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Shattered Illusions(Freebies).

This image sums up both my SL morning and my RL morning.

No this wasn’t a deliberate pose, no the ground never fully rezzed and yes I have noticed I’ve got invisible ankles.

So I logged off and once I’d had my reviving cup of coffee I logged back in and TPed over to my studio to take a nice clear snap of this hunt prize.

I actually originally went for the FREE Group Gifts@M*Motion and I spotted a very recognisable black cat and when I clicked on it I got this really good cropped sweater.  Sadly it was only when I went back to the M*Motions shop to LM grab that I noticed there are in fact 2 black cats, easy to find so I won’t give hints, and in the second one is the matching pencil skirt to this top and if I had found it sooner I would have taken a picture of it.  The good thing is is that obviously they’re separated and although I think they will make a great look together I think they will work just as well with other items from your invent.

PS Don’t forget that M*Motion also has some nice Freebies as well and I’d recommend the green knitted dress.

So when I went back for the LM that’s also when I saw the poster in the shop window and it gives the details and LM for the Kiyomizu Shopping Mall and the Autumn hunt is on.  Both Faith and I love this hunt as the sim is full of some nice stuff, some weird stuff, lots of bargains, Lucky Boards and as it happens some Yardsale stands (I bought the otter mum holding her baby).  I also scored straight away on a Lucky Board and then I decided to log off and either later on today or tomorrow I’m going to have a lovely and relaxing time just sauntering around grabbing the hunt items keeping an eye on Lucky Boards and seeing if there is something nice for our sim.


Kiyomizu Shopping Mall

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Hear Ye Hear ye !

My poor memory was jogged today, crikey…how could I not have covered the Antique Grid Show Autumn Hunt yet ! If you’re like me….and love your home, this is one you really do not want to miss. It’s on now, and runs until the November the 30th…so plenty of time to polish up your hunting goggles and get searching. Above is one of my favourite prizes I found today…YES I actually went hunting and managed to score some gifts *faint*. It’s a bakers cart by {NS} Nadeau Shoppe…its luverly…stuffed with beautiful animations and wearables…and if you click the recipe book…youre directed to a website full of foody things to bake…how cool is that.

Next I popped over to Mamia, a new-to-me store…and hunted myself down this fabbolicious dining set…there’s positively heaps in the box. I set up for one but you don’t have to be a solo diner, theres more place settings. Lovely attention to detail…with both the wine jug and water jug working…sweet poses in the chair as well…and lowww prim that even the most hard pressed home owner will find room for this.

Headed over to byNacht, a lovely store to visit…and lord, always give such beautiful hunt prizes. This time was no exception and we are treated to an Autumn Tudor house…with its pretty tree outside and pumpkin by the door…its so warm & welcoming. Textured expertly, the inside also delights…dont miss this gem..its a real find.

Always loving some top-notch decor, I was pleased to come across this “Berin” set from Silent Woods..deep warm wood table..a mirror and two framed prints, plus a dainty lamp with gorgeously shaped glass shade…musnt forget the sweet rug also ! So so pretty, a collection that will bring some coziness into your home…I adore it.

Last but by no means least , there are a lot more stores in this hunt…but my time is limited…I saw a preview of this item from Cedar Bay Furnishings and I HAD to find it ! It’s so lush and plump and snuggly…stunning colours all over and real eye candy for your boudoir..its pretty low prim too which is always a bonus. I know Zan will adore this bed…so do I ! The hunt version is PG but apparently an adult version will be coming to the store soon…even at PG its a many poses for couples, solo’s…even one for bouncingggg….it comes with a lovely little side table also…perfect.

Autumn Hunt blog site (hints & info)




Cedar Bay Furnishings

Silent Woods