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New Mina &Mention of Freebie, Cheapie & Reblogged Freebie.

This is the NEW Mina hair I mentioned in my last post.

Mina now has a decent range of hair with hats, caps, scarves and beanies this backward wearing one is a nice fresh look to her range.

The hud has been updated and as mentioned to me I see new shades and if you look closely at the hair in the hair itself there seems to be more colour to the strands.  Goes without saying that the hat itself also comes with a Hud which allows you to change the cap, peak and the strap across the forehead.  You have to wear this with your mesh ears poking out as it has been designed to fit around them and I think my Lelutka mesh head has particularly cute ears…not that I’ve actually spent much time looking at mesh ears lol.

There is now as standard a colour slider so you can tweak the shading to fit exactly what you want.

To get this you do have to go to the FaMESHed event as this is only on sale there and of course I’ve just done a post about the Free Mina at this event plus hinted at all of the other amazing gifts in my last post.

As standard even though the FaMESHed event does now seem to have quietened down a bit I will put the LM for Mina’s for you to try this and the other brand new design out in her mainshop so you can make your mind up about it and also check out the other cap/hat/beanie/scarves hairs on offer.

As for the reblog, it is, of course, the outfit.  As always I was hoping for new GG’s from the Merch shop but as always when a gift is a brilliant as this one then as far as I’m concerned they can keep it out for months if not years.  There are other gifts which I will leave for you to find. OH and you get a Fatpack of colours not just the “peel” one I’m showing you.

UPDATE:  I’m stood in Mina’s shop and I’ve just worked out what has been niggling at me for a little while and I’ve realise what it is.  It looks like Mina is now changing from people buying just the palette of shade they want ie blonde, brown etc but a single purchase gets you a massive 70 shades going from the palest of blondes to the blackest black and a handful of pastels and ombre’s chucked in for the heck of it. Anyhow as always try it for yourself.

Yes another UPDATE:  Check out “Maybel” which is another newish hair, a touch of retro in the uplifted crown and a low downside ponytail for interest.  I happen to like my Maybel so to see her on sale for just 50Lds as a Wanderlust offer is brilliant.  I’m assuming this will change at the weekend so you do have a few days to check that out and I will try to take a picture of this hair to show you it.

Mina’s Mainshop.



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I cannot stress more! (NEW Mina).

Just like S@bbia, I’m always popping over to Mina’s to see if there is a new hair out and there is.

When I was walking into the shop and spotted the new hair, there is one for him and one for her, my first reacting was “baseball cap again?” As I got closer I realised that this time the cap is a bit flatter and softer so it has almost a Peaky Binders feel to it I wonder if she will continue the trend to make a “Flat Cap” which also can look amazing.

This hat/hair comes in 2 versions one for him and one for her but I think you buy them separately. TBH I didn’t think about the male version so I’m going to assume it’s the same apart from it being a bigger so it fits men’s big fat heads…no shade there lol.

I’m so glad I tried the demo on in the shop first as although you get a rather good palette of colours they’re all-natural ie brown, greys, woven textures etc and I’m rocking a pink outfit.

So I girded my loins and started to play with the colour slider and it was as easy as I had expected but I thought I’d broken the preset colour palette…then I spotted a reset button and my ass/hat was saved.  It’s easier for you to just try the demo out for yourself than it is for me to try to explain it.  The demo in the shop comes with a fully working hud so you can use that.

This hair comes from the Santa Inc event which I did pop into and I believe you have the ability to not just buy the item for yourself but to send it as a gift to someone else.  I’m not clear on the details and I didn’t loiter long but more info will be at the event itself/

Special mention to the top.  Sorry, not a freebie.  I am in a few paid-for groups and this is Caboodle gift.  Although the hud comes with a lot of cutsie wotsie pictures there are enough plain shades ones for me and you can change the colour of the sleeve from the seam down so it’s different from the main body.  There are a lot of Group gifts in the shop, some stunning halo texturing, as well as some Lucky Boards at the back and I’ve had em ALL.  I will put the LM to the shop at the end if you want to check it out as for the initial 100Lds you do get some lovely things.

Mina’s Mainshop(Try the demo)

Santa’s Inc


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I wasn’t going to do this post butttttt…(New Mina & Bargains.)

Although you can’t really see it I am carrying a weekend bag in my hand and that’s because I’m off for a couple of days, Woo Hoo.  Nothing exciting though and looking at the rain tipping down outside it’s going to be a very damp couple of days away but even that can have its own charm.  So I will be back either on Mon or Tue and until then be safe have fun and be kind to yourself.

I wasn’t going to do a post I was just killing some time before my ride turns up  when I remembered that when I was pulling a pose outside of Mina’s main shop there was a bit of a crowd so once I’d scored myself some bargains I went over to find out what was going on.

It’s a NEW hair which let’s face it Mina has to be one of the most productive hair makers in SL because she just keeps on coming out with new hair all the time and never seems to stint on the quality or design and yes this is a HAT HAIR!

“Hazel” comes with a fantastic ball cap style hat and the extras are 3 HUDS! One for your hair colour, one to have your hair styled different ways ie change the length of the ponytail and the tendrils framing your face, and the third one to change the colour of the cap and the peak.  All of the colours are subtle shades.  Actually, the hat at a pinch would make a great horse riding hat, you do get a black shade, and it has that nob on the top which is a standard design for horse riding hats and although the peak is longer than you would find on a helmet you could get away with it, all I need now is a horsey.

As for the bargains, the jacket is a new GG from Santino Design and it only costs 10Lds to join the group.  There are a few group gifts out inc this new one and also lots and lots of bargains both downstairs and upstairs, I know for a fact I have a few items from this shop esp some pants which have turned out to be really handy items.

DISCLAIMER.  Obviously, the sim setting and editing have changed the colour of the jacket but you will see from the picture in the shop it’s a more goldie gold and although in the picture they have this gold colour and a blue/teal colour I can only see one in the pack.

Mina’s Main Shop

Santino’s Design

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Wet T-shirt

SF Design wet tshirt June Group gift

Hubbidy Hubba , SF Design have a new group gift out for June ! I’m in “Tom-boy” mode today, hence my rather boy’ish look. However, this wet t-shirt would go with just about anyyyything . You get this in three levels of transparency, I’m wearing the medium nippletastic factor one. It’s not just for us girls, drag your man over there and he can grab one too ! Dont forget, it’s also Monday Mania today, there’s a brill colour change canvas baseball cap (with hair) on offer for the stealdeal price of 25L , onloy for today and only from the Monday Mania board. Thanks Swaffette ❤

SF Design