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Whats his is mine

Sax Shepherd Designs NEW!

The Fantasy gacha carnival has flung open its sparkly doors today! Ive got some treats to share from Sax Shepherd Designs – the thing issss – they aren’t really for girls but but but – heyho that’s what a resize script is for right?! Why should the guys have all the fun and funky beads. Anyyyyway, its gacha so thats huge amounts of fun and its fantasy themed, even better. Haul your butts over there and have a play or six – this stuff ROCKS. I’m wearing just a few pieces from Sax’s Buccaneer beads collection which has 24 commons and 2 rares to spin for.

Sax Shepherd Designs - musical chest NEW!

Of course something musical is always going to be a big winner for me and this musical Pirates chest is divine. This is actually one of the rares from the Buccaneer gacha. Touch and the key rotates to wind it up then the music begins, its really quite enchanting. If you’d like to see the all the items Sax has made for this event click : Here – Thank you Mister Shepherd ❤

Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

“Bag A Bauble” (SAH Free)

Normally I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy wrist warmers even though in RL I’m knitting myself some! The reason being is that in SL things like wrist and leg warmers look like legs of lamb and are so unflattering.  However I received this and although I was expecting some blingy baubles I wasn’t actually disappointed with them at all, A nice and knitted look without looking bulky  and of course finished with a little yellow ribbon.  This wasn’t the only thing because there is also a sweet, sping yellow bag which so far I’ve seen 2 people wearing in the shop so it’s turning out to be quite popular.

The designers profile states …

“Cute handmade jewelery from my own crazy imagination ;p  I have lots of items under 50L, gatcha machines and some freebies. Baubles! is also a merchant for Secret Wednesdays where select items are displayed each Wednesday for only 49L! Get your cute butts out here to see me!

Couldn’t have said better myself.

BaUbLeS! by Phe


Jewels & Shoes working in harmony

So Id been looking for some summery sandals and new jewlery..Id searched the market place, gone to all my usual haunts…nada,zilch..quite literally in under 2 mins, Player had located a new-to-me place and found the most incredible sandals AND jewels *squealsssss*..Im not gonna bother looking next time I need something, Im just gonna ask him *laughs* anywayyy enough of me blurbing on..After finding the sandals (see below) we popped over to the in world store,I fell in love with this ” love tribe” bracelet and bought it..I adored it so very much I bought the matching necklace ..the totally fantabulous thing is you can change the leather cord colour and the jewels plus pendant,both are made by La Forgia Jewels – bracelet is 150L, necklace is just 220L..but but but theres more…

Joined with La Forgia Jewels is another sore called Anuda, who makes shoes…and guess what? You can also change the gemstone colours on this pair to co-ordinate with your necklace & bracelet.(actually you get like 10 pairs of shoes with the diff gems on them phew!)..The shoes are called Journey I have them in brown but they also come in black..they look so comfy and casual and cute. (I dont really teeter around  in killer stilettos all day in real life, so why here?) Suitable for capris,jeans all those boho maxi skirts youve been buying and heaps more ! The HUD allows you to get a great colour match on your skin, plus oodles of french pedicure & nail colours for your tootsies..simple and a breeze to use. Very reasonably priced @ 590L per pair…

Go get happy feet: La Forgia Jewels & Anuda


We all love a Gossip

Poised Gossip & KRASH loops & beads necklace

oh-mai-gosh England is having a real summery moment the last few days..and the new release from Poised is just purfect for it ! “Gossip” is a complete look, highwaist shorts, double layer tee in positively oooodles of colours ! Naturally I was lured by the choc & cream tones first, great stitching detail on the shorts..I teamed it up with a necklace from KRASH , you’ve all probably noticed I’m rather attached to my rosary beads…well same store with more goodness ! This has sooo many colour choices of beads,accents & hoops (using a really simple menu driven menu) you will never need another chain again ! One sooper thing more, it’s NOT scripty, in these days of worry gubbing about scripty items I’m gonna give Ken Rosenthal a ^5 for making this a no-lag-zone hurrah!

Poised gossip & KRASH buttons necklace free gift

eyewateringly scrumptious Gossip set in zingy orange & Lime yummmeh…dont be afraid to buy a few of these outfits and play with them..tangle them up for a unique look. I snaffled up a gift from KRASH whilst I was there the cute-n-geeky buttons necklace..grab this it’ll be a summer spring essential !

Poised Gossip & Krash Pink rosary

Did you really think I was not gonna show the PINK version of the newness? get a grip ! It made me squishy happy the Ken Rosenthal also made my all time fav rosary now in pink too *happy sigh*…can a girl have too much pink..nah never !

Go get juicy: Poised      KRASH