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Higgeldy Piggeldy

CIRCA - table & chairs set -  Eclectica Flora summer hat NEW! Eclectica Hollywood shoes  coldLogic louise dress - [ba] mesh prefab bungalow

Ohmaigosh, only a couple more days for The Home & Garden Expo ! I still have SO much to share with you , sooo in a brave all out attempt not to miss (too much anyway) I’m going to post a LOT …feel free to ignore my rambling and eyeball only ! Here I am sat on the patio of yet another home by the talented Mister Anubis, that I just couldn’t refuse to own. It’s a mesh bungalow style build, a really spacious layout with lots of rooms and features built right in. Its even got a fireplace on the patio ! Check it out, you can’t fail to notice the quality of the build. I’m having a coffee (as per usual) lounging on the [CIRCA] – “French Persuation”  table and chairs set, absolutely love the animations in the chairs and the wearable props are top notch! (thank you Cherelle xx) Ohhh just a teaser, I’m wearing the new “Flora” sun hat by Elcectica, isn’t it just gorgy?! As with Tiffy’s jewelry pieces, this has SO many options on colour for lots of parts, hair included, or without if you prefer . (Thanks Tiffy xx)


Another item from [CIRCA] is this Ocean Traveller Ladder set, beautifully textured pillows, set before a shelving unit crammed with nic naks and a pretty potted fern.

Home & Garden Expo BA

Inside, the Barnesworth Anubis bungalow is just as well-built as the outside, I’ve placed these stunning pieces by  Dekute Dekore, a new-to-me designer, but one I shall definitely go visit when the Expo is over to see more ! Incredible realism on both the couch and chair…and SO low prim, plus great poses, whats not to love.

Home & Garden Expo Cobblestone RFL items

Couldnt resist sharing these items from Cobblestone with bright & breezy. The ladder inspired shelf is so right now and the framed prints would jolly up any home ! Both these pieces are RFL items I believe…so dig deep !

The Home & Garden Expo web site (all landmarks and hunt info here)

Eclectica (for the Flora sunhat)


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Barnesworth Anubis - mesh Paris sky lotd NEW!

I confess…I have a problem. The thing is….I hoard *sigh*. Life would be sooo much simpler if Barnesworth Anubis stopped making such sumptuous homes ! Everrry time he makes something for collabor88, I dash over, my heart actually races as I make my way through the crowd, and then I see the latest build. Never disappoints, and I just can NOT leave without buying it. When you see something so beautiful, and well made that it makes you smile big and your heart ache…should you deny yourself? Nu uh..and especially at the collabor88 price of 288L …it almost seems wrong to get SO much for SO little doesn’t it?

Barnesworth Anubis - NEW! Paris Sky Loft mesh

Sooo anyway, less ramble from me, more info for you. This month Barnes has made a mesh skyloft, it’s called Paris. I really can’t wait for you to go see it, because I know you’re going to have that heart-squeeze moment when you get up close and personal . Whats extra specially lovely about this, is you not only get the skyloft, which is gorgeous, but you also get a 3D surround. You see these houses over the way? Thats the scenic surround…its really low prim and so effective, makes you feel like you’re living in a central Parisienne inner street. You also get two versions … one as above with rain lashing down outside…and one without. The herb pots are my own, but in the non-rainy one are some lovely unlinked window boxes filled with pansies. You can use those with either version, only 2 prims !

Barnesworth Anubis - for collabor88

Not only good looking on the inside, but check out the rooftops. Superb skylight above the main living area, and one more over the bedroom. The texturing and finish is delicious…I mean really…when I gawk at a window for that long, its gotta be something special !

BA - Mesh Paris skyloft

There is the airy living area that’s central, one tiled space that’s perfect for a kitchenette, the bedroom section, and a door that leads to a tile space for a bathroom. Above I’m standing in what Id use as a bedroom space…great size, with heaps of light given by the window in the ceiling. There are so many scrummy little touches in this build, I could take a heap of photos and ramble on for hours…best thing to do is to get yourself over to collabor88 and tp up to the demo. You’ll be surprised to learn that this build is only 31 prims, if you use the surrounds and decor just 64. Ohhhhh, don’t forget to play with the porthole windows, they open and close !


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Time To Garden

Wow Wow and more WOW.  I loved my greenhouse, loved it details and charm and texturing but wasn’t too keen on its prims (I’m such a prim biatch). The WOW is the fact that I’ve managed to replace the greenhouse I had AND fully furnish it with amazing plants and all at either free or cut price.


