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Mug Shot

Bare Sensual have released five new skins….all priced at just 50L. Above is “emily”, NO idea why she’s so smiley after gettin busted !

and here’s Gianna, sultry eyed girl with lush lips…

Then we have Lela, a fairer tone with peach hue lips and wide eyed appeal..

Leena is an exotic looking chick, the lips seem maybe a little too full but that maybe my shape !

Last we have Lynx, I think this one is my fav..balanced lips & lighter eyebrows are my thang !

Get over there and check them out !

Skins: Bare Sensual


Whats your Poison

Oh yum yum yum I have newness from Poison! Actually the store has had a gorjuss re-vamp…new layout..(and I notice shooooz also!) I’m gonna show you some rock & roll tee’s today,..pretty glam..and come in a box with versions for both girls & guys !

The sleeves have resizers in them for the purrfect fit…great logos…theres HEAPS to choose from…


Ohhh nearly forgot ! The rather deeelicious skin I’m wearing is from Bare Sensual…its called Moxie, adorable skin tone and all yours for just 10L *faints*…head over there and take a good long mooch about..there are some great skins at verrrrrry reasonabubble prices !

Go get Tee’d: Poison    Moxie skin: Bare Sensual



Bare Sensual have a very special promotion on, its limited time only. Sade is the new release and what a “lady” she is. I’m showing the dark version above, it’s not an orangey tone..or really deep deep tan..more of a cocoa powder dusting of colour that’s really gentle and wearable. The facial details are just so feminine, a narrow aquiline nose, balanced perfectly over slightly lush lips. (I’m wearing a lip gloss tattoo with this skin, the lips are not sleek) The cheeks have a pretty glow to them, great breast cleavage also and really delicious work around the *girly bits*…

The lighter version of Sade is a little different. The cheek glow is slightly more prominent , more peachy and so delicate, the lips have a dusky outline that makes it seem more exotic..superb tone for this fair version, I’m usually not overly fond of lighter skin colours, but this just gives you a sun sprinkle !

Strictly limited time offer for 10L *faints*

Go meet Sade: Bare Sensual


Are you a blonde and wanted that skin?

When Faeth showed that bare sensual nicole skin for 25L I was truly gutted..I loved it but it was just toooo dark for me..BUT..I found a fix hurrah and now its mine mine mine ! I was taking a stroll around the The Wash’s back of a truck sale and happened across this handy dandy skin lightener tattoo by Sentou Yousei (battle fairy)..only 20L..so I thought Id give it a whirl..you get various levels of skin lightening effect from 5% too 30%. To get this level I used 15% and it’s just purrfect. Im predicting this inexpensive gadget will get real popular..so dash over and snap one up today…

Go get the happy gadget: The wash   for the nicole skin as below: bare sensual


Nicole Bares It All…

Bare Sensual: Nicole in Deep Tan - 25L

Just in time for summer….we welcome Nicole as the newest skin for Bare Sensual!  It comes in 5 different skin tones, each having 6 makeup options.  There’s also this Deep Tan available for 25L for those of you who want to put on that smexy tanned glow.  The makeup is sultry yet sweet, the pink of the lips really enhancing the deep tan of the skin.  My favorite is the detailing of the sunkissed freckles around the nose!  Absolutely beautiful…don’t forget to join the group and check out the rest of the store!

Go get tan here –> Bare Sensual