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Sim Restart!(Freebie).

I  wish I had done more “adulting” stuff yesterday because today my to do pile has built up so high it’s threatening to topple over so I’m keeping this as simple as I can so I can get back to “adulting”


Simple shorts n top set, come as separates and both come with Huds.  The image on the front doesn’t change but the colour does.  You might also spot the crown on the hip and on my bum is the word “Doll” I think.  Normally I stay well away from sloganed clothes but the colours in the Hud are perfect for this season I’ve slung a pair of sneakers on and I’m ready to start cleaning up my prim eating mess outside my home next time I log in.

Not only this but a whole load of freebies are to be found at the FLG shop actually there seems to be a gift for many different”Kroll” groups and to get this one you will have to join the “Kroll” group but all the group gifts and invited are all in the same place and all are free to join.

As I was LM grabbing a sim restart notice came through so that’s my SLing over for the morning, have a great day.

PS if the LM doesn’t take you to where all the goodies are it’s the door to your right just follow the sounds of the farting skeleton!

PPS No rush as the sim was being restarted but it should be back up and running soon but I don’t think there is a time limit on this and the other GG’s set out.

FLG Stores & WomBaby

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Scored Big Scored Cheap (Hunt items).

Second shop on my Christmas Candy Can Hunt list and I scored so well I’m really chuffed.  First thing though wasn’t a hunt prize but check this out.

PlanterOMG 2 prims ALL of those plants on a boat shaped planter=2 prims!  This is such great quality and texturing.  Called Boat planter because it has a bowed bottom to it but in all honestly I’ve just placed mine of water for the fun of it because it can be placed anywhere.  Our sim is almost whitened out so I thought that one of the more flowery and colourful planters would be out of place so I chose the more sedate grassy one but if you’re still in SL summertime mode then the other boxes are in full bright bloom, packed with flowers and greenery.  Excellent all round including the 49Ld price tag.

WateringJust to give you a better indication of the size, depth and quality I took this picture.

Autum treeThese tree’s are the Lets Give Thanks Hunt Item (or the picture of the pumpkin) and are FREE.  Pretty generous when yet again you have such great texturing and low primmedness.  If I remember correctly you get 5/6 different shapes in the pack and they’re copyable and at 2 prims you could rezz a whole forest of them..

And then the icing on the cake is this.

CandyI had stood and admired these in the shop I didn’t really have the Lindens left to buy them(roll on payday) I had earmarked them for a later date when I had some Lindens to spend  and then I stumbled on to the Christmas Candy Cane hunt item (cupcake with a candy stick in it) and YES this was in it! and it’s copyable.  I’ve just quickly rezzed items on my land because I so want to get back to hunting as there is so much good stuff out there and I want it all, but when I get back inworld I might just rezz this cutie inside my home.  All the above photos were taken in my Nams Optimal Prim and Skin setting but esp the Peppermint Candy Cane tree looks stunning in all windlights.

3 Hunts going on in Alyxen’s shop at the moment and all can be found in his furniture shop but please check out the TP to his Garden shop, Mens Clothes and Skyboxes.  Each dept has something that stands out as being rather different.  The furniture shop, obviously the planters but it also has bed’s, thrones, Christmas Tree’s etc etc.  The garden shop has tree’s, landscaping, butterflies etc and the clothes department has some really cute and cheeky “peeking” mens boxers and I’m hoping to send Baylen there to pick a pair up (I promise piccies if he does) but even the mensware dept had something for me, bright eyes for only 9Lds.  I picked myself a pair of orange ones up and I was so pleased with them when I get back inworld my last Lindens is going on some of the bright and unusual ones.

Alyxen Designs

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Uffie Hair (Dollarbie).

I really wanted the shoes because I had tried the demo and they’re just great  but since I blew my budget on something else I had to settle for this hair which quite frankly was a complete surprise.  Usually free or in this case a Dollarbie hair is rubbish, unless a shop is feeling generous and giving out a shop standard hair most are just not worth it however I was pretty impressed with this one.

Cross process redDare I say “bang on trend” I hate that saying but certainly in the UK at the moment the big bun is in.  So not only is this a Dollarbie but you get the full 14 shades! so you have everything from a platinum to a dark brown. Another thing which almost put me off this was you really do need to wear the tattoo layer and then the hair on top but in this case the tattoo layer is an actual bonus because I noticed that it’s texturing was so good that if you like me have a lot of hats you never wear because you need to edit some hair to fit it but you never get around to doing it then this is going to be super handy.  Again the tattoo layers come in all 14 colours so a win win.  Only available on the Marketplace but so are the demos so like me check out those shoes, they’re lovely.and elegant.

HurFrom behind is a big fat bun.  I’m wearing it unadorned but I’m pretty sure that if I wanted to soften it I’ve got masses in my Hair Accessory folder which will make this look even more stunning.  This is only available from the Marketplace.

Special mention to the jumper as I believe The Annex is brand new and as a welcome you can join the group for free at the moment and you get this as a welcome gift. Non mesh with sculpted neck.   It’s as simple and as easy to wear as it looks.  Nice that even though it’s a deep turtleneck I don’t look drowned in it.  Not a massive selection at the moment but some original pieces and all in glorious Autumnal colours.  This is the clothing division of La Petite Morte which is skins n poses.  Have to confess I’ve not tried on any of their skins as yet but I think I own if not all then most of their poses.


The Annex

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Ta dah

Sonia High impact & low impact NEW!!

I have just a few of the heaps of new items from Somnia to share with you…if you go to the store prepare to spend spend spend ! Above is the high & low impact pants and tops. Sold as separates so you wont have too needlessly buy both if you want only one piece. Great for lounging about in and so easy to wear. Each pack is 200L and you get EIGHT colours  ! Mix and match your little hearts out ❤

Somnia Bohemian Diamond in purple NEW!!

Love this new little frock “bohemian diamond”, I’m wearing it in the purple shade, there are some lovely autumnal shades in the pack too (Eight tones in the pack for 200L). It fits SO well, especially around the arm holes, which are always a bugbear for moi. Worn with my newwww Clawtooth beret & hair ” Je t’aime” currently on sale at Collabor88.

Somnia Celestial lace NEW!!

Last up from Somnia today is “Celestial”. I so enjoy the sweet detail around the hips and the two-tone colour palette, sweet! My hair is obscuring the capped sleeves that are perfectly executed so no gaping or shoulders poking through yay! Again, only 200L for EIGHT tones *faint*.

All my poses are from the Le Femme pose pack by [ ReveriE ] Poses, new to me store, market place based. Take a peek and you will see some brilliant inexpensive poses for males & females, and quite a few dollarbies to snag, great to check out the quality !

Somnia mainstore

[ ReveriE ] Poses