Sand & Sun Hunt !

Readyyyy Setttt Goooo ! Hooray..the much awaited Sand & Sun Hunt is kicking off  this week on Weds 15th ! This is a fahhhbulous hunt..so grab yer flipflops and sun cream and get going…sooo many great gifts , I got very excited..I know I know I always am excited but seriously…you wont want to miss this hunt . Above is Bubblez offering, outfits for both girls & guys . Steve has the long shorts and tee on…Ive got a stunning polka dot yellow bikini,top,sunnies & earings…its sooper!

Next is BG Designs & codys stuff, very sweet bikini for moi plus also a gift of  shorts and tee (shown later down the post), the lounger is from RHD and has some great menu driven poses for lolling about in the sun, couples & singles! Notice the picture in the background? I adored it..its from De Baza and its got a secret..shhh…(click it and you can have the sounds of  waves lapping around you)

The Boathouse has a very generous prize..this darling cabana, the gift comes with the house,and bed etc…the chairs,side table,large table, wardrobe and plant can be purchased for just 100L..and they are soooo worth getting. Seriously lowwww prim with awesome poses, because I loved this prize so much I even popped over to the store and bought newwwness for my own home ! (Thankyou IzzieBellah Hinterland for being so patient while I romped around your store all excited !) I couldn’t believe how little prims it all took and the workmanship is beautiful, its definitely different and well worth a trip to mooch about…and this is why I love hunts..you find new stores,new creators that you might never have found !

Butterfly effectz has this sultry swimsuit on offer,complete with a pair of pretty blue wedge sandals & sun glasses…

Finishing Touches have this cute beach play set out,sand,buckets and swimming rings all under a parasol…female & male poses included.

Oh maii lotssss to see in this photo ! DUH has these wicked sandals up for grabs (male and female pairs yippee!) I’m also wearing part two of  codys gift the shorts & tee,shirt is sheer so a bit nipply *grins*…Bear Cub provided the delicious chair,table & parasol set, and FDD has offered up this really unusual leafy shelf which I just adored and had to have in my own SL home !

Y’s art & poses have hidden a great gift for their hunt item! Male & female surfboards with awesome poses built right in..great for lurking around at the beach or for using in photoshoots…

My Happy Place has this beautiful beach style structure as their gift…pretty wedgewood blue walls and dark wood really compliment each other..the perfect chill out zone after a hard day blogging *winks*

Oh lala b[ELLE]issima has this amazing outfit as their hunt gift…a cheerful pair of shorts & very feminine blouse ,plus.a knockout pair of sneakers ! Yes guys you’ve not been forgotten..Steve is wearing the b[ELLE]issima gift for men…fahhbulous cargo shorts,sneakers and a deelish Tee.

We have only shown a preview of whats on offer and w-o-w  this is a hunt stufffffed with goodness..Happy Huntin ! More info below..

Starting location :  Atherstone Shopping Mall    Hunt Blog:  http://sandnsunhunt.blogspot.com/   HUNT OBJECT TO FIND: A Sand Bucket & Shovel  HUNT STARTS: June 15th – July 20th