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Bag lady. (5Ld Bag).

I got lots of bags or rather the same bag but lots of different colours/patterns so you get 6 plain, 6 patterns and 6 for the straps and the small one in front is the resizable one which I’ve shrunk a bit.

Really pleased with this find as it not only came with a simple and effective hand hold pose rezzed as decor only 1 prims! At those prims and with the colour palettes you get you could rezz a whole room full of these things.

BTW just in case you haven’t worked it out to get a mixed selection of the colours/patterns you simply rezz a bag change it then take it back into your invent, rezz another copy change that to whatever shade you want and then take it back into your invent, then rezz another copy etc…then you should have the different colours/patterns in your invent and you just rezz them in all to make a very nice display.

UMbreLLa. (Marketplace).

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A New Look.(Freebie).

This isn’t my usual look but this is how I’m going to spend the rest of the day as I mooch in SL.

I look like a proper little Church Mouse creeping in early to spy on the wedding.

A blouse and skirt from S@bbia, sorry I didn’t take a behind shot as this blouse has a lovely ribbon detail at the neck.  Can be worn as separates as well but they only come in the 1 size.

PS.  Normally if I don’t mention anything else I’m wearing or using it’s because it wasn’t free or it’s an old gift that might but still be out BUT I’ve just checked and this amazing set of books with a hand holding pose is STILL only 10Lds and it’s not the only super cute bag/accessory starting from as little 0Lds and quite a few for a Dollarbie and a few bags/wearables in this style.  I’m just about to TP over to the in-world shop to see if they’re also there or if they’re just on the Marketplace and I’ll add the update if needed.



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Damn! I got fooled!(5Ld Hunt).

I was so excited when I got an email from a well-known coffee brand, Beanies, about their new range of calorie free biscuits….yup I fell for it hook line and sinker! Well, a girl can dream of zero calorie treats can’t she.

These hunt items are most definitely not a joke. What you’re looking for is numbered flowers and each cost 5Lds and since I had 5Lds left I splurged and bought this hippy chick top.

Because each flower costs 5Lds there is a board with pictures of what each flower contains and there is some really nice stuff, jeans(not the ones I’m wearing) bags, shoes etc all perfectly matching so for 20Lds you could get a top, jeans, shoes and bag all matching and all top quality.

They are in the Piaggio shop and now I’m going to waffle because I’m 99% sure that this shop is just outside of another shop I’ve just blogged and that shop also has a spring hunt on, same flowers but different prizes and again you have the board showing you the prizes inside.  So once you’ve picked the prize you want pop over and check out the other shop.  I’m going to click “Publish” now and if I’m wrong with the details I will update this post.

UPDATE, how could I have forgotten.  Yes I was right because next door to Piaggio is ZD(Zhora Design) and I’ve just done a post on their brill freebie dress and the SL frees and offer shoes.  So make sure to check this shop out as well.


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Phewwwww !

DUH! New - Lunchbox $10L - Tote bags $25L - Sneakers $25L !

ohhhmai gawd – I popped to Duh the other day – and it was GONE! Just to check, naturally I teleported there a few more times – nope definitely vanished. No fear though I tracked the new location down – thank goodness! I don’t know what Id do without my Duh fix each month. I always trot over to check out whats new or what I’ve missed, or what I need just a fewwwwww more colours in ! Brilliant stuff at very affordabubble prices. Soooo what did I grab with my sweaty little paws? How could anyone resist the new range of lunchboxes? Rez them out as they are only 2Li each, or actually wear them – $10L a pop lots of colours. I also loved the “classy” bags, more of a tote size I guess – dead handy. Nice stud detailing and only $25L , then I spotted the deck shoes or sneakers as some call them, these are for the guys – at $25L a pair the boys can afford to treat themselves right?. New Landmark below, don’t forget to save it !

DUH! (new landmark)


And thats it from me for a week oot oot! Yes, Im taking anotherrrrr holiday, this time a beach one. Weather forecast is awful – however that wont deter me from gorging myself on ice cream and stuffing chips . I know how to live like a rockstar huh? lol

Stay Lucky ❤

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I have pets (inc a Freebie).

I have a few shops in SL, just like RL, which I have a fondness for Follow Us is one of them, Mina’s of course and you will have read me going on about and  Magritta shop Mag<3.B. You just seem to get the feeling that they like to offer moneys worth or just give a little bit of themselves in what they sell so I love it when a notice comes out about new stuff, I love it even more when a notice comes out about new free stuff LOL.

Working from the top down.  I’ve spotted these filly tops in other shops but since I’m a meanie I’ve resisted them hoping that at some stage they would work their way down to either being less pricey or come with as a Fat Pack which makes them a lot more tempting and one thing Margritta does with most of her stuff is both things ie affordable & Fat packs so I now have the top I wanted.XXXpets3

At only 100Lds and a colour Hud which gives you a generous 10 colour options for the frill and 10 for the top a bargain.  All in the same pastel shades and perfect for jeans, skirts and shorts and although were still in the cooler Spring months if you’re a Summer Babe a perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Goes without saying that the mesh sizing is just as generous ie all the mesh size, fitmesh and mesh body options.


These shorts are a Freebie.  I just did a post not long ago about CuCu Clothes and I knew there was Freebies that I hadn’t shown you so I dug these purple shorts out of the Freebies I had picked up and I knew they were a perfect colour for this top. I’ll put the Link to the post about the CuCu Hunt item but these shorts and other Freebies are actually on the counter and I do believe they are a gift for all so you don’t even have to be a group member.  The one thing I will say is that these shorts are actually part of the PJ set and they don’t come with an Alpha for just wearing the shorts on their own but most of us have plenty of Alphas in our invent so easy to find one to fit.


