The Biz

I’m getting rather spoiled with all these scrummy clothes in shades of teal… auTre sent out this doll of a dress today as a group gifty..eighties feel with the puff-ball skirt..classy bodice top…lully ! (Necklace & bracelet by Dark Mouse “wild leaves”)

Go get dressed: auTre


auTre…such prettiness!

Tipped off by one of our Pure girlies..I headed over to this new-to-me-store yesterday to collect a dress, today before I had a chance to blog it..the subscribo poked me with ANOTHER gift hurruah!

Without further ado..heres the gear..click for a closer view!

Sparkle me purple is given as a gift when you slap the subscribo..

sparklemepurple auTre Subscriber gift 2

This dress has a gorgeous sheen to it..very chic…classy…

Next up another gem I found in the subscibo..”Green Gypsy”

auTre Green Gypsy 1

Last but not least, the new instore gift for you to collect is the auTre Maritima Gown…absolutely stunning!

auTre Maritima Gown-free gift instore

I also noticed some very reasonably priced dresses, capris and a couple of hats…head over and take a gander…!

taxi to go : auTre