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4 Seasons Event

Love a bit of cooking in Second Life ! I visited the 4 Seasons Event this morning and its packed with goodies. Join the free group and you can collect a few gifts on your way round too. I had to have this oven by Dust, 3Li and it actually lets you bake a pizza, choose your toppings, then eat it ! Follow the very simple instructions on the notecard, you do get reminded in local chat also. This is a gacha and at $50L a pop a real winner for me. If anyone would like a purple oven drop me a notecard and I’ll send you it as a gift ❤

4 Seasons event

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Cozy Kitchen and snuggly pj’s


Chez Moi Shabby Kitchen

If there is one thing that I feel really makes a house a home in Second Life – it’s the kitchen. Chez Moi have released a massive new kitchen – just in time for all your Christmas baking. I’m showing you a very small selection of pieces from that new range, so click the link below and check out the whole lot for the full effect. You can buy the whole set together, or pick and mix what you like as separates. I had a lot of fun playing with the cooker, food appears inside and pots & pans whizz into your hands as if by magic !

Chez Moi Shabby chic stove

For some of the pieces you need to make a choice of adult or PG – each set is stuffed with poses and activities though.

Chez Moi Shabby Kitchen Dresser

You can buy the add ons individually, or get them as part of the set – this way you can really balance your prim usage which I always find so handy.

Chez Moi Kitchen island NEW!!

The kitchen island is very entertaining – if you go for the adult version, you wont EVER get bored ! It’s not all about naughtiness though, as you can see – plenty of baking and chopping also.

Check here for the full pack info: Shabby Kitchen Complete (PG)

Chez Moi market place

Chez Moi store

Chez Moi blog

Pj’s by snatch at My attic event – 95L for a huge pack!

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Fag Ash Lil

freebie lazy day outfit - robe-cig, slippers & rollers - AccessoGOR baking table adult & PG anims
Im already thinking ahead to Valentines day, thought Id get baking some heart shaped cookies. Ive come across a new weekly event and Ive spent not a lotta lindens and got some real gems for my home . Its called 30L Saturday, join the group inworld for a note each week , which tells you whos in and whats on offer. Last week I got this beautiful baking table from AccessoGOR. Now I am not into GOR at all, but its a baking table, that lets you bake and cuddle and washup etc..whats not to like? If you buy it now, its 300L, pretty good price still but I got it for just 30L on the offer last Saturday! My outfit is from Butterfly Effectz – its a group gift and the group is free to join – big thanks to Virtual Vagabond for the heads up ! Mesh bathrobe,slippers and rollers plus a ciggy to complete the look – adore it !


30L Saturday  – just look up this group inworld and join for the latest info

Butterfly Effectz

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Christmas Cheer Hunt

Ohhhh my first Christmas hunt of 2012 ! The Christmas Cheer Hunt is on..I just had time to do a couple of locations and I’m so thrilled with the prizes. Above I’m wearing the gift from Cupcakes Clothing…its a fantabulous mesh holiday apron, with mixing bowl and spoon which is wearable and contains a pose…plus a jolly Santa hat. I’m standing in the Winter Garden from  Emma’s @ blue moose…at 41 prims it wont break the prim bank and its sooper lovely…

Snow gently falls….and the trees are gracefully scattered about in the snow laden grass. There is a gazebo to shelter in with a warming fire, a blackbird sings from the safety of the fence….its such a peaceful scene…and it can be all yours if you find the prize ! Youre looking for a mini stocking…more info and hints on the blog, good luck !

Christmas Cheer Hunt blog

Cupcake Clothing

emma’s @ blue moose

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Baking Cookies

I was happy… happy… HAPPY when I popped over to Tupelo Honey this morning…cause I found one of my favourite gifts of all time for 2011 ! When I walked into the store I saw this item straight off the bat…and loved it…imagine my surprise when I eventually found the SSH hunt gift..and it was the same thing I loved !!! yay!!!! Its called the “Winter Lodge Christmas Cookie Kitchen Set” and its lully…and has won a place in my own SL home for sure. There is room for four people on the different baking stations, cutting the dough, eating the cookies, mixing etc…(PRO -TIP set the permissions for use in the menu before inviting your friends to bake with you..set it to public or they can’t get at the wearable items for their poses!) Youre looking for a tiny red sack, the hint is ” ohno, maybe santa is stuck”- good luck.

Ohhh did you notice the roaring fire behind me? I found that on the market place for just 10L…simple traditional fireplace..great flame effect, 10 prims, its HUGE and fits really nicely into my own lounge at home, brilliant!

Winter Lodge Cookie Kitchen Set: Tupelo Honey

Fireplace by Dession :