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Tiny scraps of pleasure

coldLogic NEW! Bikini waters in tomato 1

In the middle of a frantic week  I received a few little scraps of absolute pleasure…yesyesyes ! coldLogic have released a whole range of delectabubble bikinis.  I’m wearing “waters” above in a deeelicious shade called tomato…it has meshy side ties and meshy back ties and and and….welllll go SEE it…you will adore. Big range of colours too…I tried it with my big boobies and my little ones…it suits both yay!

coldLogic NEW! Bikini malibu in ivory

I also chose this one to share with you today and its name is malibu…what a style statement ! definitely one for milling around a resort in heels and looking all fashionistic (that’s SO a word). Knew Id be skulking about in this the moment I laid my weary peepers on it…gorgeous side sweep to the top…and rolled over edges to the bottoms. This tone is called ivory, other colours available.

coldLogic NEW! bikini seaside-neapolitan tone

Nothing I like more than posing around at the beach, I usually kneeboard but what the heck, surfboard is cool with me ! This bikini is just adorbs, I soo like this tone , it’s called Neapolitan which is one of my fav icecream flavours yummm! The style is named “seaside”, it feels a lil bit vintage which is SO in for the summer. Lotsa shades to choose from or grab yourself a bargain quantum pack, thanks coldLogic team ❤

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Izzies Irene skin worn throughout – 70L TDR Fusion event (demo available)

“LoQ Hair” Con Panna Fat Pack – TDR Fusion event – 70L fat pack (1st photo)