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Naughty Knickers For Free

Found this on the market place by L.I.C – totally free little babydoll and matching thong. You get a green and a red set in the package with fits for: Maitreya,Legacy, Tonic Fine & Curvy, Slink Hourglass, Belleza Isis & Freya. Its fits like a glove with no alphas required. Now its time to dash to real life and work boohoo !

L.I.C Free Lingerie

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I WIN I WIN I WIN! (Freebies, sorry more of the same).

Not that I’m rubbing it in because Faith is right, for many of us SL is our relaxation, escapism and a way of expressing ourselves without judgement and I for one do not judge anyone for how much OR how little they chose to spend in SL because we’re all here to just do our own thing apart from “Monkey Boys”, they need to be judged.

I’m not sorry to show you more from my unpacking of yesterdays find because it’s just so nice to find clothes that bring a grin to your face and I’m just loving these outfits.

This is just a flouncy fun dress and I bet if you saw someone wearing this inworld you WOULD zoom on it.  Yet again there is much more than this in that gift box.

You can see breakthrough because there is breakthrough.  All the clothes are a single fit, Maitreya but very forgiving on most sizes.  This little romper comes with that lacy headdress and I do believe very lacy stole which is pretty OTT but I just wanted to show off this much more subtle dress.  Oh wait and yes there are leggings with this romper in the same pattern but obviously, I’m not wearing them…bad fit and I wasn’t keen.

Drat, I’d actually took a picture of this dress without the see-through raincoat on top but I blinked and it looked odd in the pictures so I’m using this one.  You get this dress in different textures and the Raincoat as you can see fits over the dress or probably any dress you want to wear under it in anycase.

Last one I promise.  I think I may have mentioned this oversized baby doll in my last post but I’m not sure and I’m not checking.

Obviously, this is pretty sheer but again like every gift there are a LOT MORE colours, textures and addons which I simply couldn’t show you all.  There is also some hair which is very in keeping with this style but I prefer my hair.  Also, there is a couple of men’s items as well.

PS.  Scroll back to my last post to see the skirt.


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ArisAris Babydoll NEW!

Something pretty and sexy for you, new from ArisAris is “coquette”. I was actually pretty blown away by the sooper fabulous fit on this – not one alpha from my Slink Physique HUD required. The babydoll top and panties are separates so you could use both pieces with your other bits n bobs. Sizes for Maitreya, Slink, TMP, Belleza – plus standard sizing too. Would love to see this in a few other colours – at $99L its a bargain! Thanks Ariadne ❤

ArisAris market place

ArisAris store

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Paris in the Winter time?

SFD Paris boots NEW

I have some super good news to share ! Swaffette Firefly is making her own mesh *insert mega sized squee here * !! Yes indeedy, she’s been beavering away into the early morning hours – and I’m SO excited to see what she comes up with next. SF Designs has been a favourite haunt of mine since 2007 – and as styles and methods of creating have changed, Swaffette has gone with it – big time ! Her latest addition are these deeelicious little Paris boots. So handy dandy as you can wear them under trousers (yes, I tried) and with jeggings, but also glam enough to wear whilst lounging about in your lingerie. Strut your stuff, lure him in (or her) then with a dainty flick of the foot – off they come and its time to frolic. When I saw them I just knew the perfect little something was this mesh set by FFS. It’s on special offer for just 60L this weekend, and includes the feather boa, mesh babydoll and cute little poodle print panties (no mesh) Sorry, the stockings are mine from yonks ago !

SFD Paris boots NEW! red

I really love the boots in this juicy Winter red, check out the lovely little details on the zipper and quality stitching at the ankle – tres chic ! You can grab this little darlings in a great stonking fat pack – seven pairs for 800L – thats uhm…*scratches head*…about 114L per pair, you get solid tones and some funky animal prints in the box. Also on sale in single colour tones.

SFD PaRis boots NEW! soft grey suede

My absolute fav is the soft slate grey though…

FFS fifi lingerie set (comes with shoes) 60L !

Closer shot of the lingerie and so you can perv my poodle knickers ! The set does also come with its own pair of high heels which is a bonus for the small price tag of 60L !

