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I iz a Princess!

I love finding things in SL that reduce me to a simpering girly girl and this Princess Bed does it for me.

Princess bed

We all love some fluffy froo froo and this covers it all.

Princess bed1

I used nothing but the sims windlight settings and no photo fiddling as the texturing on this Princess bed is just gorgeous in all lights.

Princess bed3

A suprising cheap price at only 128Lds and at 15prims for all of the details so reasonable.

Princess bed2

My only complaint is that this shop is tiny and so so far there isn’t a massive amount of items but what little is there is beautiful and detailed.

Although these photos weren’t taken on the actual sim the sim the oUvUo shop is set on is a lovely place.  Watery with only 2 shops and places for people to sit and hang about in.  Some real bargains to be had from both this shop and the other one, I’ve picked up a beach chair and swim ring for only 10Lds each but each shop has a selection of Lucky Boards.

oUvUo (Princess Bed and beautiful Sim)

oUvUo Marketplace


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My Bad (freebies).

As I was rummaging through  my junk I came across some BRILLIANT freeness which I had just found yesterday so I slapped myself, metaphorically, on the forehead and quickly rezzed them.

My bad

These chairs make me so glad I resisted spending more Lindens in SL on some chairs I was looking at  because they’re as good as it gets texture wise, prim wise and pose wise.  2 Tatty school chairs with some nice poses in them and FREE.  As it happens when I type 8F8 into my invent it looks like I have a lot of their stuff.  This is a slightly unusual set up for a shop as it’s not a normal shop it’s Gacha only but from what I’ve seen there’s nothing I wouldn’t be happy to win.

My bad2

You get the 2 chairs but you can also snag this cute little kite which flies around on the end of the balloon.  You get a total of 3 of these cuties the one shown and 2 are wearables.



Although it’s mainly water there are some beautiful planing and decor items plus plenty of hang out places.  This is the sim with its own Windlight setting but of course there is nothing to stop you having a play with it yourself.




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I’m going to break one of my RL and SL rules and log in in the afternoon (I limit my SL time so my RL time doesn’t suffer and I find that even after all these years I still enjoy my SL time) because just before I returned to RL I stumbled up this new event.


The Dream, this is what greets you when you rezz, a small dome with clouds and a bed simply sit on the bed and you magically  rerezz on a matching bed but at ground level.


How adorable is this and of course you know that when this is simply the greeting area it undoubtedly means the shopping experience is going to be so much fun.  You walk to the end of that little pier where there is a little swing hanging from a cloud and you simply sit and you zip along to the main event.


Thats me “zipping” I just used the fun pose that it was set to but you can change the pose not that you’re on it for that long but as the main event is just through that tree corridor.


This is the view through the trees and even from this distance I see soooo many goodies and then I had to jump off my swing and return to RL.

I’m doing the post now because you might have the time to meander and it looks so good that I’m logging in a bit later for a wander around and if I buy anything I’ll show you and hopefully give you a better idea of whats here and the prices.

UPDATE – I Popped in and grabbed the LM and also checked out the goodies, ooodles of super Kawaii clothes, shoes, some skins and decor items.  Lots of new fresh designs from some big and some new shops to me.  Prices aren’t “as cheap as chips” (an old English saying) but neither are they extortionist and because there is a lot of Gachas that means lots of cute things priced for those with a limited budget so basically something for everyone.  Of course I caved in but even though I was sorely tempted I resisted the clothes and picked up some items of decor which I will show off in my next post.

The Dreamers Factory

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Backed up.

RL work meant I was late getting into SL but as a treat and since I so wanted the wearable, pole dancing Sunflower that Faith has just blogged I TPed direct to the Love and War event and got SUCKERED.  Massive amount of goodies to be had from there including free hunt gifts and loads of 30Lds items and Gachas and so it was a case of sod work lets SHOP and then I felt guilty, so once I had had my fill of the Love and War event I TPed over to our cafe and snapped off a couple of simple shots of items that I’d picked up from the lovely PonkotsuYa shopping, hangout sim.


So this is just a simple sweet mesh top, great with jeans, shorts or a summer skirt and at 20Lds a bargain for everyone but this comes from another shop on the sim LM given.  There is a small selection of men and women s tops available.


Because I was trying to get everything in this shot I managed to miss out the oversize coffee/tea flasks you can just about make out behind me.  The display case’s cost 20 and you get 2 of them the white  and dark brown.  Copy and mod which means I enlarged 2 of them to make the counter and shrunk one to make a counter top display.  Inside is a glass shelf and at the back is a sliding glass door so a great prop for a shop and  even a home.  I now have one on top of my fridge with cakes in.  Guess what? even at the larger size only a SINGLE PRIM!


Found this shot which you can see the flasks(10lds for both flasks)  and gum holder (20lds) much better.  The flasks are only a prim and that detailed gum holder is only 2prims.  Lots more odds n sods in this shop from scales to weigh your AV to the shopping basket I am wearing in this picture, 20Lds and comes full of food and a holding pose.

