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Check out my Ball(s).(Freebie).

In my last post, you may have noticed the wearable basketball bag I was carrying.

I picked up mine a long, long time ago but I was so happy that this really quality item is still out as a freebie in the “HXNOR H” Shop because quality like this lasts.  Sadly at 36 prims too primmy as a decor item for most but since it’s a wearable and if you like to accessories the f**k out of your look then this shop has it all, goggles, face masks, sports bags etc.

PS. The equally sporty/casual baseball cap I wore in my last post is, of course, a Mina and  I’ve just realised I’m taking this picture on a tennis court showing you a basketball and talking about a baseball(ish) cap…err it’s a theme I guess.