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Group Gift

Had a notice from Wasabi this morning – a new group gift! Dashed over and collected the “ermahgerd” hat hair – its brill ! Lovely big fatpack of hair colours, plus a Hud for hat colours and logo’s. As you can see I’m not a big hat logo fan so I turned it off from the Hud – tadah! The logos are cute though and you get the choice of black or white lettering.

I’ve been in the Wasabi group for years so I’m not 100% sure if the group is free or not but I THINK it is – enter the store and the group gifts are on your left, above is the group joiner.


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Don’t read this post as it may end up costing you!

You have been warned lol.

I swear, and Faith can back me up, that apart from a dusting of snow I wasn’t going to winterise my home and now I’ve seen this addon snow pack from Hisa I’m being sorely tempted to go full snow!

This is my home or rather what it will look like if I cave in to temptation and buy this addon snow pack.

The house itself is 875Lds and the snow addon is 475Ld. WORTH IT! I may have a countless amount of homes/builds/caravans etc in my invent I’ve picked up along the way but for many years now I have only lived in 3 of them and this “The Forest Retreat” has been my home since we moved to our new sim.

I actually used our move as an excuse to buy this new home as I loved it the moment I saw it. You get amazing attention to detailling and excellent texturing for only 34 prims!

There are other snow addon packs on the platform I’m stood on so if you own another Hisa house check it out if you too want to go all wintery.

We all have the things we can’t help caving into temptation, in my case it’s homes and landscaping/decor but I think for most SLers its clothes and hair so I’m going to tempt you to spend some more money with this NEW Mina hat/hair.

I don’t take many back of the head shots as I’m rubbish at it but in this case I really just wanted to show off how how good it looks. We all remember the days when “Beanies” looked like teapot covers or helmets so to see how much they have come on since then is just so good.

Of course this isn’t the only “Beanie” hat Mina has so as always check out her mainshop to try all the demos but since this is the newest one it means you get that massive hud of hair colours. The “Style Hud” for the hat is a seperate purchase. When I first put this hair on the hat was a lovely soft grey, not the ugly “unrezzed” grey we all hate but almost a dove grey. If you want to splash a bit more cash then the style hud does offer you a big total of 15 colours/textures.

As alway try the demo out in the mainshop have a wander around to check out the other hat/beanie/hairs then when it’s gotten a bit quieter you can visit the Tannenbaum event which is where you buy this hat/hair from.

Plus I’ve added the link to the Serpahim blog as someone there has gone to a lot of effort and you can see everything for sale as this event.

Hisa. Platform.

Hisa Mainshop.

Mina’s Mainshop.



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Quickest post EVARRRR! (10Ld Gift(s)).

I’m running so late so I’m grateful that I’d picked this up last night so I can do a quick post then I can sort myself out in RL.

This fab onsie is a gift from “MooH”. You get a hud of some great winter/christmassy patterns. This will cost you 10Lds as it a “Third Life” Group which is now 10Ld. Check out the TeleportHub Gift as well which will also cost you 10Ld to join that group.


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I’m finally starting to get less Grinchy and more Christmassy and 3 things have helped. The first is I can finally decorate my SL house with lots of sparkly stuff, the second is !g0 has started it’s Christmas Advent Calendar. this is one of the best Advent Calendars events in SL and I try not to miss a single day as sadly once the day has passed the gift is sealed up and you can’t get them retrospectively…unless it’s changed since last year.  It does cost to join the !g0 group but that has always been a piddling 50Lds and you do need to be in the group to grab each daily gift.  I’ve not opened it yet but I did spot it comes in ALL mesh fits so no probs there.

The third and bestest thing is my NEW MINA and not just a new “do” but a NEW BEANIE MINA!

There is so much to this hair I ended up taking so many pictures even I got confused so I will stick to this basic one and try to explain it.

You get 3 Huds in your pack, 1 to change the hair colour, 1 to change the beanie and the last 1 to change the styling of the hair.

Just pick the shade pack you like best, and remember you get a massive 30 and totally different shades in each pack and were not just talking going from light to dark brown but just browns in all the shades you get in RL.  I did also notice that the red pack seems to some very new and unique shades which I certainly haven’t noticed before. Lots of other shade packs if you want a bit more to your hair colour, pastels, ombres, black/white etc some are very dramatic.

The Beanie hud has 10 textures in it and although I’m wearing one of the snowflake texture there are some without but its subtle enough that this can be worn any season.

Finally the “styling hud”.  This gives you 6 ways to style your hair. Hair down one shoulder or the other shoulder or both shoulders or neither shoulder and just hanging down the back but there are 2 new way.  This hair comes with a light windblown look to it and you can have it only lightly blown away from the face or a bit stronger.

That’s, why you need to try so you too, can see what it looks like on you before you make your mind up, believe it or not before I pick up a new Mina I too always try on a demo.  It’s rare but no hair will fit every AV.

BTW This hair is only available at “FaMESHed” but expect it to be heaving AND if you do go to Mina’s mainshop don’t panic as she doesn’t have the picture up yet but click on the “new” boards and you can still get the demo, she will probably have the picture uploaded to the board pretty soon as she does keep on top of her new products.

