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New store – New looks

coldlogic new store

coldLogic was only closed for a few days while the brand spankin new build was erected and crammed with goodies….but…it felt a lot longer ! Here is the new look coldLogic HQ, isn’t it just megafabulous? It’s as lully inside as out, stuffed to the rafters with meshtasticness. Anyway enough about buildings, you want the pretties huh?

coldLogic finn NEW!!

Here they are, this jaunty little frock is “finn”, a range of base colours with those perky spots all over and a dear peter pan style collar. Heavier fabric for the season which falls in generous waves from your hips…

coldLogic malone NEW!!!!

there is also “malone”, darker plaids, a real Autumn classic. I was hard pressed to choose, so might be an idea to steal away a quantum pack in these !

coldLogic floss NEW!!!

Last up from moi (but more instore!) is “floss”, check out the back on these….scooped out to expose skin and a superb fit – no gaps yay! Big choice of colours again so go take a peek, try the demos and enjoy the glossy new store…thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place store

coldLogic blog



MOGU Graduation knit KABOCHA Jacket 3L

Ohhh haiii! Zan (the northern nutter) dropped Steve a Landmark for a sooper cute store..sooo off we went to investigate ! Scored with this sweater for 3L in MOGU.. it says for guys BUT with a little editing I managed to wriggle into it just purrrfectly…oh mai…check out the awesome sculpted poncho there *dribbles* only 120L…not a huge selection but what is there is superbly detailed and very affordabubble ! Click the photo for a close up view …

Get snuggly : MOGU


A walk through the leaves

Autumn style by Jane

I adore this time of year, when the leaves fall and you get to go crunching through the forest. I picked out a few key elements from Janie Marlowe’s new store “Jane” to show you today. autumnal shades, yellowy gold, beiges and fudge brown,,so snuggly and cozy! The warm embrace cardigan comes in multiple shades, for a single is reasonably priced at 100L the sculpts and textures are a dream..the  intrinsic tank.(yellows) is sold in packs of three shades of one colour so you can vary your look, and guess what? each pack is zero lindens, how sooper cool is that? It was a tough choice to be honest but I loved the yellows pack ! I’m also wearing the fabulous “cozy courdoroy’s” the cord detail is SO realistic, and has a separate belt to fit perfectly (also has sculpted cuffs but I wanted to wear booooots!) It’s an easy outfit to wear, with so many variables…go check it out! (click the photo for a closer more detailed view)

warm embrace babydoll top in navy by Jane

My other top pick is this stunning babydoll top (or if youre REALLY daring a dress with panties!) Fluted hemline gives it a real girly twirly appeal, the scalloped edging across the bust is just simply devine, even the slim straps fit perfectly (some thing you dont find so often, I cant bear those straps that go all disfigured and bite into your torso!) Heapsss of colour choices for this..I loved the demure cream also , dont forget to check out the fat packs they are amazing value, singles of this are on sale for only 75L.

Go get snuggly : Jane