EoD does it again (that’s End of Daze).  This lovely basic, rustic greenhouse has enough details to make it attractive to look at without eating up your prims (10 prims).  The glass is slightly glazed and I love the slatted wood  floor.  Because you don’t just get the greenhouse you also get the work benches that you can see just inside (3 prims) and also some starter plants (2-4Prims), wood pile (3 prims) and the 2 tools (2 Prims each) out front this also come in a handy rezzer so no fiddling either and since items aren’t linked you want to free up even more prims then just remove a few items although they’re hardly prim eaters.  I’ve also included in this photo the amazingly small primmed herb pots from a previous post. This is one of the amazing The Birds And The Bee’s Hunt items, (each item seems to be priced at 45Lds)  I’m not going to tell you where the little bird is because I want you to have a good look around EoD as it is stuffed with clean cut, well textured unfussy retro modern furniture which I have blogged before and as soon as I’ve set it up you will also see their latest offering of a tea set and trolley.

Perga 2

This potting table isn’t included in the EoD greenhouse and in fact is an excellent FREEBIE from Vespertine. I know this shop well as I have some of their skyboxes which have been well used by both Faith and myself as backgrounds for photos but of course for most people they would make small/perfect/prim light/well textured atmospheric cosy homes. Downstairs are the chairs, tables, wall decor all with a lovely touch of uniqueness and upstairs is the skyhomes.

Amélie (amelie.knelstrom) has been so kind as to set up a lovely large cafe and landscaped her sim so lovely subtle and relaxing for all to use.  If your not in the market for a home or home stuff but just want a calm place to visit this is the place to go.

Perga 3

Both Faith and I went to The Liaison Collaborative and drooled over the lovely “English Garden Party” themed items and we both went shopping.  I snagged these Hollyhocks from BA (Barnesworth Anubis).

Perga 4Normally I usually use only the one light setting which is Nams skin and prim setting but since I can use windlight and I love it all the previous pictures were taken with a windlight setting but since I know not everyone can or wants to so I’ve taken this photo to show you the beauty of this Hollyhock in normal SL midday light.  Because this is mesh this is one seamless beautifully coloured plant.  The kicker is this is ONLY 1 PRIM! Then the icing on the cake is that the pack costs only 123Lds and for that you get 4 different shaped plants and 5 different colour choices and copyably.  You could fill a whole garden with these beauties for those prims.

EoD Marketplace

EoD inworld (find the birdie)


Verpertine Demo Platform

The Liason Collaborative

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Spring Has Sprung

coldLogic new !_001

It’s finally here, Spring ! coldLogic has a brand spankin new Spring collection…and its massive…so big infact I’m going to show it in sections *gasp*…thought Id go with the casuals first, as I’m that kinda gal…theres a whole new line of simply stunning capri’s yay! I lurve capri pants, so versatile and playful. The new ones have that slightly flared hem to them which I adore…anddddd theres some sweet little sweaters to sling on with them…this version is called vale..and there are sooo many deeelicious tones to choose from, simpler to nab yourself a quantum pack (they are SUCH good value) I fell in love with the butter shade, and it went so well with my walsh floral capris. Had to do a little happy dance in my new home by Barnesworth Anubis “Haight”, couldn’t resist buying it at collabor88…just 288L , and its a whopping size, with beautiful bay windows and SO low prim.

coldLogic new ! chance capri -chambers citrus punch combo

Next is one of the famous “combos” that coldLogic are soooo dammed good at..this is called chambers…and I just adore the fresh colour ways on this jacket & tank combo…Im also wearing another version of the capris called chance…plain this time…and a brilliant foil for the stripes and plaids of the jacket..

coldLogic New ! dress

Had an afternoon out today at Brighton Pier ! I slipped on one of the ooodles of new frocks in this collection called ness…this shade is called nectarine and it makes you feel juicy and girly…lovely detail with the thin belt…

coldLogic New !  poole dress - Mock nara tone 1 group gift

Decided to have a takeout on my way home and popped into the local chinese…luckily I had made a note of the order, or I might have forgotten those essential prawn crackers. This zigzagged delight is named poole, brilliant sash belt and a dainty cowl neck give it a hint of glamour…Im also wearing a new group gift from MOCK Cosmetics, us group members are often royally spoilt…this skin was only one part of a box we received the other day..its called nara and im showing it in the lighter tone…lovely quality too it and a firm favourite for me now. (hurrrah blonde eyebrows!)

