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Babies got back!(Freebie).

I have to admit I did need a bit of a giggle and the heads up from Shi about this Marketplace freebie, was it.  The creator seems to have made it for themselves as a tester but they’ve put it out for any of use to use and since Halloween is just around the corner it’s perfect.

You get the baby sized AV for free and it comes with a pack of skins in a variety of shades inc more natural ones but there is also a Dollarbie skin with 2 shades in it. I’m not sure if they’re the same shade as the 2 natural ones in the baby pack but lets face it this “baby” ain’t never going to look like something you’d want to cuddle let alone breast feed lol so I’d stick with the weird and wonderful freaky shades.

I’d love to tell you about the spooky forest I found and the hysterical Reindeer that swear in fright and run away when you approach them but it was there yesterday but gone today!

Baby AV (Marketplace)

Skin (Marketplace)