SF Design shoe & boot section


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Fallen Angel

First up big big thanks with a slurpy kiss to Meria who gave me the info for this post ! Meria dropped me a note saying I really ought to go check FAC out and their “walk of freebies”, sooo I did..and wowser..what a haul ! Above I’m showing the “Pinky punk” really 80’s inspired complete outfit, there’s a lot in the box, gloves, boots, pants & corset, choker,bangles and of course those shocking pink belt suspenders !

I also nabbed this outfit called “space body warmer set” fab grey jeans, vest tee,and an awesome little jacket in silver (theres a belt also but I preferred the jeans alone) I’ve collected a few of these little jackets over the last few days..gonna be big time useful to sling on over gear in the cooler months.

Then we have “seduce” fantastic micro skirt, bolero style top,bangles & a great pair of patterned stockings…I know I will wear the shirt with other stuff (IF I can recall its name and where I filed it!)

Couldnt resist taking this cheerful red gingham babydoll dress also. Wear it as a dress or maybe toss it on over some leggings / jeans..pretty as a picture and uber cute…

Saved my fav till last! The “bolero set” is effortlessly classy but up to the minute styling…to-die-for shorts that I will wear wear and wear…plus a gorgeous little jacket..(and shirt to wear under) fabulous prims..none of which needed fiddling with by moi..there was heapssss more on offer too ! When you land, join the group (free join hurrah!) and then follow the signs that take you along a winding pathway of group gifts..its really that simple..enjoy!

All outfits: FAC


Pull my strings

Rag Dollz Spring Dollie Teal

There I was looking for a few new textures for the studio and voila..a hunt gift sprung up before my eyes ! This frothy concoction is from Rag Dollz and its their gift for the No Strings attached hunt 2. It’s such a stunning shade of teal…quite unusual and so super girly. The bolero inspired jacket would also be useful with jeans and to make those clothes work hard !

Rag Dollz Spring Dollie Teal

Dont forget to check out the glorious bow on the back…totally divine. Youre looking for a book…its not hard to find but you can get a hint from the hunt board by the main entrance.

Go get frothy: Rag Dollz


Dress to Impress

*Fishy Strawberry* Waters of March Babydoll - Peach L$60

First off….let me just say thank you soooo so much to everyone here for being soooo so welcoming! Faith and Steve have been super awesome and I’m soo excited to be a part of the Pure team 😀  Anyways…onto the blogging!

One of my favorite places to hit is The Dressing Room… an awesomely quaint little nook of a place that features a bunch of AMAZING designers on SL!!Each designer places one or two items, prices ranging between 40-70L!  Craaaazy cheap for such amazing quality items! I picked up some ooooober cute dresses from this showroom! One of which being this adorably springy little peach babydoll dress from Fishy Strawberry! ::squeeee::  I absolutely adore it!  Deliciously short, this skirt is trimmed with a pretty white lace, and an adorable little white ribbon cinching the skirt in place! Only L$60….what a STEAL!!!

{SMS} Tulip Dress - Burgundy L$60

Also at TDR, I found this cute little burgundy number by So Many Styles!  For only L$60, this short dress is another amazing bargain!  The sweetheart neckline flatters any body type, with adorable little buttons trailing down to the bustle.  It’s so unique I just adooore it!

R.icielli - PARIS set L$65

Lastly….for the strong business woman out there….there is this sharp floral suitdress by R.icielli! With a short tube skirt, this powerful outfit is topped off with a floral dress jacket, sharp shoulder pads making this jacket absolutely current and edgy!  I’m showing this with the silver belt, but the belt also comes in 2 other colors with it!!  I just love love LOVE this outfit!!!  And for only L$65??  Sooo good!

It is an absolute MUST to check out the amazing items these designers have showing at TDR!! Do it now because these items are only available for a limited time!!! Who doesn’t just loooove spring?!?  Also if you have a chance, head on over to the other store by The Dressing Room, The Dressing Room BLUE…landmark available at TDR.

Go get dressed: The Dressing Room