required..Ive teamed up with a denim jacket from Poison and some black flats from In Her shoes (freeee-all shoes are free there woot) only 10L. The hair I’m wearing above is also from Glam affair,it’s called Katy, various shades available, a pack of 3 tones is only..youve guessed it..10L ! There is oceans of gear in this place..evening wear,casual,skins,hair and yes guys a whole dept.just for you.

Go get glam: Glam affair

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Taste The Rainbow

Oh Haiiii! Gosh I’ve been a little busy with uhm “things”…but here I am again…bad penny etc..Sooo I found this dress…its dotty & spotty…its twirly & girly…with a sooper fresh pure white background…this is the subscribo gift just for joining up…go slap that baby !

Every now and again you come across something that makes you go ” w o w ” and here is mine for this week…this is the HoX  gift for the “sour pickles hunt” and its shockingly pretty..I cant show you in a photo just how this dress moves around you..but it flows…and swayss…and the silver petals seem to be suspended all around you…~happy sigh~…its a keeper. You have to find a little orange fish for this gift – hint..”take the weight off and rest your feet”…

Go get girly: HoX