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Having a moment!

Woo Hoo I finally I managed to get myself into the latest round of Collabor88 and it was well worth the wait even though it cost me BIG Lindens, I have No Regrets!


I really am NOT a cheap B, no matter what Faith may say lol, but both of us are long time SLers and we have spent more money inworld than we would ever admit to not just our OHs but even to ourselves which is why I now like to hunt down the bargains.  But as I always say is that the more you save the more you have to spend because the less money you waste on just “stuff” then allows  you to splash out when you come across something that just has that WOW factor and I ended up buying 3 homes and some furniture from here and I was so pleased that a lot of the shops/designers seem to have excelled themselves this round with some brilliant new textures and designs and it was unbelievably hard to resist buying myself a load of new clothes.

So when I said in my last post that I was so impressed with this dress I was going back for it I really meant it.  As it happens there is a selections of textures but all in the pale/nude palette and I was super lucky that I have the perfect shoes to match and of course a Mina hair.


Check out these killer curves.


Humma Humma Humma! Because I’m constantly picking up clothes to show you I keep a small amount of clothes which are either just so good I couldn’t bin them or great basics to be wearing on my search for a new look and since most of my Linden spend are on hair, homes and decor items for an outfit to make me hand over cash for it has to have that something that grabs me and this dress definitely had it and it is a keeper for sure.

Don’t worry Cheap B will return in my next post and as it happens I’ve just checked out this weeks 50Lds and again the shops and designers have excelled themselves and I’ve picked up a few treats and I’m going to get the bargain hair and GG posted as quickly as poss to you don’t miss out and of course don’t forget that at the Dirty Princess shop outside is an excellent pair of Mesh Boots.

PS If you didn’t see it Faith posted on my last post about Dirty Princess and I was right she and PD had already been to Skyler Lebed shop Dirty Princess to snag some sexy goodness, I just knew that this is a shop she would love BUT even if you’re not into the “Vavavoom” there is some excellent casual looks as well.

Dirty Princess


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Yes, I am beautiful, not rich, slightly dirty?


Beautiful,Dirty,Rich…or otherwise known as BDR, is rapidly becoming a store I keep my peepers on. The latest releases are such good fun and so very wearabubble! Above I’m wearing *some* of the “sunrise” set…the maxi dress is super sweet and comes in a huge array of colour combo’s. I am sooo into browns right now (yes, at last my white fetish has finished!) So this set is right up my alley. The wide floppy hat is also included, result!

BDR - bikini set

It’s not just the dress and hat though, you will also get a simply stunning mesh bikini. The tie around the bikini bottoms echoes the tie of the dress, I SO adore it and its fitted like a dream , even with no alpha layer !

BDR - Shoe detail

That’s not all, also included in this set are the dribble worthy sandals, easy to use HUD that allows you to skin match, re-size and choose toenail colours. Sooo the cost of all his prettiness you ask? A surprisingly small 150L *faint*, great value !


I’ve got another set and I have to say this is my absoloot fav. I can rarely resist anything thats stripey ! Stripes are so happy aren’t they? Naturally I plumped for the chocolate pack, that also contains this awesome choc & raspberry version via a nifty HUD. For your 150L you get four different versions of the dress (make sure to try a demo !) There is also a black pack .

BDR - Bag detail

Also included is this splendid bag, brill textures on this, it’s also resizable. Use the HUD and the bag can be fiddled about with to show six different colours !

BDR- shoe detail

These darling sandals are also in the pack, strappy and chic. Pretty simple to fit but I admit I had a small struggle with the leg sheath. (perhaps Zan is right and I DO have chubby legs !) I popped over to BDR to stroll around , it really is a HUGE store with lots in, new releases are near to the entrance, and a few midnight madness boards are opposite.