Rage Rage against the day…

mmmm yummmy…Poison has some fantisque shorts out (both for guys & girls yay!) Uber sharp,baggy,pockets to stash stuff in…and a fabulous leather belt with chain…comes in 4 colours black,green,brown & blue…

Check out those details…amazing…seriously…you neeeeed these ! 200L a pop and worth every cent…I SO wanna hug Mister Torok for making these cause I’m gonna live in them for agessss ..thanks Corocota :ppp   (Oh psssst don’t forget to slap theMM boards and snag those free gifts on the floor!)

Go get raged: Poison


Feeling “blu” ?

ooOOO Yipeee…I dashed over to =blu= so I could show you the new group gifties..yes thats right, plural. The ever generous blueslush @ =blu= has placed out three gifts for you to collect, above I’m wearing the burberry inspired bikini..

Theres also a pack of her new baggy shorts for you to try…two in the box, one plain and one with some roooodness on the back *laughs*..really well made…superb cuffs that I didn’t need to edit one bit (hooooray) plusss a set of bikini tops to wear with them..youre all set for a day at the beach babies (towel and sunnies both from previous group gifts)

Ohh so ok..while I was there I couldn’t resist this oh-so-sweet top..comes in a coupla other colour ways but I was lured to the pristine white…just 100L…verrrrry useful ! Like my necklace? It’s from MIAO but..I’ll tell you about it later (dontcha just hate having to wait? )

Go get beachy: =blu=



Denim Baggy Shorts NoiRiLiCiouS 1L

I fell asleep like an oldster after dinner last night..so was up at 3am *yawnnnnstretchhhh*, whats a girl to doooo but go shopping when all your mates are asleep ! I found these funky baggy denim shorts at NoiRiLiCiouS for just 1L..fab detail on the belt and leg prims..also showing the shopaholic bags with pose for just 20L from M*G*S. Seeee my necklace? Long is IN ! It is the latest group gift from Dark Mouse one of my fav jewelry stores, trust me, join up to get news about sales, special offers and giftssss! I love that all her necklaces have spine or chest attachment points..makes life sooo much easier !

NoiRiLiCiouS blush,freckles * eyelashes

Ohhhh also picked this tattoo layer up ! Hard to show here (click the pic for a close up) it has freckles, a light blush anddd best of all cause I cant bear fitting prim eyelashes…painted on lashes yay! dollarbie in the mainstore..try it out, its fantabulous!

Go get baggy: NoiRiLiCiouS

Go get bags : M*G*S