Almost forgot the hair, yet another free to join group gift from Diva.  As you can see one click on the hair and you can either have it as a cute shortie or a long cutie.  When I was there I noticed that one of my all time fav hairs actually came from one of their LBs so check out the first floor for the GGs and the stairs for the LBs.

I took these pictures on the cafe area we have set up on our sim and all are welcome to come and visit.  Faith has even put out a Gacha machine for the stunning 1 prim washing machine which is so good even we use them in our own homes.  I think the 1Ld is simply because Faith couldn’t set it for free.  I’ll put our LM and feel free to have a wander around you can even use my swimming pool BUT please don’t go into peoples homes.  I personally don’t mind at all if I have visitors because basically I don’t have any of those “fun” menu driven items out but I know that Faith and PD prefer their home to be private.  So again feel free to pop over we have plenty of sitting areas and stuff for people just to hang out (and we don’t even bother you).



Diva (Hair)

Love and War

Home Sweet Home (our sim)

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Home Sweet Home.


My new home.  I just have this thing about living small to me it means you only have the room to keep the things that really mean the most to you and when you’re home is small you have to use your imagination so much more.frontuse

I wasted so much time yesterday taking naff shots of the inside of this house so I decided that since himehime Andel has this house set out for you to walk around I would just use the semi decent outside looking inside ones.  Front door shot shows the entrance with the traditional area to remove your outdoor shoes and put on your indoor ones. This house comes with a lovely and low prim cupboard for shoe storage.   The doorway to the right is into the kitchen/eating area. A great sink unit is included which is brushed steel and very industrial looking which is again in keeping with the style. At 2 prims it’s perfect but since it’s not linked to the house you can change it if you want but tbh I wouldn’t.

back use

This is the back doors to the house and you can see right through past the internal sliding doors to the kitchen area.  Not shown is the very large storage cupboard in the living area.  Every door and windows is openable (is that a word?) but only in the scripted model you also get an unscripted model which is great if you have to have to be careful about scripts.  If you check out my last post you will see much better pictures of the separate toilet and storage/washroom area.  There is also a built in bath as well but I’ve not shown it.  You really do need to see this in world to get the feel of the texturing and attention to detail.  Cost only 198Lds!  there is also a free house which I grabbed which tbh is a lot more basic but still has a lovely roof balcony.  Sadly the sink I was using in the picture doesn’t come included with this house and although it was fun and a great prop it’s hardly a deal breaker.  If I have time I’m going to track it down and see where you can buy it from and how much as it did fit in so well.

I’ve given the 2 LMs one for the shop where you can buy the house, pick up the freebie and check out the cheap decor items and the second LM for the house so you can have a wander around and see how much better it looks compared to my naff piccies.

This is a delightful shopping residential sim.  Bases on a small Japanese town with some houses, shops, cafe, communal bathing room, playground and on and on all in a small and delightful area.  Fun for those who want places to pose and for those who just want somewhere lovely and friendly to hang around in.  I will doing even more in my next post because in the same shop where you buy this house I also picked up some low primmed low-priced excellent decor items and from another shop on the sim a cute mesh top so all of that in my next post.

PonkotsuYa (shop to buy the house)





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Scored a few of my favourite things (Free stuff).


Meandering around I found a lovely well laid out Arcade Yardsale and picked up myself some goodies (gotta go back for more) but out of curiosity I followed the arrow downstairs to the ground floor and look at the lovely, free to join, group gifts I found  The shops name is Muneria and Rhenu Muneris the owner has been pretty damned generous and not only do you get the mesh dress but the excellent peep toes and heel ankle boots.

D2So not only was I really chuffed with the first outfit when I  then opened this one and it was another case of “Oooooo”.  Again matching boots and a bolero, a more stylised hi fashioned metallic  look.  I’ve put the link for her MP shop for you to check out but the GG’s are only available in her in world shop (remember it’s the ground floor).

D3Another Wowser and a complete change in look and scenery.  No shoes, not that you need it for this long skirt, but belt, bracelets and the lovely owl necklace is included and even a hud for the outfit which means you have 2 choices of colours and because the skirt and top are separates very handy for mixing and matching with other outfits. Special mention is that although the Group Gifts aren’t Trans everything in her shop is so you can buy for gifts or if you want to pass on to others then fabulous.


Old Blondie Faith may have gotten this new Mina hair first but I rock the brunette look. Called Nikky and it’s only available, for the moment, at the My Attic event for the cut down price of 95Ld colour pack.  I’m wearing it in the first picture as well and I, as usual with Nina’s hair LOVE it.  Have to confess I had wanted to show you one of the more colourful juicy colours in this picture but OMG I’m having computer issues I’m trying not to panic here but I could not post at least a close up of this hair.  Called Nikky and comes in all the range of colours which you expect from Mina.

90% of my pictures are actual places in SL and not just backdrops (the tunnel is a complex under a shop) so I’m always on the look out for some really great place to pull a pose and take a few pictures and found a Link to a Rental sim called Lennon and it looked so good I had to check it out.


