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When I went to grab this freebie from Xtravagance there were more AV’s there doing the same than there is on the Arcade’s opening day lol.

Obviously, I’ve gone a bit OTT on the effects but I stumbled upon this sim still in the middle of winter and I swear there are snowmen here as well.

A really lovely Barbe pink dress with top quality texturing so even if you’re not a “Barbie girl” you will still be happy to have this in your invent.

All mesh bod and non mesh bod fits.  I’m going to have a wander around this sim before I TP back to the Xtravagance shop for a better look around but if I remember correctly you just click and buy for zero Lindens.



Poised has the Word

Its Easter Sunday…well just! Happy Easter ! Hope you have a fantastic day full of surprises…and hopefully here’s your first…an amazing gift from Poised. Its called “Word”, you receive four colour ways and its has BOOTS *faints* , not just BOOTS but awesome boooots..Im wearing the barbie version (naturally ) it’s all fabulous and pink and lilacy.

 Just head over to Poised and collect your gift box…thank you SO much Poise Collins *snuggles her*
Go be a Barbie girl: Poised