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Take Everything!(Freebies).

So I was just meandering from one shop to another not really expecting to find much but in the end in 2 of the shops I decided to grab the GG’s even though if I was to be honest I didn’t think were going to be blog worthy but SMH(smack my head) they turned out to be much better than I had expected.


Yes I know a pretty classic/standard/common style but the texture and colours take it up a notch from a lot of the other freebies.  Honestly really pleased with it.


This was the other thing I picked up but didn’t think I would be showing you but it turns out to be really good and with all the standard mesh bod fits it gets as snug as a bathing suit can be.  Both of these and a dress come from the same shop called “E&N”(Elgund & Nilsson Fresh Female Fashion).

Then I had meandered into the “IZIGRI” shop which is close by and picked this up.


If I had thought it was a “romper” in style I might have just binned it without trying it first but check it out! Great colours with a hint of retro!

This is why I take almost everything I see because sometimes the pictures the shop uses or because of the size of the pictures you don’t really get to see how tasty the gift is.  So a very nice surprise on a cold, wet, windy Sunday afternoon.

PS the Izigri gift seems to be set for anyone to buy for 0lds, it’s the little bag on the reception desk.

“E&N”(Elgund & Nilsson Fresh Female Fashion)


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Retro Babe(Freebie’s)

Any excuse to go to my fav beachy sims and this black and white retro bather/jumpsuit was a perfect excuse.


Just a “vanity shot” but even from this distance you can see how much I stand out.


I used photo editing in this shot just for fun, but it’s turned the white into a creamy colour when it’s really black and white.  A fantastic little sexy number, get it now and tuck it away for the coming Summer months unless of course, you live your SL life in year round summer.  TBH I simply grabbed and ran from the KOM shop so I can’t tell you much more but it’s FREE for ALL so just buy for zero.

Then I quickly TPed back to my studio.  Last night well past my beddy byes, I came inworld and binned so much it hurt but it was also good to be able to work out the keepers, binners, donators etc and although sometimes I have to bin excellent items I have to work out if they’re ever really going to be used again and if not no matter how good they are they have to go.

So basically I came across a folder of items from Revival which I have blogged before and like a hoarder before I make the final decision I have to look at everything and what I hadn’t appreciated before was not only how lovely this simple round cushion is but what damned good poses it has in it.


His, her & couple poses with gentle slow and sexy moves, perfect not just for your home but also pretty good for taking pictures.  Sometimes poses in furniture maybe good but it’s not “photogenic” good which is why when using a prop we often have to use our own poses but again this one came with some really good ones.  I’m going to log in to grab the Revival LM and check that all the excellent Group Gifts are still out and to make sure this one is also set out so if you missed that old post or you forgot to go get em this is a second chance.

Yesss it’s all there.  Simply join the Free Revival group and start grabbing yourself some quality home decor items.



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In the swim of things

Exile Secret Store Label Motion

I have been looking about for a new swimsuit or bikini for ages, and just couldn’t seem to get a good fit for my Slink Physique body. In the end I turned to appliers for bikini’s, which I have to say I’m not overly keen on as it reminds me of old-fashioned clothing layers somehow. Anywayyyyyy imagine my surprise when I read about The Secret Stores new range that comes with a size especially for Slink Physique yayyyy! I trotted off to try a demo and was blown away by the superb fit of this two-piece. This is the Carmen mid two piece, what’s even more appealing is it’s SO customisable.

Secret Store HUD

It comes with a HUD that allows you to change and fiddle with the suit endlessly. Ruffles, Belt and straps that can be on or off – brilliant ! There are two versions so be sure to check both out before making a decision, or alternatively be like me and buy both. I snapped up my new hair-do at the Hair Fair yesterday, its by Exile and is called  “walking on sunshine”, totally gorgy and cute. They also have a wicked freebie out at the fair for both girls & boys – don’t forget to collect it.

ArisAris - Safely shoes - Slink High & Maitreya - with HUD

New shoooooooz by ArisAris just released and onto my trotters straight away. These are “safely” a real high-heeled bit of kit for the summer. Love that you can actually personalise these to within an inch of their life via the east to use HUD.

The Hair Fair

The Secret Store

Label Motion (for magazine prop)


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Bit of what you fancy (inc freebie)

KoiKoi Group gift for Slink high feet.

Always brings a smile to my face when theres free shooz about ! KoiKoi have these darling dotty peep toe heels out as their subscribo gift – free to join also. Totally lovely, and of course PINK ! You need the SLink high feet to wear these btw. Nip over and grab a pair, bet you don’t leave without snapping up some others too.

HED Summer swimsuit, with slink hand & feet polish appliers and HUD for colour change

Whats a girl to wear with new shoes? New bathing suit of course. This delightful little number is a new release from HED – the store appears to be market place based only currently and I don’t spy any demo’s there – however all the gear seems very affordable. The swimsuit is part of a set called “The Aloha Summer set”, you get a HUD that has seven fabric options yay! Plus earrings, necklace and matching appliers for Slink nail polish – toes & feet.




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Monday Mania….in the swim of things

Welcome to Monday ! I’m doing my MM post really fingers crossed the items are out…if not….they will be shortly…Summer has finally hit England….about time too pffft. This week I’ve got two items to share…first up…this swimsuit from SF Design…lully plaid fabric, all oranges, reds and a hint of yellowy gold…it comes with the twirly tunic top….that can also be worn with your fav jeans or shorts etc…neat huh?….this outfit is just 25L, from the Monday Mania board in the chicks dept at SFD HQ…thanks Swaffette ❤ My necklace is from n@n@…gorgy beaded long necklace…also comes with matching earings (which I SO helpfully covered with my hair- sowwy) Have a great Monday dolls ❤

SF Design


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Cold Melons

Drat I missed the Secret Wednesday offer but the name of the shop, Vextra Fashion, rang a bell and a rummage through my invent dug up this cute and sweet little bather deccorated with juicy melon slices, hence the bad pun, AND it’s still on for a special offer of 1ld.  You have to go upstairs and on the windowsill is pile of items on offer and this little sweetheart is there.  However I never just grab the goodies and run I always have a good look around and this is a shop with a bit of everything from clothes to AOs and I have to say I’m impressed with the artwork.  I’m glad I had a good look around as I saw a smoking gift box which has one the the Banadage dresses in it so that was a real nice suprise.

Vextra Fashion


Bathing suit..swimmers…..what do you call em?

Ohhh I’m on a roll with swimwear today..SO many gorjuss ones around at the moment..this ones called “Tabitha” and is a group gift from Monroe’s yay! Its shineyyy and silvery white and makes me feel SO sexy…(thanks Shandi Faith for giving me the heads up on this!) Just head on over to the store, join the group and voila..its all yours…

While I was there I noticed another gift hidden, its Monroes prize for the depraved summer nights hunt..youre looking for a bottle – I wont tell you where cause it was pretty easy peasy to see and it will also give you a chance to browse around the lulliness ! Great denim jeggings, with cuffs and a sweeter than sweet midriff top with lacey chest insert…

Go get sexy: Monroes

For the curious: Hair by curio,necklace photo one by Dark Mouse (remember me) basket photo two from Jill (now sadly closed sorry gals) manicure by Awesome Designs