coldLogic New ! dress_002

Last look for today is an all together more sleek affair..its called nephis..I grabbed the spring tones option , just perfect for a Sunday in the country no?…three tier wrap effect over the hips and a beautiful boat-shaped neckline, glammed it up with some jewels & heels voila ! My skin is another freebie, the March group gift from WoW Skins, its called Nuria and has a pretty and lush makeup, great lips ! Thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic inworldstore

coldLogic market place store

coldLogic blog



WoW Skins

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The Nest Egg Hunt

The Nest Easter Egg Hunt

While I was checking out Zinnias new store yesterday, I happened to notice a few Easter Eggs scattered around The Nest sim. They must be out early for the I stealthily snapped a few up and hauled them home to paw over. Super prizes ! Above I’m showing the sweetest bunny chair from floorplan,its only one single prim and has a lovely pose in it, I found a couple of these in different colours, so make sure you search sooper hard! Also, I found the beautiful shabby decor frame from Alouette, isn’t it quaint? Its modify so I think you could add your own photo in the centre . The wooden tulips are a gift from beach street, jaunty and just perfect for spring. My little candle lantern is just one of the gifts I found from Barnesworth Anubis…touch for on & off…low prim yay!

The Nest Easter Egg Hunt_002

Barnes was a busy bunny hiding many eggs across the sim..he was sneaky and I found them in allllll sorts of places – so don’t just look inside the shops, they could be anywhere ! Amongst my stash were these handy-dandy glazed pots and a sweet decor foot stool…The Nest Egg Hunt officially begins on the 15th March, but it looks as if the Easter Bunny has been putting in some overtime…

The Nest Egg Hunt

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Somnia new -

Yes yes yes…Iam back from my vacation…and with an hour on my hands, got digging through my inventory ! At The Attic you can find these terrrrific tops from Somnia…they come in two packs. One has a white undershirt, the other black…and in each set you get squoooodles of tone options for the loose sweater top…absolute steal at 95L per pack ! ( I popped over earlier to check out the other goodies on sale and snapped up a gorjus hair from ploom for only 95L too ) The Attic runs until the 31st December, then changes stock for a new round..better get your skates on ! Thanks Sanura ❤

[ba] decorative steamer trunk with[ba] decorative steamer trunk with stickers stickers

If, like me, you’re in the Barnesworth Anubis subscribo group…you wouldve received this damned fine gift today…its a steamer trunk, all covered in stickers…only 2 prims so great for decorating your space…lovely antique finish too it, I especially loved the Cunard Line Sticker ! Thanks Barnes ❤


The Attic


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I’ll take the Fifth…Home & Garden Expo !

Yes, it’s the fifth Home & Garden Expo…you must go see! Fourteen sims devoted to Homes & gardens…from pools to houses, furniture to landscaping…and more. This year’s Expo opened on May 19th at 6am SLT, and remains open 24 hours each day until it closes on May 28th at 10pm SLT . Not only is it a big fat chance to have a shopping frenzy…theres many activities on, even a breedable pet show this year! I started my journey at The American Cancer Soc. Sim. Beautiful gardens, a remembrance area where you can sit…I loved the garden of Hope, where I found the above words set into a stone plaque.


One thing I noticed this year, is the very distinct lack of the lag monster…easy to navigate around and seconds for even the most intricate of builds to rez, great ! As I flew around my attention was drawn to a heavily wooded area, so I zooomed right on over and found myself in an oasis of calm & tranquility.

This was all part of Silent woods build…totally gorjus…all nooks and crannies to explore..a beautiful wooden bridge that winds around a vast tree and many levels..if youre looking for a quiet spot to reflect or take some pics….this is it.

Barnesworth Anubis…now theres a designer I’ve been aware of for years! My very first home in Second Life was a freebie from this guy..loved it ! Barnes has two items out that donate to the American Cancer Society…this divine cabana…(lowwww prim) and the furniture to complete the look…

as usual…top notch…wont date and you’ll be using it in 2020 prolly ! Thanks Barnes ❤

Find all this and more at the Home & Garden Expo..wander..explore…donate if you can , splurge on a few treats and have fun !

Home & Garden Expo 2012 web site (includes map & directions to designers etc)