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Happy Energy Weekend Price !

Free Bikini Free Tattoo

Loads of great offers for Happy Weekend Price today – of course there is also a selection of free gifts for group members. Group is free to join. I chose this free bikini from Enigma Apparel, ton of mesh body fits including Legacy. I found my new tattoo at Awear, its a group gift – group is free to join. Brilliant group gifts, tattoos, clothing and more !

Energy Price Weekend Gallery


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Pretty as a picture (free)

Free dress & Jewellery

Most of you know that I don’t “do” gowns, I really try to avoid having to wear one at all costs. Dunno know why, I think it’s a throwback from the 2007 era and all that flexiiiiiified mess we had to wear! Anyhooo I was searching the market place for a few items for my home when this POPPED up. A stunning mesh dress by Awear, its so girly and pretty and really perfect for a big night out on Valentines day no? It even comes with a necklace and matching earrings. At the rear is the sweetest big bow, you don’t have to add it but I bet you do!

FREE shoes for slink high feet

What you can’t see , is underneath the dress I’m wearing these nifty heels by VaVaVoom, for Slink high feet and also totally free.

Awear Dress & jewellery 

VaVaVoom shoes

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April Showers….us with gifts !

We have certainly had enough showers this month ! Had a little package from Ally at Awear to let me know that there was a newwww Lingerie set out as a gift…its deeelish…lovely shade of blue, with a choice of garters or not.(lingerie is upstairs)..thanks Ally ❤ Also hot-offa-the-press news…the ever lovely Kesseret Steeplechase of MIAO fame…is branching out in a collaboration with House of London & London Dailey ! Mmmhmm…so I’m expecting more pretties that’s always a grand thing yay! The new line is going by the name of [cherry]…and Im wearing the beaded bracelet in black..with feather earings. (other shades available) Have to say the earrings are SO going to be a warm weather fav of mine..great casual style…easy to wear… I visited the store and wowser…some fantastique bags & totes…shoes…plusss the new jewelry line *squeee*…pop over and snoop ! thanks Kess ❤

Awear April gift

{cherry} @ House of London

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If love is blind….

…why is Lingerie so popular?…thats my deep thought for the day over and done with. Sooo totally fantastic news..Awear has opened a store yay! Ally, the creator of Awear contacted me to let me naturally I zoomed right over and took a peek. Downstairs are some poses, couply ones, modelling ones, very affordable ! Walk up the spiral staircase to lingerie nirvana …you’ll find a small selection of dreamy underwear..the sort you look at through the store window and hope and hope and hope you’ll get bought..its proper grown up stuff..and I just couldn’t resist buying the set above called “Deborah”…its sensual  and playful…with its polka dot pattern and rich lace…a whole set for just 50L steal !

You will also find two gifties out for you..the Paris set that I showed you around Valentines day…its transferable Guys, go get it and treat your lady…extra brownie points will be awarded as it’s “just because I adore you” and not for a specific occasion …

Also a new set is out as a gift (not sure how long for so do hurry along) Its called “June”…delicate baby pinks and soft blues give it a real summery-warm weather appeal…especially love the panties !  This set is also transferable (infact- but don’t quote me– I think all the lingerie is trans- so great for gift giving hurrrah!) Thanks Ally xx

Awear lingerie & poses

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Went to bed clutching my new heels

Do you remember when you were a wee little girl…and you had new shoes bought for you, party ones…with bows and if you were very lucky, possibly a tiny kitten heel or something equally *grownup*? I do..and…I always loved them SO hard that Id take them to bed with me. (usually tried to wear them to bed..but mostly ended up holding them in my arms) Well…see above ! I have new lingerie and ~happy sigh~ new pretty party shoes…

The shoes are from Pink Label and are called “Juliet”, high high heels…with the most adorable ankle strap and sweet star that dangles down onto your foot…all the usual refinements we have come to appreciate from Pink Label, the easy peasy to use HUD for sizing,skin & nails..and…a that unbeatable price of just 10 Linden dollars…available in midnight black or cheery cherry !

The lingerie I found on the market place for free! Its truly stunning and the fabric looks like it has soft sheen to it.  New store to me called Awear..I trotted off to the inworld store, very very lush lingerie, prices from around 99L upwards…go see!

Juliet Heels: Pink Label

Lingerie: Awear inworld store         (market place link here)