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A Brain in need of a body. (Freebie & Help Wanted).

The funniest thing about this AV is that if you’re not in flying mode it’s the freaking eyeballs/stalks you walk on!

I just picked this up off the MP for 1Ld, there is a demo for you to try if you want.

The “Help Wanted” is I need a body, preferably free and fingers crossed a decent one.  I do remember that one of the big shops did/does have a basic mesh body out but could I find it, heck no not even with these oversized eyeballs.  So if anyone has the link or suggestions of where to look please send me a NOTE, not an IM, or even leave a comment with a link or suggesting because I know someone who has revived an old AV which is as basic a bitch as you can get lol.


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This is me not giving a flying f**K.(Mention of FREEBIES).

I went over to Space to grab the freebies, a sheer dress, lacy sneakers and other stuff but I couldn’t be bothered to even unpack them yet because I wanted to be a lizard ballerina instead….we wants what we wants!

Ain’t I sweet.

So what happened was after I’d grabbed some of the goodies I spotted some Lucky boards in both sides of this shop and I rather liked the contents.  So I had a wander as I waited to see if I got lucky but although my initial didn’t come up I spotted this for sale AV with the outfit for just 35Lds.  OK OK I know people aren’t going to be rushing over for this AV but although I’ve not unpacked the freebies I picked up they’re well worth the TP over.

PS.  The gifts I picked up were in the Space shop but they’re Third Life gifts I’m not 100% sure but I do believe the Space group does cost but it’s only a piddling amount.


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Knock knock.


Is anyone home?


Where are you?


Are you upstairs?


Why is the door locked?


Can’t keep me out.




I had so much fun taking these piccies I’ve delayed doing what I need to do in RL but it means I’m going to have to keep this post short.

FREEBIES from SHiFTiNG ReaLiTy and there is much more.  This is a complete child zombie AV and there is a small boy, a male and female Zombie as well.  If you check out the main entrance there are more Freebies which are unZombie related.  When I manage to get some free time I’m definitely popping back as this from what little I managed to see is a sprawling shop with lots of stuff which maybe good maybe bad but is certainly going to be an interesting place to look around.


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Too Cute!

Urbane2Not a gratuitous cleavage shot just me admiring my new shoes.  Got send a pack of demos from Beetlebones and as soon as I tried on these I was off to buy them. Also check out the hair, this is the MINA hair from my previous post and just look at those colours! So Fruit Salad (old English sweetie).  Mina has a real understanding of colours and uses it to great effect.  Close up your hair is colourful but from a distance the colours blend beautifully.

ShoozeA cross between a Mary Jane shoe and a boot.  The main colour of the shoe doesn’t change but you get a hud to alter the size and also change the colour of the laces, eyelets and socks.  I seem to have shrunk them a tad too small so the socks have a slight “tear” in them fortunately the hud is easy to use so next time I wear them a simple 1% increase will solve that.  A whole rack of different colours available.

T ShirtA couple of simple  freebies on offer from Beetlebones.  This top is one of them.  It’s clear what it is just a simple mesh top but comes in a fat pack of colours and there is a sleeveless top pack as well.

A small shop which is a shame because I want MORE.  Some real nice clothes here and some fun and quirky stuff so make sure to check out the upstairs as well.

The “too Cute” in the title is the freakishly adorable pet otter you can buy and if you really wanted to push the boundaries you can even become an otter yourself.  A matching adorable Otter AV is available.  The otter and a small selection of hair come from Ohmai which is basically a small selection of Anya Ohmai’s collection which is for sale in Beetlebones.

I’ve just updated this to add the link for Mina Hair plus the link for the second hair which comes from Tram and is a free to join Group gift.  I’ve mentioned the second hair before and will keep on doing so because it’s just so cute and adorable and free and I still have it after all this time.


Mina (great hair)

Tram (free hair)