Mina doesn’t do an Advent Calendar but for her joining fee of 250Lds even Faith got tempted by her last Group Gift so check those out and if you are in the Mina group already just remember to wear your tag when buying as you do get a discount.

Mina Mainshop


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Dayum whut no freebies!

This made me chuckle,  as soon as I rezzed at the Wayward sim I turned right to start working my way methodically past all the stalls and shops and this Mina Beanie hair was the first thing I came across.  Luca is another prime example of Mina Nakamura’s skill of making brilliant Unisexed hair but personally I think I look better in it LOL.

I’m going to be honest here if you like this hair do NOT buy it until you’ve popped into Mina’s mainshop and tried on Alex.  Alex is a very similar styled hair/beanie but you get the added options of fringe only, hair at nape of the neck only, hair at both the nape of the neck and the fringe AND or just the beanie on it’s own……clear as mud but of course the demo will contain all the variations.  Alex is not identical to Luca but if you like Luca you may love Alex and equally you might just like Alex but love Luca and it’s only by trying the 2 hairs on will you know which one suits your style best.


So sorry because I didn’t spot a single freebie.  They maybe there and I was just awed by all the newness and missed them, if you find any pleased feel free to let me know, but sometimes it’s worth paying for something new and fresh.  Because there is so much new and fresh here from skins to full builds I did splash out and yes the Gachas got me, will be setting a whole new load of gifts out for you to come and collect soon.

PS I’ve just noticed that now I’m LM grabbing if you like the Beanie look but would prefer it with long hair then Mina’s The Mix offer is a hair called Nell which is definitely more ladies than gents with the long flowing hair and this one is also at a discounted price.  I also popped my “Alex” hair on and yes very similar but also very different so make sure you try on both and The Mix offer before you make your final decision.

Wayward Winter Event

Mina Mainshop

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London Calling. Hunt items.

In RL we’re having an Indian Summer here which is so much better than the real Summer we had so as soon as I click “Publish” I’m off out.  But then I can’t think of a nicer way to kill time by mooching around Loordes of London and snagging all the hunt items out and of course checking out for any new designs as well.

This coat is one of the hunt items, I will give a list at the end, and it’s shop quality perfect with a great fit and texturing.


Loordes of London is a shop you must slap the Sub board and this way you will get regular updates on all of the special events and discounts that Loordes of London do regularly and that way you can pick yourself up some smashing bargains and know when the hunts are on.


Now for the hair and sorry this isn’t a hunt item.  I have shown you this hair before but I’ve been waiting for the Autumn to start so I can do a repost as this is such a good hair.  Called Alex and you will find it in the mens hair section of Minas but this one, like many of Mina’s hair is not only Unisexed but comes with the male and female version.  As far as I can tell the only difference is that the male version is bigger for their “big heeds” as we say in Newcastle. You get a lot in this hair pack because you not only get a hair and beanie colour changing Hud but you can also wear as much or as little of the hair as you wish.  4 options, hair at the nape and fringe, fringe only, nape hair only or no hair at all and just the beanie.

Back to loordes of London and more hunt items.  TBH very poorly hidden which is a boon for me because I usually struggle to find anything lol.  I’ll put the details about which item is in which hunt and how much they do or do not cost at the end of this post.


For those of you who are going to enjoy Summer all year round then pink jean and shoes are just right for that season bou could of course wear them with a jumper over the top or in my case that great Freebie from my previous post.


A bit of a close up, I actually spotted these shoes in the shop at full price so to get them as a prize was a bonus.

The coat is the Shaun the Sheep Hunt Prize and cost only 2Lds.

The jeans are the Summer Strawberry Hunt Prize and cost only 2Lds.

The shoes are the Womenstuff Hunt Prize and cost 0Lds.

There is another hunt item here which I’ve only spotted now I’ve come inworld to LM grab and it’s the Emeshed Into Fall Hunt item, you’re looking for a little metal pumpkin shaped candle holder, and the prize in that looks like boots.  Cost 0Lds as well.  Going to look forward to unpacking them later.

Here is a big hint for you, stay in the courtyard and then once you’ve found the poorly hidden prizes have a walk around and see if you can be tempted by some of the great clothes and accessories here.

Loordes of London

Mina Mainshop

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Early Bird.

Hat11Sadly it’s too early to use my Mistletoe but I finally found a beanie good enough to make me pull my finger out of my lazy ass and edit a hair to fit a beanie.

Hat222As you can see in this picture the fit is close to the head so you don’t get that “helmet” look.  You get a resizer version as well as the standard fit so you got a  big head NP you got pin head NP. Hat and snood are one purchase (150Lds for both) but each comes with its own 8 colour hud which means you can either make them match or have them 2 different colours.

SF Designs still caters mainly for the non mesh market but doesn’t lack in quality and styling for it and of course not everyone wants or can use Mesh, however swaffette Firefly is now creating her own mesh and this beanie and snood are prime examples of it and if you want to see more of her Mesh items then look higher on the walls.  This hat/snood set is in the main entrance but the other mesh items are higher on the walls with also hats and hair and other items.

There is what looks like a matching pair of gloves to go with the hat/snood but that’s a group gift. Not free to join (100Lds) but this is a group that doesn’t forget to put out monthly group gifts so you certainly get you’re moneys worth for it.

SF Design