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Honestly if you look closely you can see me having a swing in the middle of all those lights but what the heck..artistic licence rules and I just love the twinkly lights.

As it happens I almost didn’t go for the hunt item because not only do I have swings aplenty but because I know Catnip stocks some great stuff (I know because I have quite a few items and I can recommend their belts for amusement and details) I figured I would swing by (joke geddit) and pick it up.  The swing has a nice flow on it and looks great but an added plus for me is when you jump of it slowly slows down so none of that annoyance trying to click on it to stop.  So this is the Suicide Awareness Hunt item and I say go for it because if you have  a tree and no tree swing then shame on you.

Now this is the “FREAKING SIMPLE” because how simple and yet amazing does this floating clock look?  3 prims and an all so cheap price of 70lds and what an amazing touch for your home or land. I almost missed it! A good lesson to search out every nook and cranny because downstairs you will see a chair in front of a fireplace and an invitation for you to sit..SIT! because you’re then tped to the room next door and it’s an Alice In Wonderland shopping experience.  You can transform your home into an insane world of painting white roses red or sitting down to a Mad Hatters tea party and this is also where you find this floating clock. Remember only 3 prims! CatNip is a shop of the weird, wonderful, freaky and downstairs a bit of kink I highly recommend a visit.
The Sim.  I’m giving you 2 LMs the first is for the landing area and I recommend you land here and saunter down to the carnival through the wooded area and don’t mind the corpses they’re dead and can’t hurt you.  This is a carnival themed sim and in SL that means dark, scary and gaudy and they have created not only a great shopping experience with all the tents set up as shops but loads of carnival games and a big wheel and just a damned good place to visit.

Carnival Landing Area



You want Candy?…CandyMetal has new skin tones!!

I am very honoured to be able to show you the new skin tones for CandyMetal’s Ainis range, and oh maiii they are sooper prettty! I’m going to show you two skin shades from the range chocolate & tan. Each has a smattering of cute freckles across the nose, cleavage or no-cleavage options and soooo many make ups!! This is a premium skin range and I simply adore them! Here we go…click the pics for a closer view..

CandyMetal Ainis Skin Tan "Iola"
CandyMetal Ainis Tan Night Fever

CandyMetal Ainis Tan "Pink Lady"
CandyMetal Ainis skin Tan "Ganguro"

And now in a slightly deeper chocolate tone…

CandyMetal Ainis skin chocolate "Iola"

 3 other makeups also below

CandyMetal Ainis skin chocolate "Pink Lady"
CandyMetal Ainis skin chocolate "Night Fever"
CandyMetal Ainis skin chocolate "Ganguro"

These are high quality skins, great details all over the body, fantastic shading , the female *bits* are smexxxxyhot! Single skins are 900L but treat yourself and snaffle up a fatpack for 3900 yummmi! Go grab a few demos and try them for yourselves..and a big kiss for the designer Emychan Aichi for letting me show you the goooooodness!

Taxi to go get pretty : CandyMetal

pssst want to know the ones I just CANT take off? shh dont tell but Tan Iola & Pink Lady are just fahhhbulous, both have this subtle bloom on the cheeks and verrrry kissable lips ❤