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coldLogic anselmo jacket & adler leggings salmon NEW

My real life home is surrounded by trees, consequently my gardens are FULL of leaves ! Each day I go out and kick them around, no point in raking them up as tomorrow they will be back *sigh*. Anyhowwww in SL its a different matter, I can rake them up to my hearts content. So I got busy on our home sim Dreamworks (come visit if you like!) I snagged this sweet leaf raking set from mien at the Autumn event. 150L for six poses, you get the leaf pile and rake also, love it ! I snuggled into a new release from coldLogic too, gawd my dream come true, spots and a warm jacket, perfect for some glamorous gardening huh? Now you might think I’m wearing pink as usual, but actually this colour is called “salmon” its a beautiful shade that’s very gentle on your skin tone (and of course is almost pink !)  The leggings come in a bewildering yet brilliant selection of sizes and types, different cuff styles, some for wearing under a dress/skirt , the jacket has a really soft look to it and deep ribbed hem & cuffs, it also comes with an optional under shirt . Two packs of this (or singles if you wish) dark tones and lights.

DUH! Boots

A little note about my boots in this post. I popped over to DUH! after seeing someone asking about non – slink shoes and boots. I wanted to check to see  what was on offer, and found these terrific little boots. The spiked ankle boots were only 25L and are unisex .(some more boyish colours are available) Totally brill and pretty. The longer length boots are colour change but you can buy single tones as well. A simple style with a chunky wedge heel, a great addition to my wardrobe. I seem to recall the pack was 40L or thereabouts, such good value.

coldLogic Baket coat johns leggings - mien shrooms pose NEW - DUH Engineer boots multi colour HUD inc.

One more coldLogic outfit for today, and I almost swooned when I saw the jacket, isn’t it to.die.for ! Heavy knit with a cable pattern, hand on heart my nana knitted one JUST like this for me years ago. I’m also wearing another newly released pair of leggings with it, these just might take over from my old Jane piggies tights. (Never thought Id say that) What I really liked about the new releases is they are just so easy to wear, slam it on and you’re good to go – no fussing, no editing. With the range of sizes on offer in the leggings its sooper simple to wear them with just about any pair of pants or shoes. My shroom basket poses is also by mien and at the Autumn event, six cute poses all holding a basket of mushrooms – uhm I think it was 150L. Nice event btw, deffo worth a visit.

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One word Autumn Event


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The Promenade for a rainy day


The Promenade Ashmoot gacha

Ohhhh just one more post showing items from The Promenade gacha event – these items from Ashmoot caught my eye ! Yes yes yes system layers *faints* with added applier action for those of you with boobies & butts ! I just adore this sweet little blouse, its got lovely texturing and it will be a keeper for me for sure. The brown woolie leggings are super nice , there’s also some cheeky lace shorts too have a go at winning too. However, its the furry “Dolly” jacket that’s a rare win – that I would just have to own ! The boots are also in the mix, not for slink feet so ever so easy to slip on, great fit and no need to fiddle about with them – yay!

The Promenade - B!ASTA Autumn Treasures

I also just wanted to share another jewellery set from the B!ASTA gacha machine, its called Autumn Treasures and I’m wearing the necklace and earrings, love !

 The Promenade – opens TODAY !

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coldLogic – part deux

coldLogic meester jeggings berry - perry sweater NEW!

I’ve been faffing about trying on and mix-n-matching my little heart out today. coldLogics Fall range just makes you wanna ! There are sooooo many different jumpers and tops its difficult to stop wriggling into them. I’m wearing  a two-tone sweater above called perry…some soft and also some juicy tones in this. I teamed it with the brand spankin new meester jeggings in a delish berry shade. These are just purrfect, grab a few cause you’ll be slamming them on every day. Three different cuff/length options included, which is kinda essential if you want to wear them with different types of footwear.

coldLogic NEW!

Ok, listen up…you NEED this ! I havent seen a thing like it in Second Life, it’s a unique look and I adore it. You can wear it with our without the tank underneath and it comes in a lovely array of colours to choose from (plus a great value quantum pack naturally) Id describe it as a  “ponchardi”, that’s a poncho cardigan ! Big fat tassles hang from the edge of it, with three-quarter length sleeves, it’s the ultimate casual piece that makes you look (and feel) so so stylish. Brilliant . Its called “decker”, if you’re not a fan of the subtle shades , check out the bright ones !

coldLogic NEW!!!

I was wearing the decker top with these pants “bell”, great fabrics for these classic pants, heavy twill or perhaps denim..they come in various deminy shades too…but I fell in love with the pristine white.

coldLogic meester jeggings seyfried and upton shirt NEW!

Last for part deux (oh yes , part trois is coming) the jeggings “seyfried” and “upton” shirt. Check out the seams on the jeggings, absolutely spot on huh?! Nice fading around the hemlines makes them look a little worn, these are definitely going to become a wardrobe staple for me, prepare for jegging overload ! The top is a simple affair, just right for tossing on over jeans etc, could also look super with a skirt. Thanks coldLogic team ❤

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