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Autumn Harvest

CIRCA New! Black Tulip for The Challenge

CIRCA has a bundle of Autumn treats out , so get decorating ! All the décor items above are just perfect for dressing up your space and welcoming Fall. Most (if not all actually) of these items are in the Autumn Harvest gacha machines at the main store. Low prim and they really do make a brilliant splash of colour. The gazebo is by Black Tulip and is their offering for this months round of The Challenge. Coming in at just 11Li is an easy item to find a place for. The outer edges would make perfect places to toss the odd cushion or plate of goodies.

CIRCA for Autumn NEW!

This doesn’t show all the pieces – *faint* or allll the colours…but you get the idea?! Head on over and have a few go’s, see what you win ! Thanks Cherelle ❤


Black Tulip

The Challenge Blog


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Autumn Harvest Treats

It’s no secret that I absolutely adore food in Second Life…and I was dead chuffed to find some in the latest release from [CIRA] In fact…theres oooooodles of food ! If you’re a foodie you so need to go check this out…scrummies abound…seriously…in this Autumn Harvest Fest Set there is included these Givers: Horn of Plenty (2 fruits), Pumpkin Spiced Cake, Carnival Salty Treats (corndogs, pretzils, & cheezy toast), Hot cinnamon rolls, Muffin stand (6 flavours), mixed nuts, Cookies, & Autumn Punch drink. The animations are really lovely…especially liked the handful of nuts…and the cakiessss ! Such a huge amount of detail…top notch quality..

Youre going to have to RUSH for this next item and it would be such a shame to miss out on it. This is the [CIRCA] Gimme Candy Hunt item. The hunt ends today! Brilliant idea, Autumn themed crate, with corns around…and a goldfish bowl on top, the super fab thing is you can rez the two little fishies, and then make them go poof…see if you can find it ! More info for this by the main entrance of the store. Thanks Cherrelle ❤


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