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Life’s a Beach Hunt (Free)

Popped over to C!L to find their prize in the Life’s a Beach Hunt – it did not disappoint! Lovely crochet style cover up and a matching bikini.

Loads of mesh sizes including standard, simple and easy to drift along the beach or around the pool in.

Check the link to the blog below and you can see all the other gifts on offer before setting off and have all the URL’s to the various stores. !

Life’s a Beach Hunt Blog


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Just what I would pack for my beach holiday! ArisAris have this sweet dress & panties combo out on promo currently called “Influence”, eight dress and eight panties textures included woohoo! The fringe on the hem of the dress can also be shown or not as you wish.

Love the snug fitting panties – don’t usually bother showing them but these are dead nice. Oh, I’m  also rather vain and couldn’t resist a vanity shot avec ice cream ❤ Not sure how long this promo lasts so if you’re interested dash.

Fits: Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, Slink Hourglass

Influence dress

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All the small things. (Freebie).

I’ll leave the spammy bit till the end so you can just read this and then scroll past the spammy bit and go right to the LM.

I was at an event and one of the stalls was for a shop called “Witch’O’craft” and I’d not visited it in a while so I popped over and there is a wall of different gifts for different groups and there were some nice ones but it was this one that I liked the best.

Not bad at all, you can see the laciness of it, a lovely yellow/gold and lots of runching. Plenty of fits as well so it was a nice bright start to the day.

SPAM and OMG please feel free to scroll past this and just go to the LM lol.

So, this will be MEEEEEEE tomorrow because I’m off.  As most of you know I don’t take 1 big holiday a year I take small and frequent breaks it’s what saves my sanity and my marriage and my printer from being thrown out of the window but that’s a whole ranty story of its own.  Not that I’m going with my OH, I’m going with my BFF and he gets to stay home, watch TV, drink, play on the Xbox and generally slob out and let’s be honest we get a break from each other.

Witch ‘O’ Craft 

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Free for drifting around in

Love when I find a nifty little item that I know I will wear and wear. This super beach dress / coverup is from M&M, you pay $1L and it gets paid right back to you – no group to join. Sizes include Maitreya,TMP,Slink & Slink Hourglass. Fantastic fit and super easy to wear.


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All tied up

coldLogic new!!

Here are the newly released coldLogic dresses, you’re gonna love these too bits as they represent such a good deal ! Above is the “esper” dress, gorgeous muted floral print over a ribbed lightweight fabric. It also comes with a shirt that sits loosely around your hips. You don’t have to wear it but it fits so well, I’ve longed for a properly fitting hip-shirt for years !

coldLogic NEW  !

Anywayyy also part of the deal is the tank top, mmhmm you get it in the box along with the dress – fantastico . I’m wearing the tank with my “foss” coldLogic pants – gawd, I rarely take these babies off, so easy to mingle in with existing items in your SL wardrobe. I know I’m always banging on about versatility and buying things that you wont wear just once, seriously though…its worth getting these pieces as you will get soooo much wear out of them.

fatestep coldlogic_012


This is “aven” same design of dress as “esper” but plain with a very subtle stripe in the fabric and a slight sheen. I am wearing all the above with my Slink Physique body, using the physique fit from the box of the clothes I’m showing.  Other colours available in all pieces – see mainstore or market place for options & demos – thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog

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Summer time..makes me feel finnnnne

If we actually HAD some summmer in England…this is what Id be doing….however we’re not so I can only dream ~le-sigh~…freshhhhh from CandyMetal is this beachy mesh kaftan….wear it without without something on your leggies….its just perfect for mooching about in….lotsa colours available and some pretty detailing on the front and the back….thanks Emychan <3…Uhmm…I had another go on the gatcha machines…you knew I would huh? and this time scored with a hat from Lasaki in “Blurple”, it’s a rare one! I also got luckylucky on the DUH clogs gatcha and snapped up some in purple….have a feeling these nifty little babies are gonna be SO huge this summer …


Summer by the Sea gatcha event


Lifes a Breeze

Summer is full on in England…total sun ray frenzy…I would love to be wearing this outfit form Arisaris today! Beautiful array of pinks and blues & purrrples. The skirt has a sarong feel about it and drops so prettily around your hips in two tiers or tye-die fabric. The front has a gorgeous fat bow on the waist that dangles to below the skirt hem..the blouse has a gauzy midriff and is a stunning pink with flower applique…it also comes with two sooper bracelets with gemstones allllll around…Dont forget to look at the group gifts while youre there…and join up (its free!) so you get all the gossip & info about future releases etc !Thanks Ariadna  xx

Go get Breezy: Arisaris