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DiscoFound a great club to DJ in but as you can tell DJing isn’t my thing.  Couldn’t help but use this photo although you don’t really see much of what I’m wearing.

drunkGot to get me a better girlfriend or at least one that can hold her booze.  Joking aside a great but simple look for a bargain price.  Jeans, shoes and top all for 100Lds.  The top is a high neck and comes with a colour changing hud so you get 5 different colours and  all the sizes are included in the pack.  What I like best is that they all fit together.  The cuffs of the jeans fit over the sneakers and the top fits over the jeans.  Nice button detail on the collar and shoulder and even the bottom of the shoes have a scuffed worn look.

Comes from XLS and although they have a few at this bargain price there is not so many for men but since most seem to come with colour changing huds you get a lot of different looks for very little money.  I know that Zan has blogged one of the women’s full outfits and still has them because they’re just damned good basics.

Ducknipple, XLS, 20.Five  Marketplace

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed


Yes I know a truly bad title to this great  outfit, chances are Faith will pull it, but I love Ducknipple and the one thing it proves is that if you have a brand name that stick in a persons mind then thats a good thing until someone like me tries to make a bad joke.  What isn’t a joke is this whole outfit, not just the mesh jeans, mesh shoes and mesh top but the whole outfit for….95lds!  and I didn’t even include the excellent geeky glasses and great necklace that come in the pack, 3 Alpha layer choices so you can wear each piece on it’s own and even a ref shape inc.  You get this outfit from the MP and the first thing you will see is that this isn’t the only great pack they have because they have various full outfits on offer for the same great price and undoubtedly they will all also be the same great quality and everything I can imagine is very mix and matchable.  I can also highly reccomend you visit inworld as they have a health discount section but apart from that a really lovely and well laid out shopping area.


Ducknipple inworld