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Outside chores (free hunt gift & free hair)

gacha garden & FREE Basta outfit_003

I’ve been a little busy tidying up my garden at home ready for Winter, hence here I am in SL replicating it as usual! I headed over to the Gacha Garden event today to take a chance on some Analog Dog hair – only $50 a pop and thankfully after three goes I landed the rare light blondes yay! If anyone wants light reds or dark browns I’ve left them out at the cafe on our sim Dreamworks – you’re welcome to them for free as I would never wear them. My outfit is courtesy of Basta, its their gift in the Dirty Turkey hunt. The hints can be found on the blog website listed below – it took me an age to find this prize but I REALLY liked it ! Mesh skirt and sweater with a fancy bow at the waist, all sizes included.

update: The hair is gone, so glad someone is gonna get some use out of it !


Dirty Turkey Hunt blog & hints

Gacha garden


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Change of mind. (freebie).

I LOVE these shoes and they are FREEEEEEE and the icing on the cake is you get a total of 6 flower colours in the pack!  You will of course need SLink High feet for them.  They come from B!asta and are so easy to find hunt item.


I’ve left the picture unedited because the flowers look so artificial which is how they were meant to look.  That light texturing in the flowers reminds me of one of my Hubbys old work shirts which I’ve cut up to use for future crafting projects.  In a way this shoe reminds me of the many Pinterests which show you how to tart up an old pair of plain black heels.


These are the enMESHed into Summer hunt gifts and what you’re looking for is an Ice Lolly.



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Tugging along (free)

FREE Tug boat (colour change)

I found a little something to make your weekend smiley. This is the mm mini tug boat – isnt it FABULOUS?! Its mesh and you can sail it around. Don’t be fooled by its pinkness, its also colour change, I just happen to adore pink , as you prolly know.

FREE Bikini (with appliers for Slink & Maitreya inc) FREE tug boat (driveable & colour change)

I popped into my new bikini by B!asta, its their gift (cost $1L) in the “Doll up hunt”, easy to find and lovely to wear, two colours included in the pack. You get the traditional layers as well as appliers for Slink Physique (which I’m wearing) and the Maitreya Lara body too – sweet.

Doll up Hunt blog (url’s and stores list)

mm mini tug boat

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Working Hard pt2

LOL I don’t think Faith spotted me but I spotted her.  I had dragged her over to check out my new landscaping find, the field of flowers, and of course as I’m snapping away she rezzed inworld in her last location so I thought I would just leave her in.


The reason I’ve done 2 posts is that the top and shorts are a hunt item from B!asta and I don’t know when it’s going to be finished.  Although I’d seen the hidden box on a previous visit I had ignored it as I thought it was a hunt for Textures and not actual clothing so when I spotted this gift in my notices I quickly TPed over and snagged it.  A simple country girl top and dark crushed velvet pants.  Easy peasy to find because when you rezz there are markings on the ground for you to follow.

The hair, Jacky is another Mina special from Kustom 9 and just like the Aranka hair in my previous post this one comes with a massive choice of colour packs.  There is a demo available for you to try but if Kustom 9 is still packed then pop into her mainshop and try the hair out there but if you want the more colourful shades you will just have to wait a little for Kustom 9 to calm down.

I was sent a lovely little gift from “Nerdy Girl’s” Moira Serenity a classic broken heart necklace and it’s a Gacha win for only 20Lds a try.  She’s one of these people who recognise that not everyone has Lindens spare so puts out regular Free GG’s and if you follow the link to my previous posts the excellent SLink shoes with a colour changing hud are still there waiting to be snagged.


Kustom 9

Nerdy Girl, Shoe Post.

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Full Bright (Freebie).

I finally found a Twisted Hunt item  and it was a win win situation because not only is it an eye-catching outfit but as soon as I put it on I knew where to go to have some fun and get an eye-catching picture as well.  Because it’s a freebie I’ve allowed myself to play with the picture but WOW this dress GLOWS even without the trickery!


You get 2 colour options and I’m wearing the Ectoplams version which is a very cool light green and Ghostly Silver which is more emm silvery LOL.  The main body of the dress is mesh with sculpted panels over it.  I’m kicking myself as it turns out there is another overlay which I missed out in this picture.

This is the Twisted Hunt item from B!asta, there was a mans giftie in the box as well but as soon as I put the dress on I forgot about it so I’m hoping it’s still there and I’ll unpack and check it out.

What you’re looking for is a small cube, not too small that you can’t see it but drat the shops involved can put out decoys and I seem to be really good at finding the decoys LOL.  Fortunately I’ve put the link to the Hunt blog and there are the LMs and handy hints.


The Twisted Hunt Blog

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The Promenade – new round

The Promenade gacha Biasta - coldLogic jeggind knight

A new round of The Promenade has opened today and its full of sweet & adorable things. B!asta has a brilliant gacha lined up for you, chokablock with superb clothing. The poncho, boots and bag are all wins from their machine (The leggings & top are from coldLogic)

The Promenade - Gacha item Biasta -

The boots are for Slink high feet, there is also  a jewellery set to try and get your paws on. I managed to slip a mesh tshirt on underneath the poncho just by wearing one size larger – (Im also wearing this with my Slink Physique mesh body- but you don’t need too, just sayin!)

The Promenade

I was also rather taken with this dress and shoe / sock combo from M.I.X, I’ve got the red version on and as you can see it’s not your typical cherry-in-your face kinda tone – very gentle and I totally adore it. Heaps of other colours to choose from. The black & white and the peach tones are rare wins. Ohhhh musnt forget my little poodle! This is by Bye Bye Blackbird, sooper sweet and low prim, would make an ideal Valentine gift for someone. The board suspended from its mouth has different options on it too. Lots to see, furniture,décor, and clothes.

The Promenade

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The Promenade – new round (inc free gift)

The Promenade Biasta gacha items

New round of The Promenade has begun yippeee! Lots to see, lots to buy, with added gacha action and a heap of free gifts – you HAVE to go ! B!asta has a really adorable set of gacha prizes for you to have a bash at. The dress above is a rare win but I have to say ALL the prizes are just gorgeous. The wings come in soooo many colours, as do the halo’s.

The Promenade - Biasta gacha and FREE gift

The white silky camisole top is a freebie to collect at the event from B!asta, its got such a lully pattern all over it which makes it even more fahhhbulous. The boots are also a rare win and seriously – Id blow a wedge of cash tryin to win these. Furry and suede with Festive baubles trimming – glorious! Thanks B!asta ❤

The Promenade