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Read the sign.


Thats right applaud me please, ok shrinks big head down.  I spotted this dress on one of my Flickr groups and loved it so much and I have to confess loved it even more because I thought it was a freebie, which it is in a way.  Comes from a shop I’ve blogged before I will do again and again and again called !Soul.  Everything in !Soul is priced between 60-90Lds and more often than not you get not only the outfit but also an accessory such as shoes, bags etc. However this isn’t free and doesn’t come with the shoes I’m wearing but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with extras.


This is actually her group gift but it costs 60Lds to join the group and I think it’s a damned good bargain because not only so you get the standard mesh sizes but 2 choices of bright and normal in the texturing.  Both pictures were taken in the same settings and I think you can see that in the top picture the fabric is brighter than the bottom. Because I took these photos late last night and I was so sleepy I didn’t slap on the Lola Tangos but Woo Hoo for us booby lovers not only does it come with the Lola Tango Applier but also the Lush Applier.

PS I’ve been extra cheeky and wore one of my emm nipples so if you don’t want to flash the nips then you don’t really  unless you’re rude like me and slap on a nipple clothing layer.


!Soul Marketplace

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Land & Sea

The reason I’ve made the “and” more pronounced is because at this prim count you too could have a home on your land and your sky.

I remember having flat basic building platforms that had more prims than this sweetie.  A lowly 8(4) prim count for all of this.

Big picture window so make sure you rezz it when you can capture an amazing sunset/sunrise.

Look at the texturing.  None of that ugly free wood plank look.  Perfectly in proportion to the average AV.

Apart from the open window this is the only feature in this home and the rest is a blank canvas.I’ve not used windlight at all just the normal environmental settings and you can see how gorgeous the texturing is.  Hop on the grey office chair and TP to the rezzed demo and you too will be able to see that this is a great offer. A small shop on an excellent shopping sim.  They have a couple of weird things, Flying Toast carpet, some really good and low prim wall decorations and for those with Brats, I mean kiddies, or those who are a child at heart a Dino Gatcha that gives you a rather good childs rocker but the best is this Mesh skyhome called Camelot and it’s only 8(4)prims and 50Lds!

With such a low prim skybox you can have a home on your land as well. This is a Dollarbie from Kukuvaya and it’s top quality.  Box is just inside the entrance on the floor.

A simple square but with gorgeous feature windows and a lovely porch area. 48 Prims in total but this is a sold well textured home.  Small and compacy with excellent scenic windows.

I’m in pain because I so desperately want at least 2 of these to be my new home.  This lady has managed to combine compact, cosy, snug, wallpaper, old fashioned  with open windows, clean-cut well textured and just plain homely livable homes.  Sometimes you want the view outside to be hidden and sometimes you want to bring the outside inside but still have a snug and private feel to indoors and she has managed it beautifully.  I’ve seen many homes in SL and I put these ones easily in my top 3 for prims, price, texturing and esp the windows and decor.  But of course this is only my opinion.  Fortunately she has a fully stocked rezzer for you to have a try.  She’s got land home, skyhomes (more than just a square box) pavilions and other smaller structures.

This isn’t a picture of the Dollarbie but just an example of the attention to detail.  This is a small Box room in one of her homes perfect for a shower room or in my case a craft room and even this small room has been given plenty of wall space and yet look at those windows such a good clear view of outside.

Conspiracy Theory (sky home)