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A new store for me “awram viie” , has some really lovely gifts & dollarbies out for you to sample the quality…above is the natty striped blazer (sorry bout the blur on the arms but my graphics were not lovin me today)

I also snapped up this darling little skirt..such beautiful detail on the fabric and soooper girly! The blouse was also there to grab  and its lully teamed up with the skirt..

F came up on one of the two luckyboards while I was there yay! I won this red blouse..absolutely stunning…I also picked up three feather boa’s as gifts while I was mooching. If you like vintage or ethnic gear go see, it’s all very reasonably priced ..

All clothing: awram viie

(skirt in photo 3 is from Jill, closed for a move at the moment)