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Old Friends.(Freebies).

Azul is the sort of shop you feel you need to get dressed up to just go shopping in it as it’s such a bright and grand looking shop.  It’s also pretty big so it’s handy that there is a TP Hud at the LM which will, once you give it permission, TP you to all the different areas such as formal, casual, Group Gifts and this “Garden” area which is where I took my pictures and as you can see calling it a garden is a bit off as there is nothing but gorgeous watery sim with this little pavilion and another even smaller feature.

There is a whole wall of the free to join group gifts, when I go back I’m going to check out what the paid for group gives you, and this dress is brand new.

For the Azul free group, you get this red/orange version and for the SLink and frees group it is the blue colour the third colour is for the VIP group.  Yes, there is a lot of “flexi” in this dress and in fact in all of the old Group gifts flexi still plays a bit part of the designs.

Of course, you can just not wear the flexi if you don’t want to but some styles really do carry it off well, for example, this next one.

This is one of the really old GG’s and I bet Faith will remember it but honestly, it still holds up so well.  When this dress first came out everyone ran to grab it, it’s almost an SL classic.  The “Flexi” bit swirls smoothly around you and if you’re an SL dancer check this one out.

I am deffo keeping this big flexi skirt and popping it into my folder with my Ballet clothes.

I should have used a different pose for this dress as I’m covering up too much of the top.  This is a classic SL and RL style and it’s why Flexi still has a place in SL as this dress is very reminiscent of Elisabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn, stylish, classic. PS If you do get this dress the belt on the skirt has a script in it so just click on it and you can make it smaller.

There is so much more than what I’m showing you, some newer GG’s, as well as the older ones and I bet like me you cannot help but grab so many of them and I had a really lovely time this morning trying them on with and with out the flexi and I may have ended up binning all but the skirt from this last one but there is a black one which

PS Go get those Legendaire Free shoes I mentioned in my last post as I feel guilty I didn’t do a close up of them and I wore them with these outfits and they go so well so if you haven’t popped in then emm pop in.


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Say yes to this dress.(Freebies).

I forgot that I was actually going to go back to the Azul shop and pull some poses because this is a big glitzy shop with a bit of wow factor  and it would have made a great backdrop to this dress but then I got sidetracked by this cake.


Azul is a shop I have not been in for yonks and when I go back in to lm grab I’m going to have to see if there is a subscription board as goodness knows what I’ve missed in all this time.

As you can see a salmon coloured tier dress with a cute black ribbon choker.  There is a slight hint of a sheen to the dress.  Even though it comes in all the standard mesh sizes only it fit over my mesh bod and of course I had to use my Hud to hide my bits.  Can you see in the picture how those ruffles seem to be separated and move on their own this is the sign of quality?  There are 2 big rows of outfits just waiting to be grabbed but I’m being lazy and just showing you this one.


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Still working! (Freebies).

Got a shout out for Freeness at Azul and FREENESS which is always gets my attention….as well as grilled cheese sammies, cupcakes and purring pussycats.

It’s been such a long time since I’d been to the Azul shop so to me its layout, design etc is all new but the freebies are a mix of new mesh and old prims but Dayum it still works so well.


Ignore the hat/hair as that’s from a shop long gone but this outfit called for some OTT on top lol.  Am I the only one who as soon as I put on a prim skirt does a twirl just to see it move?


Because I also had the black version of this hat/hair I decided to pop on another one of the Freebies from Azul.

OK going, to be honest and I rezzed n grabbed n ran and didn’t really spend much time in the shop itself but I will be going back not just because I think there are more Free to join GG’s, OK I lie it’s because there are more Freebies and I’m so greedy but when I am there I will also be having a good look around because you never know even a cheap B like me could be tempted.

UPDATE because I was worried the link wouldn’t work so I logged into SL and the link does take you right to the GG’s and I should say ALL of the GG’s as you will see that there is quite a few of them in various designs.  So as always if these two don’t grab you check out the rest plus I also noticed that AZUL has a special GG set out for just us SL free’s and offer group members which is the same top dress but in a green shade which is much more my colour.  I also noticed in a separate are that there are GG’s but for VIP members, I don’t know how much the VIP Group is to join and I didn’t check out what was on offer but if the Free GG’s are this good I can only imagine how good the paid for group ones are but you could of course just wander around and treat yourself to a gown or two from the main shop.


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Easy like a Sunday morning (freeness).

My SL time has been a bit limited today but lucky for me I found this almost as soon as I logged in.


A sexy retro look,  scooped neckline, bows on the shoulder straps and that cinched in waist and flared skirt simply screams old world glamour!  The picture, and I have edited it somewhat, doesn’t show you that although the main body of the dress is a very dark black it has a light lacy texturing to it to give it some depth.  The main dress is of course mesh but that netted over panel is made of prims. You could of course wear the dress without the overskirt but this time it works really well to give an extra bit of Oomph to the look.


There are actually 4 Group Gifts in total for you to grab and this is another of them and again WOW check out the prim skirt pieces, they blend in so well you would actually think the whole outfit was mesh and not a mesh and prim combo.


Check out what it looks like even without the prim skirt parts, that low scooped neck is daringly sexy.  I honestly think it actually looks better with the added skirt bits and it’s not often I say that.

As I’ve said there are a total of 4 Free to join group Gifts to be picked up, a mesh dress with a very flamboyant feathered prims skirt and that raggy hemmed dress that we see a lot of but again the texturing makes it work so well but you can check these out for yourself when you pop over to Azul.


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Furrrrrrry & rainbowsss

Azul group gift coat & DaMa gift rainbow skin

Beautiful beautiful….two items I love to show you ! First up is the skin I’m wearing, it’s a gift from the very generous owner of DaMa  Enya Meriadoc. It’s a lovely shade to wear and brilliant rainbow eye colours, lush red lips complete the look .  Take a look around the store while you’re there, she has some lully designs-there is also a tshirt for you to collect (SL was playing up so I couldn’t get it boooo)

Azul currently has this furrrry collared coat out as a group gift…gorjus velvety blue with deeeeep furrry collar and coat edging…

Go get the look : Azul and DaMa