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You Will Find Free Treasures

Atmos Design Free gifts

Love a bit of gacha action so headed over to the latest round of The Gacha Garden. I resisted buying for once but I did collect a few free items on my way around. The group is free to join and you do need to be in it to grab the presents. Anyhoo this is what got me all excited ! The above items are the free gift from Atmos Design. The Baroque tables in dark wood or gold come with all the items attached (3Li) or as individual pieces – which is brill! The little tray of chocolates is just 1Li, I shall scatter a few of those around in my home for sure. Im going to investigate the main store of Atmos Design and check out all their stuff, love when I find a new-to-me designer ❤

The Gacha Garden

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Tout de suite (French for be quick).

Just as I was about to log out and go grab myself some lunch (homemade bread and gammon) I decided to pop over to Genre which looks as though this latest round will be over pretty soon but I did not expect to find such great find I would have kicked myself if I had missed them.  Since this latest event maybe over in the next couple of days don’t hesitate and get yourself over there right now.  You may not need the 2 amazing beds I’ve picked up but there are costumes, wigs, shoes, poses, decor items all in the Baroque theme.


This is such a statement bed with the tall drapes and gold gilding it’s perfect for Royalty.


This other bed s much more suitable for most normal sized homes and comes in 2 separate pieces (the drapes and bed aren’t linked).  I picked the dark wood but there is a lighter version and a gold one as well.  Gothicy without the undo heaviness.  This one from Kalopsia comes with poses the top one doesn’t. I’m doing this post so quickly I just rezzed a room and snapped away and I didn’t take good notes so I can’t remember who made the top bed but the stands are set out in orderly fashion so it won’t be hard to find these 2 beds and so much more.

Blimey I’m rushing this post so much I’ve forgotten to mention that NOTHING including these 2 beds is over a 100Lds so so affordable.


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Limited Bazaar

MESH Baroque Tweed suit jacket and skirt LPD

A new round of Limited Bazaar is on and I’ve got something fabbo to share with you. It’s from LpD and is called the “Baroque Tweed suit jacket and skirt”. When I first tried it on I wasnt sure Id have an occasion to wear it, it’s totally dramatic and different, and as you prolly all know I’m a jeans and sweater kinda gal at heart. However, the more I twirled and looked, the more definite I was that YES…its SO me ! The fabric is a traditional tweedy style, perfect for the cooler weather ahead…skirt has just the right amount of “flounce”, and the jacket is to.die.for , tailored and a sharp fit.

MESH Baroque Tweed suit jacket and skirt Limited Bazaar LPD

Then I started to fiddle with it, and removed the frilly cuffs and collar….and wow…two outfits in one ! Wearable both ways depending on mood or location. With the collar ruff removed, the details on the jacket are revealed…beautiful stand-up neck and buttons to match the front…I so so SO love this ! All yours for a meagre 150L – 5 mesh sizes and a demo available. Thanks Voshie ❤

Limited Bazaar