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[CIRCA] Goes wild !

CIRCA Tiki village pieces NEW!

I’ve been a fan of CIRCA for a year or so now and I’ve not known Cherelle do anything remotely like this next range “The Lost Island of Tane”…its tiki and willllld! LOVE it. (Reminds me a little of a game I play on my ipad – Virtual Villagers). Once Id rezzed up a storm from the boxes, I was amazed at the low-primness of it all. Zan and I keep a few hundred spare prims on our estate for such occasions but I just didn’t need them, all the pieces of this range are sooperdooper low and not resource hogging at all hurrah! Above you can see two of the main items from this new selection, the tiki house and warrior hut.

Circa Tiki hut NEW!

Wether youre role-playing or just want a superb new island home, this fit the bill. Good details and lovely textures make the structure blend in effortlessly. The larger build has a sliding entrance door and inside the most sweet little bamboo hammock bed/lounger build right in, its got oooodles of poses too. Theres also a table and some pots just to make it instantly cozy. The windows have swung open shutters and ornate tiki style decorations, plus a canoe underneath and ladder to get inside of course.

CIRCA Tiki range NEW!

There are a whole host of other pieces to this vast collection, plants and grasses (some I have scattered about on the ground below the huts. Totem poles and camp fires – one of which has a pretty cool dance animation to really bring your camp to life ! Theres shelving and the cutest collared lizards to dot around. All pertty scrumptiously lowwww prim too.

circa tiki range - NEW!

Pop over to CIRCA and take a browse at this new range, plenty more to see of it than I’ve had time to show here ! Thanks Cherelle ❤

[CIRCA] Mainstore

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Last chance for some Summer Lovin



I have one more gift to share with you from the Summer Lovin Hunt…its this bamboo set from [CIRCA]…beautifully textured….and such a fresh shade of green…looks like the bamboo was just chopped and made right up ! In the gifty box is the side table…a tall trio of bamboo poles that hold a plant..and the gorgeous swinging bench seat…both cushions have poses in them…plus the rug….go make your summery garden complete …you’re looking for a beach ball – thanks Cherelle ❤ (The hunt is officially over but this prize is going to be left out until the end of July- dash!)