Love these pastel boots, again not only a bargain price but again they come with a 10 colour option Hud which allows you to change the shoe, soul, laces and lace holes and again all in the same pastel shades as the top and only 100Ld for all of that.  You do also get small and large boots and a non rigged pair, which means you can edit them for a better fit if you need to.

One of the reasons I adore Mag<3.B is not just because all of her clothes are very reasonable priced and packed with colour options they’ve all turned out to be keepers for me. Apart from a sweater/shirt combo which I accidentally deleted I think I’ve actually kept everything from her shop.  Lots of tights and socks for mesh bodies and cute Kawaii items but not childish or sickly sweet designs.

As always there is all of the old and new GG’s and super cheap bargains filling a corner of her small shop but as I was LM grabbing I noticed a board with some SALE items on it and the Spring Clogs which are one of a pair of shoes I own from here which I use an awful lot and they’re only 30Lds.


CuCu Clothes

CuCu Clothes (Previous post & Freebie)

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Shock, NON Mina hair!

Tee*fy is a place I know well and believe it or not I actually have some of Azure (azure.electricteeth) hair from here so yes I do wear more than Mina Hair LOL.


This dress is non mesh and yet still quality wearable  non mesh.  The blending of the skirt layers is seamless and has that light floaty fabric look to it and the belt under the bust line is a lovely touch.


If you’re a mesh head then this is the dress for you.  It’s got more shading on the dress and collar than I’ve shown.  Naughty of me since these come from a paid to join group but they’re so worth the token 50Lds to  esp when you check out the bags! Both bags are also Group Gifts and I ADORE THEM.  In the bottom picture I didn’t use a pose I simply stood and snapped so you can see how the pose that comes inbuilt in the bag is a nice simple and realistic one even when you’re standing.  The top bag can be resized and the bottom bag comes with 2 versions this over the arm one and a much larger one than hangs off your shoulder.  Simply adorable.

Both the hairs also come from Tee*fy and if I remember correctly they were both bought as special FLF Offers.  Thats Fifty Linden Fridays to the uninitiated and if you haven’t signed up to this weekly event shame on you so sign up for it now as it’s Friday.  You don’t have to join the Free FLF group as a lot of the shops which are involved with it send the details out in their notices but getting it through the group is a bit quicker.  The offers you get can be amazing such as these hairs and if I think about it 90% of my SLink shoes are purchased from FLF offers.

Now that I’m stood in Tee*fys grabbing the LM I can see she has a 60Ld hair set out for sale which is so similar to the first picture so if you love that hair then here is a chance for you to pop in and grab yourself something very similar.  The Group Gifts are just inside on the inside wall and there is also a big sign to take you to the old/sculpted items department.  I did pop up and as a mesh head not a lot grabbed my attention but there is a pair of leggings there I might just grab as I know the perfect top for them so you too may want to check that that place as well.


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Free Stuff, Cheap Stuff, Fun Stuff, Hunt Stuff.

I only recently did a post about a new and bargain priced monthly event called the Destocking Market & Gacha which is now even bigger.  A whole mix of clothes, shoes, bags etc  and everything 30Lds and under there is even a smattering of Dollarbies and freebies.

The top and shorts I’m wearing are from the Magritta’s stall called Mag<3.B.  They come as separates but in each pack you get a choice of 4 colours for the shorts and at 30Lds each pack a lot for not a lot.  The top is one of her Gacha items and again as standard you get more than one in a pack, 2 differnt shirts in each win.   I’m going to pop the link to her main shop as well because she has some really great Group Gifts and she has a new one out a simple sweet dress and of course the pair of clogs that I absolutely adore and wear often.

If you want a particular message on your top and don’t want to risk it using the Gacha she has the same shirts in her shop, they cost a little bit more but you can be assured to get the message you want.


This is the prize in the Back To The Books and it cost a single Linden.  So easy to find, you’re looking for a little stack of books.  Chairs, table and book stack is included.  Oodles of poses in the chairs for men and women inc this one of me sitting on the table.  I’m pretty sure each item is only 2 prims and you may not want the whole lot out but those chairs will fit into any home/library setting.  Pretty nice poses as well really chuffed with this find.


Same place different hunt prize.  Again everything is included ie the screen, table and camera.  The screen has a selection of old fashioned film images in it but I’ve had a quick look at the note and it looks like you can also include your own pictures so thats real nice.  All of the items are yet again low primmed.  This is the win from The Silver Platter Hunt. You’re looking for a tray with a large trophy on it.  Again soooo easy to find I’m not even going to give you a hint.


I actually can’t believe this is a Freebie! I’ve actually had a copy of this in my invent as a handy prop but I had forgotten that this is an actual freebie!

desk1Not so low primmed but it’s all linked and basically is a fun prop or if you have the prims and like to have a school/library setting it’s all here.  It also included Faiths Favourites and thats wearables.  The book in my hand and on my head are wearable and also the pencil in my mouth.  You also have a choice of colour pencils.  Not stuffed with poses only 2 but as you can see it a real nice fit.


Finally the fun stuff from Magic Nook.  NOT free but at 50Lds just a plain fun skippy rope I won from a Gacha in her main store.  Very impressed with the skipping action, it’s smooth and you change your style of skipping.  If you’re not into skipping still pop over because in the other Gacha is an adorable huggable hot water bottle.  in fact her shop is stuffed with cute things from props and poses to jewelry.  A whole mix of stuff to tempt you and some very bargain prices.

Destocking Market & Gacha

Mag<3.B Marketplace

Mag<3.B Main store

Magic Nook

Living Vintage Southern