A stunning, lush and green sim with everything from deep woodlands to open beaches. I’ve put the link to Darth Kline Flickr account so you can see some more of the beauty of this place.  In what little time I managed to spend there I spotted a diner, caravan, and many other places for people to hang out at or even as I did take a few pictures.  As this is an open sim it is free for all to visit but of course it goes without saying don’t go into peoples homes my only thing is that because they don’t use rental boxes it’s hard to see which homes are rented and which aren’t but to be on the safe side I didn’t enter any home.  Although if you’re tempted to rent then just drop Darth Kline a note and I’m sure he will let you know if they have any vacancies.


Hi there, thank you for your interest in renting here at Lennon Park.
To find out what the entire sim looks like and what it has to offer, please check out our flickr account using the link below:
How our rental works:
1. When you rent with us here at Lennon Park, you will be renting the cottage/home of your choice, together with the landscaping thats already in place in that given area/land, with a respective prim allocation for each home.
2. The Lennon Park sim is and always will be an open sim.   However, there is little traffic here, but please bear in mind that there will be visitors coming and going on a daily basis.  And with that being said, no security orbs or parcel/plot lock downs are permitted.  BUT eject rights will always be given to all tenants.
3. Your prim allotment can be used throughout the sim or on BOTH sims, since the neighboring sim is also part of the Lennon Estate.   Which means you have a bigger land area to rez your stuff on, to make every bit of your SL dream home come true.     You are also welcome to rez your items for use in the common areas, however, please don’t forget to pick up your items when you leave.
4. Rentals can be paid weekly or monthly, whatever is suitable to you at that time.  Each home will have a 700 prim allotment for 2100L per week.   There are no rental boxes for you to make payments on, every rental payment goes directly to us/me.  However, we do keep a record on each payment made.  And we would always inform you nicely via IM, should you fall behind on rent.
Once again,  thank you for your interest in renting here at Lennon Park, where we strive to make every piece of land a home.   If you have any further questions or inquiries, please feel free to send me an IM, and I will get back to you ASAP.

Darth Kline
(SL username is ropedick)

PS.  We can make your “home” more private if you so wish , by plotting it out and setting it to group only.  Just let us know what we can do for you to make your house a home and your stay with us a happy and enjoyable one.

Munereia Arcade Yardsale and Boutique

Munereai Marketplace

Lennon Park

My Attic

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Time for a quickie? (freebies).

Due to RL issues time is short but these freebies were so damned good I wanted to get them posted as soon as I could just in case they disappear.  So I threw a few poses and snapped away.

ShapeOK lets start off with the only non freebie but at  80Lds it’s a massive discounted price.  This is the new Anna shape (called Delora) from latest The Designer Circle event and only available only at The Discount Store.  People get into RL/SL arguments over which skin/shape shop is the best in SL but for me Anna shapes are the best and unless I find a great hunt item or freebie it’s the ONLY shape I blog because to me they’re perfectly proportioned (taking into account SL body standards). The boobs are small and neat, waist small with a light flaring of hips to a curvy bottom.  In my vast invent the only shapes I have are from Anna’s and a single gorgeous ample sized one from an old hunt so that goes to show how much I love them. Now because this is on special offer it doesn’t come with all the extras that Analy Amat offers in her shape packs ie appliers, make ups etc etc.  This is a great way to try out one of her shapes to see if it works for you then pop over to her shop and try on all of the demos and see what getting yourself a full priced pack offers but also make sure to grab the Free/Dollarbie/Cheap Shapes she has set out they’re just as good as any you pay a lot of money for.  If you like the complete look she handily includes a full styling note in each purchase you so know where the skin, hair etc is from.

Shoes11Their mistake our benefit.  A notice sent out by “Ever A’ Angel” about a flaw in one of their pairs of shoes means they’re fixed it and set the shoes out for anyone to come and treat themselves to.  Lucky for me that although it comes with a hud, the hud will only change the skin tone, that the skin tone it was set at was already a perfect match for my skin.  Look on one of the benches in their main shop (not the one with the sheep sat on it) and just click and collect.  I’ve not had time for much of a look around but I know that Faith has just blogged one of Their GG’s not long ago and it was gorgeous but they have a new Group Gift out so check it out.

Hair 1Zoom back up to the hair OMG I love this hair, love the fat retro curls with very defined bleach job and heck yes this is FREE but not only this in fact there are 4 hairs on offer.  Just click and join the group and look at previous notices and grab em quick before they go (2 boxes containing the 4 hairs).

Hair2Another one of the freebies.  They come from Little Bones and omg this woman, Nova Monroe , isn’t afraid of colours.  Bold brash bright and in you’re face and I love them.  Tried on loads of demos but more than happy with the freebies, at the moment, and then when I have a few Lindens to spend I’ll be back.

Step outside of Little Bones and have a wander around a really lovely well designed sim with a small selection of shops with hopefully more to come, a staged area for events, what look like home rentals(?) and tons of places to hang out at and spend time.  A real poseurs delight.

Designer Circle/The Discount Store

Anna Shapes Mainstore (use TP board)

Ever A’ Angel

Little Bones (Hair)