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Munching Cupcakes

The Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt  - ALL prizes 5L !

I wish I was gorging on cupcakes, but after being bed ridden for a week I feel SO pudgy I can’t ! Closest I can get is hunting for them, luckily for moi there is The Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt on at the moment. Each prize is just 5L and I found some darlings ! Above I’m wearing one of the four skins called Giada from style by Kira, what a generous gifty ! Different makeups and cleavages option also in the pack.

cupcake hunt 5L Per item

My yummy mesh pj’s are by Sugar Button Boutique and I lurrrrve them ! I often wander about in jammas, easy to wear and totally socially acceptable in most place (whut?!) I’m sitting on the couch pouffe from FOllow Us…its gorgy…and rezzes stuff for poses such as the tray of treats and a darling radio etc…brilliant .

cThe Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt

Last up is my bunneh slipslops…oh cmonnn you know you want them…just about theeee cutest pair I ever did spy. They are by Atypical and I found them pretty easily, you all know I’m rubbish at hunts ! Check out the website, it lists all the gifts and gives the clues, enjoy ❤

The Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt Blog