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Check out my Pussy(cat).(Bargains).

The title is a bit of clickbait but more about that.

Anyhoo, I was in my new gym/platform/workroom binning stuff and I came across this item from Addams and since it’s been oodles since I was last there I TPed over and the place is heaving!  I’m not sure whats going on as I couldn’t see any sales signs and they didn’t look like bots but I’d just quickly cammed and grabbed and ran.  You will find them on the wall to your left as you go inside.

Before people shriek at me that this item is OLD because it is and it’s also a reblog but this has stood up to the test of time so well you would think it was a 2018 release and not from quite a few years ago now.  You get a pretty big colour hud option which allows you to change the body of the outfit and the strings.  To me, this could be worn as a leotard, bathing suit, bodysuit or even a piece of lingerie you can even use the on/off option to remove the bottom and make it a top.

There are other GG’s and it does cost to join but only 19Lds so that’s so cheap.  I only managed to try the skirt on before I ran out of SLing time but it’s a great basic skater skirt with a hud.  From memory as well the backpack as pretty good and I might possibly still have it tucked away in my invent.

Here is my excuse for the clickbait headline, I got a new Pussycat.

OK I shouldn’t say new but old pussycat as he’s not a kitten, 3-years old, and he’s not black, he’s a soulless Ginger Tom and he’s not sitting on my head he’s actually hiding under the TV stand but having said that both he and my other kitty have had a sniff and a hiss but seem to be tolerating each other.  Time will tell but it’s a great start and having just recently lost an older and truly beloved cat being able to offer a forever home to a rescued cat is making me feel all fuzzy wuzzy.

PS. You get the Freya, Isis, Venus, Maitreya, SLink, SLink Hourglass and TMP fits.

Addams(The LM will take you to the bottom of a set of steps just walk up them and the big shop is at the top and so are all the other AV’s they must be bots).

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I’m not a Meanie (Freebie & New Mina Hair).

In SL just like RL I have become the hunter of the free, cheap or such a bargain you cannot resist it and yes I am a Groupon addict but sometimes to support someone it’s good to just cough up some cash. Much to everyone’s amusement I paid the full price for a book when I could have gotten it off Ebay for a quarter of what I paid but I wanted to support the writer and it’s the same inworld.  So this outfit is the save a bit.


I know that Zenith had some New Free to join GG’s out but I thought they were just pieces of jewelry and even though I knew they would be exc quality I don’t wear much SL bling but I decided to pop over in any case  I was wrong because although there is new jewelry this outfit is certainly new to me.


A simple, sweet and wearable spring outfit of a skirt/jumper combo and with the Zenith quality texturing a lovely gift. This outfit also comes with a rezzable/wearble fun pinecone figure which I’m not wearing.  What I chose to wear is also another Freebie from Zenith and it’s the backpack, not 100% sure if I’ve not shown it to you before but I suspect I have but it doesn’t matter…or I simply don’t care LOL because quality like this needs to be blogged and reblogged.  Although I’ve forgotten to take a close up the leather of this bag is so realistic it almost moo’s.  Actually it also is so low primmed, 2-3prims, it also makes for an excellent item of decor for your home.

Even if you don’t like what you see, what is wrong with you!, still TP over because there are new GG’s out as well as all of the old ones and that inc one of the best Kimono style outfits I’ve ever seen and amazingly that’s a Freebie in fact I will scroll through my Flickr and see if I can find the pictures I took of it and I will post them at the end.


Now for the Spend.  This hair called Bridget is not only perfect with this outfit but I can see from my SL wandering that Boho, Hippy Chic seems to be coming back into style and this hair is perfect for that style or a young girl.  “Bridget” is the “gift” from Mina’s offering for the “The Gacha Guardians Event” and I’ve cut and pasted what is in the note as it’s a bit different from the usual Gacha event.

“The Gacha Guardians was inspired by other amazing stamp collecting and hunt events like Enchantment and TAG! Gacha. The Gacha Guardians have taken what those incredible events and others like them have done and added their own special twist; The Gacha Guardians rewards players for just playing! Join us on a magical adventure, help the The Gacha Guardians beat back the darkness by collecting the runes of light and unlocking the magic portal to the Guardians’ hidden treasure trove. There, using special keys bestowed by the Guardians, you will be able to unlock special limited edition gifts! ”

Sooooo basically it looks like as you’re wandering around being tempted by the Gachas you hunt out the “runes” and unlock a whole load of goodies of which the Tie Dyed hair set is the special gift from Mina’s.  The Gacha contains all the shades we know well inc Rare ones but again this “tie dyed” set of 5 looks like it’s free once you’ve done the work in collecting the runes.

No LM for this event yet I will give it to you on the 1st because thats when it starts but I will out the link to the blog site for it and if you scroll down you will see the colour packs that will be in the Mina Gacha.

Found em! but this also comes with a PS because yes this outfit is still there at Zenith but there is also a NEW one in the same style.

It even includes the head dress as well so even if so far you’ve not liked what you’ve seen it’s still worth a visit to check out the rest.

Zenith Mainshop

Mina Mainshop

The Guardians Gacha

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A bit of this…bit of that (Freebies inc.)

MonCheri gift leggings FREE - zip up turtle neck NEW! MonCheri gift smokey eyeshadow, tsg sakura lipgloss

I was perusing flickr yesterday and came across a lovely photo by Sisch Firecaster . It was primarily featuring a skin but the sweater caught my attention also. So much so, I HAD to go and buy one ! This zipup turtle neck is by Mon Cheri and comes in a range of colours – I plumped for white, but will probably go back for a few more ! It’s just so perfect, and sparkly, little sequins cover the front, and the knit texture on the arms is sooper cute. As I was leaving the store I noticed a table bulging with gifts hurray! Naturally I collected a few to share with you. My leggings are one of them (you get three colours in the box) Not mesh but really lovely and handy.

MonCheri backpack with HUDcolour change FREE

Then I spied this gorgeous backpack, another free gift ! It’s really just the right size to sling on, and comes with a HUD that changes the colours on most parts, from white, silver and a frosty iced blue.

MonCheri FREE outfit - Mon Cheri FREE red lipstick

I also snapped up this stunning Burlesque outfit (its has some shoes with it too). Another gift from the table in Mon Cheri’s store. The feather boa comes in three sections, the chest and hip frills are non mesh, as is the corset itself. Such quality in a non mesh free item I was astounded . There were also little boxes containing make-up layers, I’m wearing the lush red lipstick in this photo, along with the smokey eye shadow, both gifts.

MonCheri FREE mesh lingerie - with slink toes & nails hud - FREE smeared makeup layers

Last up, is this to-die-for free gift mesh lingerie. Such a pretty fabric used, floral border print on both the panties and bra. Thought Id show you the free smudged mascara and lipstick that I found as a gift too. There are heaps of pressies at Mon Cherie, don’t forget to check out the rest of the store too, its stuffed with gorgeousness.

Mon Cheri