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A dash of Spooky and lubbly jubblies

Aphrodite Heart Homes NEW!!

Aphrodite & Heart Homes have this rather splendid wedding cakes up for grabs at the new round of Tres Chic. I have to admit I absolutely adore both styles of cake. They deliver a slice and fork upon touch and are utterly g o r g e o u s just to gaze at. Very Goth, very beautiful and also Low prim ! Personally I think they would work for a birthday or any type of celebration, neither are overly “weddingy”, so a very flexible purchase!

Aphrodite Heart Homes BDR NEW

The chairs are also on sale, and OMG you have to try these out ! Packed with sitting, eating poses etc – BUT BUT BUT another menu with some totally hilarious “horror” animations, head spinning, rocking, tied up – it’s all there, brilliant ! Btw, the table and items on it are on sale at the main Aphrodite Store, the candelabra actually rocks and levitates , and the little spider walks around its web – super sweet.

Aphrodite Heart Homes NEW

The other style of cake is really drop dead good looking too…and above I’m showing the other version of the chair – uhm this is the Goth I think.

Beautiful Dirty Rich NEW!

My dress worn throughout is by Beautiful Dirty Rich and is called “Magical Night”, it uses both mesh and appliers to give a sultry clingy look and heaps of cleavage of course. This comes in a multitude of colours to choose from and is suitable for TMP, Maitreya ,Slink, baby bump & Omega. The gorgeous shoes are also included for a steal of $180 single colours or $690L fat pack of all seven !

Lubbly Jubblies

Tres Chic

Aphrodite main store

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Lazy Mare!


OK going to confess that because over the years I have had so much from Apple May designs I’m not sure I will buy anything in this sale but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on a brill sale.

To make way for new stock, which I will be looking forward to very much, they’re having a blow out so they have slashed the price for a lot of items to just 25Lds.  Although I haven’t been inside yet, RL is a bit rushed, I’ve done a quick cam around and there is everything from skirts, tops and temptingly to me shoes and boots included in the sale.  I know that Apple May designs are well into mesh however they also have a healthy amount of non mesh for those who can’t or don’t wear mesh.   I’m also going to assume the shoe/boots are also non SLink which again isn’t a bad thing the shoes I’m wearing in this shot aren’t SLink so even hardened mesh heads will find something to wear here and again at 25Lds a super bargain.

Sorry boys the sale doesn’t extend into your dept, when you land turn around and your dept is that way.  Shame as I know that Baylen isn’t constantly glued into his FATEwear but he also wears Deadwool and he picked up a whole lot of clothes from Apple May so still worth a check out for the quality we know they are.

PS as far as I could see with my camming the skins, shapes etc aren’t in the sale but if you’ve ever wondered where to get a “Baby Bump” this is the place.  This is the pregnancy bump that I see in many appliers but apart from that I can’t tell you much about it but again worth trying the demo if you want to.

Apple May Designs (AMD)

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Holiday from Hell(Freebies).

sunFor this skin this would be the Holiday from Hell because the skin is called Vampire and with her  blooded lips and blood shot eyes and have no noticed she casts no shadow!!! A hot summer beach holiday is about the last place you would find this lady.


OK the top shot was my fun shot.   This sweet and smoky eyed skin called Vlada is also like the top skin FREE and with ALL Appliers!  I mean all of them from Baby Bump, hands, feet, mouth etc and the brand new SLink heads and Wowmeh shapes.  Not going to even start on the eyebrow and cleavage options.  A real nice touch is with this second skin all of the appliers are in the easy to use same hud which made colouring my attachments so much less time consuming.

This photo was taken with my usual nams optimals skin and prim setting, no picture editing so this is exactly how I look in SL but of course if you wear a different shape and use a different light setting it does change the over all effect.

There is a total of 3 gift skins in the reception area of PumeC and the third skin is one I’ve done before and it too comes with everything so what  brilliant gifts from Sly Puma. OH and check out the Marketplace shop because not only are there oodles of demos but the Free skin/AV packs are there as well.


PumeC Marketplace