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Free home

Free home mesh & sculpts inc some furniture

I think I’m going senile, I meant to post this along with the pool party release and totally forgot. This home is by BBX and is currently up for grabs for free on the market place. I was pleasantly surprised by it, Id only nabbed it to take some photos in ! Pretty bungalow style living space, here’s the deets:

• Permission: Copy – Modify – No Transfer

• Area: 32×32 – Perfect for 1024 sqm lands or more !

• Prims: 90

• Easy Rez system !

• Have Sculpted & Mesh Parts,

• Menu Driving Bed, Couches

• Furnished

• Television System ( Gift Pack )

• Windows System ( TOUCH )

• Animated Carpet (color changeable)

• Nice Colours

• High Detail Textures

I was impressed with the general build, some nice features for a freebie, grab it and take a look?!

BBX marketplace