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I forgot. (Freebies).

I got notice of some new Freebies at Lo’momo so I, of course, TPed straight over and grabbed them all of the free to join Group Gifts and it turned out I already had some of them which included this pretty rose balcony skybox.  What I had forgotten is how sweet and handy this little skybox is and that it was also a freebie.


This is the outside which has a balcony of roses but really that’s not for you to use it’s mainly so that from the inside it looks extra pretty.


This is the view from inside the way you have your windlight set also changes the way it looks.  A simple cube room with lovely wood flooring, shabby chic wallpaper and a big window overlooking the roses.  Even without windlight this is a warm rosy skybox handy for everyone.


To me this hair and dress are both new.  Mesh dress, creamy with a lacy overlay.  Didn’t seem to come with an Alpha but I simply used one from another dress so that’s hardly an issue.  Click on the hair for the resize menu and it also comes with a “full bright” option which turned it from a blond to this more silvery blonde.  Not a vast difference but I actually preferred the full bright option.


This gift is the frilly lacy mesh top I made a boo boo and missed out the chest frill but I think I actually prefer it without in any case.

More gifties than I have shown are available and it includes a lovely mesh dress that has a hint of Elizabethan in its styling but it’s much darker colouring so if pink n frilly isn’t your thing there is still something there for you.  Free to join the group.


OMG check out Bonne Chance, the lovely pink shorts I am wearing came from here so I decided that it would be a nice idea to pop over and see if there is any freebies available but I was just overwhelmed by the beauty of Vitamingir latest landscaping.   She is someone who extends her imagination and creativity into her sim as well and I’ve long admired her work but it’s been ages since I was last over even though I am in her group so all this fluffy cloudiness was a pleasant surprise.  I’ve not used any camera trick with this photo I simply used the sims windlight setting and pulled back my camera.



There I am closer up, you can just about see the main shop behind me and once I get back inworld I’ll be having a good mooch around not only the shop but also all the other cloudy platforms which are connected to by the wood bridge you can see.

Bonne Chance


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Skating Princess

PergaHow sweet that Etchaflesh sent me a lovely dress which I tried on and “oood and ahhhed” and then took it off and went and bought this.  This is my treat to myself a Lolita  Mesh corseted dress.  It comes with knee-length buckled kick ass boots but I wanted to skate so a good excuse to wear my Bax Skates. At 399Lds a “considered purchase” for some but I considered it for a long time and then went and bought it and I’m not disapointed in the slightest.


A mesh dress which comes in 3 parts the corset, skirt and mesh undies.  As always and I know I go on but this is one of Etchafleshes biggest selling points is that the pack contains ALL sizes so you can not only mix and match your top half to your bottom half most importantly as standards their corsets come with normal size way up to GAZUNGA sized.  One day I may model a pair on my little boobies and you will be able to see how big they go up to.  Although of course all come with demos so pop on your biggest and best and have a try.

LeafSpecial mention about the hair and a chance to pose somewhere without snow.  Yes I went back to the Pink Sugar Cafe on the  petit pas sim but I also popped into the shops and I’m glad I did.  Mainly non mesh and Kawaii influenced with a heap loads of Kath Kitson floral textures and lots of whites and pale colours. With this hair you have 2 choices of styles with or without ears (ears shown are mine).  So cute but in the end I chose the hair without the ears simply because I have quite a few already. As a Christmas gift they have priced this hair at half price at 75Lds and at that price I bought both the light and dark colour sets so I got a total of 16 shades (I’m wearing the pretty light pink colour) for 150Lds.  There is a small discounted section upstairs if you want to see how lovely the fabric is.  Make sure to pop to both shops Kyoko Couture and Lo’momo because both have some real lovely generous group gifts on offer.

Etchaflesh Virgin Doll Dress

Kyoto Couture and Lo’momo