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The Knitting Circle Rummage Sale (non mesh)

Wandering around I came across a small market set up.  This is what the LM says and it’s exactly what you get “Discount and retired items from your favorite Knitting Circle stores. Gacha doubles and other random treasures can also be found at this group rummage sale.” Some great bargains to be had.

First up a very handy shrug (Riddle).  Again I chose the safe brown but at 25Lds a colour you can get as many as you like at that bargain price.

Ana is the name of the top and PaperDoll is the name of the shop.  I chose the cream which is pretty but hasn’t photographed as well as either the pool (blue) or the Mauve would have.  Doesn’t matter because it only looks pale in this photo in SL it’s lovely lacy and creamy.  At 25Lds I’m grabbing the lot.

Grixdale Vintage Frock is the name of this item. More top than Frock.  A sweet creamy full skirted top with lovely satin/ribbon edging and prim bows.  This shop is called Aura.

OK summing up this market its stuffed with BARGAINS and as far as I can tell all NON MESH ones at that. Because as I always say not everyone can handle mesh and maybe even doesn’t want to. We all need non mesh clothes for those times when our comps are struggling to cope with SL and this is the place.  Kicking myself for the library fines because I can see at least 3 dresses which are soooo sweet!! and so cheap. In a relatively small area they have everything you need from hair, skin, shoes and clothes and all at great prices.

List of shops here. Atomic, Pink Fuel, Ploom, Riddle, Aura,Paperdoll.

The Knitting Circle

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Love Gatcha !

Gawd I so love gatcha machines…so little surprise that when I heard there was a “Love gatcha” fair on at the Amira sim..I flewwwww over there to check it out…boy-oh-boy was I in for a surprise. MIAO has this to die for lingerie on offer..30L a go..and you get the whole shebang…bra, knickers,corset, stockings..and its transferable *squeeee*… come on downnnn boys…this was made for you to snap up for V day no? Heaps of colours for the flex those biceps and get pulling them gatcha machine handles .

 Lately, I’ve noticed that gatcha type events have got really pricey you know? Sometimes I stand and think “do I really really want this item” cause is like 150L or something..gatcha is you can’t choose the colour etc..instead of a little frippery has (for me) become less fun when you have to consider the cost. Sooo I’m  rambling..but the Love gatcha fair is back to grass roots..its like the ones I used to love..where youd go round and take most everything cause it was inexpensive and SUCH a blast !

Sooo I got a little bit carried away on the Somnia gatcha…but but but I just fell in love with the yoga pants and and and it was only 20L a go!! Each pair has a cuter-than-cute slogan across the butt..super little tie at the waist…goes soooo well with the Tee’s from Snatch, also just 20L a pop ! (they have such sweeeet slogans too)

Last whirl I had was with Aura..a mesh dress…in a load of colours…ohmaii..for only..20L ??!! mmhmm thats right…comes in four sizes, with 4 different alpha masks to try…sooo if you’re canny…you can pass some around to your mates to try also…cause…all the items I bought..are transferable..hurrrah! Thanks to all in the Love Gatcha was FUN !

The event: Love Gatcha